Friday, December 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Patent Gloss and Luxe Lace Swatches

Since the Patent Gloss and Luxe Lace colors from Sally Hansen are labeled Limited Edition on the display (see yesterday's post), I figured I'd best get them on my nails sooner rather than later. But first, I carefully balanced the Luxe Lace bottles on top of the Patent Gloss for a group photo. Top row: Intimate, Eyelet, Ruffle, and Crochet. Bottom: Vinyl, Moto, Chic, and Slick.

In all the swatches to follow, I used two coats of the Patent Gloss colors. The formula is somewhat thick yet still flowy. They are very shiny without topcoat, but since my default is to wear topcoat anytime I do a full mani, that feature is lost of me. I used two coats of the Luxe Lace shades as well, followed by topcoat. I did have to do some fishing for the bigger glitters, but nothing extreme. I'm happy to say the clear bases in these are not goopy; ever since that one awful set of glitters this past summer I've been a little leery of Sally Hansen's bases (not enough to not buy them, obviously).

I started with Chic, a light camel creme. Compared to Inst Dri In Nude-tral from the other day, this leans more peachy.

Chic got topped with Luxe Lace Ruffle, which has mixed sizes of black hex glitter.

Moto is a red-leaning-toward-burgundy creme.

Moto's Luxe Lace friend was Eyelet, which has a similar mix of hex glitter as Ruffle, just white instead of black. Either I didn't let Moto dry enough or the clear base of Eyelet reliquified it, as I saw some of the smaller glitters take on a pink tinge as I stroked on the glitter topper.

Slick is a navy creme. I would like this one more if it were a little less dark.

I topped Slick with Crochet, which has white and sky blue hex glitter in the same mix of sizes as the other Luxe Lace shades.

Vinyl is a glossy black creme.

Vinyl got gussied up with Intimate, the pale pink and white Luxe Lace shade.

Before I put these away, I tried a mix and match look, brining in one of the Sally Hansen Velvet Texture colors to play, too. Top to bottom: Chic with Ruffle and Eyelet, Vinyl with Eyelet, Vinyl with Velvet Texture Velveteen, and Chic with Eyelet.

I liked the smooth & shiny versus textured & satin contrast so much that I couldn't resist putting on Slick and then doing dots of Velvet Texture Plush, Velour, and Crushed.

These are all fine polishes, though if you've been collecting indie glitters, you're likely to have some similar to the Luxe Lace colors already. I do think it's great that mainstream brands are getting this look out to the masses; not everyone knows about indie polish or can afford it. These were $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond, and you know there's always a coupon for that. I don't tend to wear plain cremes on their own, so I'm not the target market for the Patent Gloss. If I see the black on clearance, I'll grab some, because black and white cremes are the only polishes I've finished bottles of in recent years, and Vinyl is a very nice black.