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Friday, December 14, 2012

OPI Skyfall Comparisons, Part 2

And I'm back with the cool-toned shimmers from OPI Skyfall. Let's get Moonraker, my least favorite of the collection, out of the way first. I didn't have anything really close to this, but pulled Essie Fair Game and Love Me 1203 (one of the ones I got in the swap I shared earlier this week).

I almost don't want to share these one my nails because I could not get the polishes to cooperate, but what the heck. Left to right: Essie, OPI, Love Me. All two coats plus topcoat. They're all blue toned greys, but that's where the similarities end. Fair Game is darker and the best behaved as far as formula goes (I did a crap job with it, but that's not the polish's fault). The Love Me is brighter and more sparkly.

For Tomorrow Never Dies, I chose Joe Fresh Grape and Jesse's Girl Blue Moon as my comparison subjects.

On the nail, left to right: Joe Fresh, OPI, Jesse's Girl. Grape is a similar finish but the color is slightly lighter. Blue Moon is a good color match but the finish is more satin. The Jesse's Girl is my favorite of this trio. All were two coats, no topcoat.

I pulled NYC Molten Metal and Rimmel Play Fast Cat Fight to show their stuff next to The World Is Not Enough.

Left to right below: NYC (2 coats), OPI (3), Rimmel (4). The NYC has more silver and lacks the rose flecks of the OPI, but from a distance it gives the same look. The Rimmel is much lighter, but does have some pink in it—I could see doing an ombre with this as the lightest and the OPI as the darkest, mixing them to get the steps in between.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service got matched up with Sinful Winter Wonder (from this year's holiday collection) and Zoya Fei Fei (from fall 2012).

Now here we're definitely into don't need them all territory. Left to right: Sinful, OPI, Zoya. The Sinful and OPI are the closest; the OPI's shimmer looks like it has just slightly smaller shimmer particles. Fei Fei is more blue than the other two. The differences are slight enough that having just one of these should be sufficient for non-hoarders.

Because Live and Let Die is a green with gold-leaning shimmer, I had to pull out Sally Hansen Salon Project Runway for comparison. I also grabbed Wet 'n' Wild Morbid, which I know a lot of you green lovers have in your stashes.

Left to right: Sally Hansen, OPI, Wet 'n' Wild. Project Runway is way lighter than the OPI. Morbid is closer, but its base is a touch too blue-leaning and its shimmer is cool rather than warm. I gotta keep all three.

If there are other Skyfall comparisons you'd like to see (yesterday Hannah mentioned Zoya Ziv versus OPI Goldeneye), tell me in the comments and I will try to get them done if I have the colors in question.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Early July Displays

It's been a couple weeks since my last display post and my folder of new photos has filled up again, so it's time for another display post.

Maybelline Color Show continues to show up in various stores in various configurations. Here's a mini display with eight colors at Walgreens (where they're selling for $4.99). Left to right: Bold Gold, Amethyst Ablaze, Pink Shock, Orange Fix, Keep Up the Flame, Fuchsia Fever, Go Go Green, Shocking Seas.

Here's a tall skinny Color Show tower I spotted at Rite Aid. It's got 20 shades in it (left to right, top to bottom): Bold Gold, Carbon Frost (crack), Silver Stunner (crack), Magenta Mirage (crack), Pink Shock, Pinkalicious, Born with It, Amethyst Ablaze (crack), Plum Paradise, Keep Up the Flame, Fierce 'n' Tangy, Orange Fix, Shocking Seas, Go Go Green, Green with Envy, Fuchsia Fever, Clear, Onyx Rush, Impeccable Greys, Pedal to the Metal.

Rite Aid had the Jesse's Girl Rock Star Collection, which has three polishes in it: Carolina Beach, Beach Baby, and Wild Thing. I think but don't know for sure that Carolina Beach is an existing color renamed (maybe one of the old JulieG ones now that she has her own namesake line); the other two are definitely not new.

At CVS there was a Spoiled display called In the Hamptons. The one I saw had bright warm colors plus one purple. I've no idea if this was the assortment that was supposed to be there or not, though the polish colors do sort of coordinate with the background photos so maybe. Front row, left to right: 2 Weeks Sober, Let's Get Sushi, Did I Dye it Too Blonde, Jail Bait, Plastic Flamingo, I Gotta Confection to Make. Back row: Mind Your Own Beeswax, I Only Eat Salads, Tip Your Waitress, Let's Get Sushi, Fuzzy Dice, Jail Bait.

Sephora is not on my usual shopping routes, nor is it the kind of store I'd usually take photos in, but I happened upon a Sephora Inside JCP where I snapped a shot of their Sephora by OPI Indian Summer collection. Six polishes here: Paisley Attention to Me, What Aura Gonna Wear, Looks Like Rain Dear, I'm So Sari, Seriously It's a Naan-Issue, and Henna-Thing is Possible.

Walgreens has had a whole bunch of new stuff lately, most of which will probably show up at other places soon but Wags seems good at getting stuff first around me. Here are The Brightest Neons from Revlon, double ended bottles with white on one side and a neon on the other. The neon colors are: Neon Light (yellow), High Voltage (yellow orange), Fuchsia Shock (deep pink), Hot Hue (orange), Ultra Violet (bright purple), Pink Glow (warm pink), Electric Blue (bright blue), Groovy Green (lime).

You may recall that earlier this year Revlon had some double-ended polishes with crack at one end and a base color on the other. Now they've released crack in full size bottles. Eight colors: Fly By Night (charcoal), Summer Fling (orange), So Over It (silver), One Night Stand (orange but not the same as Summer Fling), Dream On (blue), Who Cares (copper), Just for Now (red), and Really (white).

Sally Hansen has another of their seasonal Hard as Nails displays with core colors. This one is called color Celebration and has these shades (left to right, as usual): Hard to Get, Unbreakable Heart, Crystal Clear, Tough Love, Teal Steel, and Gem-stone.

Essie Mirror Metallics is five chromes: No Place Like Chrome, Good as Gold, Penny Talk, Nothing Else Metals, Blue Rhapsody, No Place Like Chrome (again, because the display has six slots).

I saw Orly Electronica at Sally Beauty. Four colors here: Preamp, Shockwave, Decoded, and Synchro. I bought 'em all.

Sally also had China Glaze On Safari. There are twelve colors here, which is so many that I couldn't decide and so haven't bought any yet. For the record, the colors are: Elephant Walk (grey shimmer), Kalahari Kiss (light camel creme), Exotic Encounters (teal creme), I'm Not Lion (silver/gold glitter), I Herd That (red/gold glitter), Man Hunt (blue creme), Prey Tell (deep wine creme), Purr-fect Plum (berry creme), Desert Sun (light terracotta creme), Jungle Queen (purpley taupe shimmer), Call of the Wild (deep brown creme), Adventure Red-y (red creme).

Ulta has a display of Minx strips, which are very nice and shiny but are also $18 a set.

My favorite design was a metallic geometric with holographic highlights. I liked it, but I didn't $18 like it so it's still in the store.

Our last stop today is the display for another set of Ulta summer exclusives from OPI. You may recall that the previous set, Too Haute to Handle turned out to be not overly special. Here's the new set.

There are twelve colors in this collection, eleven of which were still there when I spotted the display. All of them looked familiar, and not in "gee, these vague remind me of something" way but rather in a "I'm 99.9% sure I bought that color with a different name in the last year or so" way. Based on the ones I've seen in person and looking at swatches online, here are my best guesses for what's been renamed (starting top right, including the color that was sold out):

First Names Only = Steady as She Rose (Pirates)
Passport and a Smile = Sparrow Me the Drama (Pirates)
Talk About an Upgrade = Planks a Lot (Pirates)
Meet Me at the Bonfire = Big Hair Big Nails or Guy meets Galveston (definitely one of the Texas sorbets)
Oh Waiter = Skull & Glossbones (Pirates)
Where's My Bikini Top = Stranger Tides (Pirates)
Do My Back Please = Mermaid Tears (Pirates)
Your Palapa or Mine = Don't Mess with OPI (Texas)
In a Flirtationship = Excuse Moi (Muppets)
No Time for Postcards = The One That Got Away (Katy Perry) [at first I thought Pepe's Purple Passion but I'd forgotten about TOTGA]
He's My Surfing Instructor = Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)
See You Next Summer = Not Like the Movies (Katy Perry)

I really wish OPI wouldn't do this. Yes, it's good for people who missed the colors the first time around—but the first time around wasn't that long ago for any of these! But I guess it's effective with their target audience, because these do seem to be selling well. I bought none of them, not even for comparison purposes. I'm hoping that before next summer, someone at OPI finds a forgotten warehouse filled with original My Private Jet, Peel Me a Gobi Grape, and other older colors that they can re-label for Ulta. Instead we'll likely get whatever didn't sell so well in the previous 18 months.

My nail wheels and I will be taking tomorrow off from blogging in order to celebrate Independence Day by sleeping in and lazing around. I'll be back posting on Thursday. Happy 4th of July to those of you in the U.S.—please be careful if you're blowing things up!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wheel J3: Glitter from Lippmann, Revlon, and Jesse's Girl

Nail Wheel Wednesday is back! I am really hoping the world does not end in 2012—I'm going to need more time than that to get all my unposted (and still to be painted) wheels online. Today I have my favorite finish, glitter.

Nail wheel

(3 coats unless otherwise noted below; all have topcoat added)

1. Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air
2. Deborah Lippmann Marquee Moon [I'm still wondering if this shimmer with scattered/submerged glitter would be happier on a shimmer wheel than here with its flashier siblings]
3. Deborah Lippmann Today Was a Fairytale
4. Deborah Lippmann Lady Sings the Blues (2 coats)
5. Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe
6. Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance
7. Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle
8. Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening (4)
9. Deborah Lippmann Superstar
10. Revlon Street Wear Midas
11. Revlon Street Wear Hologram
12. Revlon Street Wear Psychedelic
13. Revlon Street Wear Groovy
14. Revlon Street Wear Illusion
15. Revlon Street Wear Disco
16. Revlon Street Wear Serene
17. Revlon Street Wear Charming
18. Revlon Sparkle (4)
19. Revlon Red Glitter [this one has been kicking around in my stash for ages; I think it was a holiday limited edition in the 90s]
20. Jesse's Girl Confetti (4) [they re-used this name when they relaunched the line for a blue/violet duochrome shimmer]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 9:

10 through 15:

16 through 20:

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Monday, September 5, 2011

Again With the Displays

It's Labor Day here in the U.S., which means I have the day off, though plenty of people do not, including some at drug and beauty stores where even now they may be putting out displays for me to see when I next make my rounds. (C'mon, Wet 'n' Wild On the Prowl!) In the meantime, I have a big bunch that I've come across in the last couple weeks.

This first one I spotted when I was in Maryland, in the CVS that had the sign taped to the door saying "Sold out of D Batteries & Flashlights". It's Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in limited edition Halloween designs.

There are five designs: Hot Wired (black barbed wire on lime), Wishnets (black fishnet on red), Ghoulie Girl (orange and white ghosts on black), Numbskull (black skull & cross bones on white), and Spun for You (black spider web on silver). I definitely want Spun for You and will probably get a couple others if I can hit a sale or coupon deal.

After searching in vain what feels like all summer, I finally found a new Milani display at Walgreens a little over a week ago. It's called Mewow Look At My Nails and has got six colors of High Speed Fast Dry and black crack, which they call Krackle Topcoat. The Fast Dry line up: Speed Up Pink, Blue Lightening (yep, lightening, not lightning), Racy Green, Flash Silver, Purple Rush, and Brisk Orange. All appear to be shimmers except the silver, which looks like a foil. It surprised me that I only recognized two of the colors (green and purple), because I'd looked at the Fast Dry page on the Milani website when I'd given up on finding the display and just gone ahead and bought online. Looking at their website today, the Fast Dry page still has the colors I saw then, most of which are cremes. To find the ones in this display, I had to click around in the nail section for a while—it wasn't on the front page of nail products. It's almost like they're deliberately hiding things from me.

At CVS, I saw something I'd not seen before: a Confetti display other than the core line. I am not sure what all was supposed to be in this display, since it was a bit picked over by the time I saw it. Here's what was there, left to right: Lonesome Dove (light grey creme), Glam'n Up (burgundy shimmer), Glass Slipper (clear), Fruit Smoothie (watermelon pink), I <3 U (pearl shimmer), Tazmanian Devil (multi glitter), Margarita Senorita (acid yellow creme), Blue Bombshell (blue shimmer). Glass Slipper, Fruit Smoothie, and Blue Bombshell all have slots in the core display, but I think the others are new.

Tazmanian Devil I had to buy immediately, because it's that "party in a bottle" style of glitter I love so much. I of course want to compare it to Happy Birthday and friends at some point.

Target had some new Revlons in the core display, three glitters and a creme (which was in the Matte section, but does not have the matte silver on the cap like the other mattes, so I'm not sure what its finish is). Left to right: Starry Pink, Blue Mosaic, Facets of Fuchsia (a rumored dupe to Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance), and Smoky Canvas.

My Sally Beauty had China Glaze Metro out, and the display was full, but some colors were doubled up and some were missing. To see the right assortment and individual bottle pics, check out kittypolishnbags's entry.

Sally also had the Orly Mineral FX display, and that did have all the colors in it, multiple bottles of each. This collection is shimmery, flecked, micro glitter goodness; left to right (front row): Rock Solid,
Emberstone, Rock the World, Stone Cold, Rock-It, and Rococo A-Go-Go.

I ventured into Ulta, determined to buy as little as possible (and definitely nothing for full price) since I'm still mad at them, and found several displays I hadn't seen before.

Miss Universe from OPI has four polishes: Crown Me Already (silver mixed hex glitter), Swimsuit ... Nailed It (blue shimmer), Congeniality is My Middle Name (berry shimer), and It's My Year (rosy purple with gold shimmer).

I'd heard about Miss Universe online, but the other OPI display on that shelf was news to me: OPI <3 DKMS, which has two colors, Red-y for the Cure and Mani Ways to help. Googling after I got home showed me this collection benefits efforts to register bone marrow donors; not sure how I missed the promo efforts on this one.

Ulta also had the last of the Serena Williams for OPI Glam Slam duos: Pros & Bronze paired with Love is a Racket.

Orly wasn't content to just give us the six new colors in Mineral FX but also put out Birds of a Feather, with six more colors: Fowl Play, Lucky Duck, Night Owl, Peachy Parrot, Sea Gurl, and Sweet Peacock.

Right next to the birds was the full six-color salon display of Essie Carry On, but Power Clutch was already gone. Carry On, Glamour Purse, Very Structured, Case Study, and Lady Like were still there.

Still at Ulta, I saw Zoya Smoke & Mirrors (12 colors in all, 9 of which I'd already bought direct from Zoya during one of their many promos) and Zoya Touch (Minka, Shay, and Pandora).

Ulta had the Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers tombstone shaped polishes, too. Four colors: Night Glow (glow in the dark), Black Magic (black creme, though the display said "black sparkle" and I've seen swatches of a black with glitter in this style bottle, all these bottles were plain creme), Creepy Pumpkin (orange shimmer/microglitter), and Purple Potion (black with purple glitter).

Sally Hansen has put out a Halloween-esque display with Crackle and Xtreme Wear colors. I've been waiting for this one to show up since my friend Mel spotted it down in Texas, and now both Ulta and Rite Aid have it (Ulta's was picked over, so this photo is from Meijer). The display says "Limited Edition" but I didn't see anything that wasn't in the core display, too, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Crackle colors in here: Ink Splatter, Fractured Foil, Snow Blast, and Cherry Smash. Xtreme Wear: Purple Potion, White On, Cherry Red, Ivy League, Black Out, Grey Area, and Sun Kissed.

Rite Aid also had the Julie G collection of Jesse's Girl polishes. I don't watch very many beauty videos so don't know who this YouTube guru is, but good for her for getting a polish collection. Eight colors here: Fashion Friday (bright plum creme), Stiletto (taupe shimmer), Beauty Guru (orange creme), All Things Girly (coral creme), Girls Night Out (blue creme), Mermaid's Lagoon (teal shimmer), Party Dress (red creme), and Cupcake Frosting (bright pink creme).

The Studio M fall display popped up at Meijer, with the tag line "Let Your Nail Color Change Like the Leaves". This appears to be a mix of colors from the core line and newly rebottled Color Club shades, though I haven't been able to match up all the colors yet (some are easy because they don't even rename them). Top row, left to right: Red Velvet, Darkest Black, Lovin It, Orange Hot, Electronica, Hip Hop, Catwalk Queen, Ballroom Blue. Bottom row: After Hours, Vixen, Total Mystery, Noveau Voyage, Shabby Drab, Alter Ego, Slated, and Alias.

I often forget about Bed, Bath & Beyond when I'm on my display hunting rounds; it's just enough off my normal route that I have to make an effort. I'm glad I did this past week, as I spotted the Revlon Edgy Elegance display there. This is an eight-color collection, all foil-leaning shimmers. It feels more like a winter grouping than fall to me. Colors are: Aloof (white), Girly (light lilac), Fierce (purple), Innocent (pink), Downtown (light blue), Punk (green), Princess (blue), and Catty (taupe). There's also top coat in the display.

BB&B also had Color Club's version of crack, called Fractured. Six colors here: Have a Bash (blue), Crush on You (bright purple), Smash Hit (black), Clean Break (white), Broken Tokens (silver), and Tattered In Gold (gold). Amazingly, despite my bad crack habit, I didn't get any of these; I've seen all these colors before and own several versions of some of them. I'm tempted to go back and get one just so I can see if the crack pattern is any different, but I'm guessing it is not, so perhaps I'll just see if I can stay out of that store until the urge passes.

Finally, on the way home from BB&B, I stopped at a CVS that's slightly off my beaten path and found the L'Oreal Color of Hope display. I'd seen this in Walgreens, but that display didn't have slots for the nail polish; this one at CVS did (one of the four colors was sold out, but that's a lot better than having no colors at all). The ones I saw were: Devotion (milk chocolate creme), Mystery (dark grey creme), and Valiant (charcoal shimmer). Google tells me the missing one is Whimsical, a peach shimmer.

Whew! There were a lot more of these than I thought in my "displays to post" folder. If you made it this far, I salute your stamina!