Monday, March 30, 2015

Funky Fingers You're the One That I Want Collection Swatches and Nail Art

Today I've got the latest collection from Funky Fingers, which at the time I included it in a display post, I wasn't exactly sure what it was called since I'd yet to see it with any signage. Since then, I saw this:

So the planogram I saw was pretty close; that said "You Are the One That I Want", while the display cards (which I consider official since it's what they've chosen to show us customers) say "You're the One That I Want".

The five colors are Hand Jive (orange), Pink Ladies (pink), Beauty School Dropout (purple), T'Birds (blue), Greased Lightnin' (green).

These are all jellies packed with small iridescent glitters and a scattering of holographic glitters. The formula is a little bit goopy, probably to make sure the glitter stays distributed. I did Skittles with three coats of each, starting with Hand Jive on my thumbnail, then Pink Ladies on my index, Beauty School Dropout on my middle, T'Birds on my ring, and Greased Lightnin' on my pinky. There was still a hint of nail line, so if that bothers you, wear opaque undies with these; I wouldn't recommend more than three coats of these glitters due to how thick the formula is.

The holo bits pop more in direct light than in the lightbox:

The sheer and sparkly nature of these Funky Fingers combined with their color range made me think of my old friends in the Zoya Bubbly collection, so I tried adding some gradient tips with the coordinating Zoyas. In some cases, they blended so well the transition was almost invisible, in others, they really could have used something in between to bridge the gap. Starting at my thumb and working to my pinky: Hand Jive plus Zoya Jesy, Pink Ladies plus Harper, Beauty School Dropout plus Binx, T'Birds plus Muse, and Greased Lightnin' plus Staasi.

The Zoyas have more pigment to them and also larger glitters in their mix, which makes them just different enough to show up against the Funky Fingers (well, blue Muse is a bit too strong for its counterpart).

Seeing how nicely they mixed with the Zoyas, I was curious about how they'd play with each other. I first laid down a white creme base, then went to town with gradients in different combinations. Top to bottom: Hand Jive plus Pink Ladies plus Beauty School Dropout, Pink Ladies plus Beauty School Dropout plus T'Birds, Beauty School Dropout plus T'Birds plus Greased Lightnin', T'Birds plus Greased Lightnin' plus Hand Jive. I loved all of these combinations, and together thought they made my nails look like Easter candy.

All of these looks have topcoat. Though the glitter is small and lays flat, it does seem to leave little divots sometimes, like the glitter is sinking into the pillowy thick base.

There was a time when I avoided Funky Fingers, mostly because the bottle is so wide that it takes up a lot of space in my Helmers. I'm glad I loosened up about that, because these are fun, and I can't think of any Color Club dupes for them (Funky Fingers shares a corporate parent with Color Club, same as Studio M does).