Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Wheel N15: Light Periwinkle-ish Blue Cremes

I love shades like these purple-leaning light to medium blue cremes on this episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday. I should wear them more often. I should wear a lot of things more often. I need more time. And maybe more fingers, but that might be disturbing. Sorry, I'm typing this soon after getting up and my brain is not yet fully into reasonable daytime mode.

1. Bonita Salon Glass Slippers (2 coats)
2. Orly Harmonious Mess (2)
3. SinfulColors Rise Up (2)
4. Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For the Boy (2)
5. The New Black unnamed (1)
6. Essie Salt Water Happy (2)
7. SinfulColors A-Crush (2)
8. Ciate Chinchilla (3) [okay, so this is grey-leaning, I suppose]
9. Zoya Kristen (3)
10. Revlon Nail Art French Mix Sneak Peek (3) [yeah, there was another half to this pair, a copper shimmer; maybe one day they'll be reunited when I go back to storing my stash by brand]
11. Bonita Salon Bora Bora Coast (3)
12. Studio M Hydrangea Kiss (2)
13. LA Colors Flash Pop Peri-twinkle (3) [the other side of this pair was a silver holo glitter]
14. Beautifully Disney This Way That Way (2) [I wish this line would have lasted longer; imagine the wonderful colors they could have done for Coco and Encanto]
15. Essence Colour & Go Absolutely Blue (2)
16. China Glaze Boho Blues (3)
17. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Set Sail (1)
18. OPI Dreams Need Clara-fication (2)
19. Essie Lapis of Luxury (3)
20. Butter London Sprog (3)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:








Monday, February 14, 2022

Omicron Wave Displays

I didn't do special nails for Valentine's Day, so instead it's displays today, including some that have a Valentine's theme.Since the Omicron variant of COVID showed up, I've been cutting back on my outings again, but I have ventured out enough that I have seen some new displays since last post about them. Some I saw on that trip Mr. K and I took to western Washington to help his mom—when getting things she needed at Fred Meyer it was easy enough to slip a few aisles over and look at polihs—and some more recently on my one venture down into the city since we got back (wearing one of my upgraded masks, of course ... no more cloth or surgical masks for me since I can't rely on my neighbors masking up at all). I saw some Valentine's nail strips from Dashing Diva at Ulta in a "Hearts a Flutter" display. Only two designs were left by the time I saw it. I still haven't tried this brand; I bought some, just haven't gotten around to them.
Display with Dashing Diva nail strips Valentine's designs
Essie's limited edition Valentine's Day collection, Love Note-worthy, was at Fred Meyer. The caps are printed with silver holiday designs. Shades, left to right: Lips Are Sealed, Pretty in Ink, Under Locket & Key, Love-Note Worthy (why the hyphen is where it is here compared to the collection name, I do not know), Respond with a Kiss, Quill You Be Mine (sold out).
Nail polish display for Essie Valentine's 2022 collection Love Note-Worthy
At a different Fred Meyer, the Essie Valentine's shades were in a non-collection specific sidekick, mixed in with other colors. Quill You Be Mine is the off white in the second row.
Nail polish display for Essie Valentine's 2022 collection Love Note-Worthy
At Walgreens, the Essie Valentine's polishes were part of a Maybelline makeup display. All six shades were shown on the display but only three of them were there in the bottles: Love-Note Worthy, Respond With a Kiss, and Quill You Be Mine.
Nail polish display for Essie Valentine's 2022 collection Love Note-Worthy
I guess Essie's Swoon in the Lagoon collection is for resort season, because it's bright but too early for it to be for summer? The best stocked display for this was the one I saw at Ulta. Front section: Swoon in the Lagoon, Day Drift Away, Boatloads of Love, Ripple Reflect, Natural Connection, Row with the Flow, Frilly Lillies. Back section: Willow in the Wind, All Oar Nothing. There's also a spot for Gel-Setter top coat here.
Nail polish display for Essie Resort 2022 collection Swoon in the Lagoon
The Swoon in the Lagoon display at Fred Meyer looked like this:
Nail polish display for Essie Resort 2022 collection Swoon in the Lagoon
At Walgreens, Swoon in the Lagoon was in a similar display, but this one had spaces for two new treatments: Hard to Resist nail strengthener in Glow (pink) and Neutralize (lilac). Weirdly, one of the three Valentine's shades that wasn't with the other three was stuck in here.
Nail polish display for Essie Resort 2022 collection Swoon in the Lagoon
I saw Essie's spring collection, Flight of Fantasy, at Ulta. Left to right: Sing Songbird Along, Well Nested Energy (sold out), Flight of Fantasy, Spring Awakening, Stretch Your Wings, Keep Branching Out.
Nail polish display for Essie Spring 2022 collection Flight of Fantasy
I happened upon a display of new shades in the Essie Gel Couture line. I had to go online to find out these are the Pattern Play collection. Left to right: Electric Geometric, Totally Plaid, Chevron Trend, All Checked Out, Fab Florals (this color does not say "floral" to me), Paisley is the Way.
Nail polish display for Essie Gel Couture collection Pattern Play
Essie continues to bring out new shades in the Expressie line as well, still mostly cremes. I saw the SK8 with Destiny collection at Fred Meyer. Three different Fred Meyers, actually, and at least one color was sold out each time, so I'm just going to have to share two of them, as I lack the photo editing skills to merge them. Left to right: Sk8 with Destiny, Left on Shred, Trick Clique, Bearer of Rad News, Streetwear n' Tear, Daily Grind, Curbside Pickup, Just for Kicks, Keepin' It Wheel, All Ramped Up.
Nail polish display for Essie Expressie 2022 collection SK8 with Destiny
Nail polish display for Essie Expressie 2022 collection SK8 with Destiny
At Fred Meyer, I saw an OPI Celebration collection display which was for Holiday 2021 but I hadn't run across it before. Some of the slots were empty but thanks to good labels on it, I at least know what I missed. Top row: Ring in the Blue Year, LED Marquee, All is Berry & Bright (this doesn't particularly say "berry" to me), Ready Fete Go, Cheers to Mani Years, Confetti Ready, You Had Me at Confetti, Big Apple Red. Bottom row: Snow Day in LA, Turn Bright After Sunset, Big Bow Energy, Mylar Dreams, Maraschino Cheer-y, Paint the Tinseltown Red, OPI Hearts to Party, My Color Wheel is Spinning.
Nail polish display for OPI 2021 holiday collection Celebration
Ulta had space for the Celebration collection in that awful for photos backlit display that I will never stop complaining about. I was able to get a decent shot of the nail art shown next to the bottle slots.
Display card for OPI 2021 holiday collection Celebration
Ulta had the OPI Xbox collection on the non-backlit end, so that was nice. The top had the shades in both the Infinite Shine and traditional lines, though many were sold out (or not yet stocked, I'm not sure).
Nail polish display for OPI 2022 spring collection with Xbox
The bottom part had mini sets and duos, and a photo of all twelve colors lined up. Left to right: Achievement Unlocked, Pixel Dust, Racing for Pinks, Suzi is My Avatar, Trading Paint, Heart and Con-soul, The Pass is Always Greener, Sage Simulation, You Had Me at Halo, Can't CTRL Me, Quest for Quartz, and NOOBerry.
Nail polish display for OPI 2022 spring collection with Xbox
There was a new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel display at Fred Meyer that seemed Valentine's themed, with "The Perfect Pair" and "Romance in Paris" and "Fall in Love with 8 Dreamy Shades" all printed on the display. Confusingly, there were slots for 12 shades (plus shiny and matte top coats) but only 5 shade names printed on the front of the display. Fortunately the 8 shades apparently part of the Romance in Paris collection had caps printed with hearts and "Eiffel in Love" so I could pick them out. Front row: Ski Bunny (special cap), First Glass (special cap), Love at First Flight (special cap), Shell Yeah (special cap), Girls Flip (special cap), Shiny Top Coat, Matte Top Coat. Back row: Sunbrella (special cap), Can't Beet Royalty (core), Red Eye (core), Wine Stock (core), Blue Skies Ahead (special cap), Blues Cruise (special cap), Tipsy Gypsy (core).
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2022 spring/Valentines's collection Romance in Paris
A similar but not the same display for this collection was at Walgreens. It didn't have the same assortment of shades as the one at Fred Meyer, at least not by the time I saw it.
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2022 spring/Valentines's collection Romance in Paris
When I walked to the back of that Walgreens to check out the core display wall, I saw the "8 Dreamy Shades" that were in the Romance in Paris display there, without the special printed caps, tucked into a row labelled as the "Travel Seekers Collection".
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2022 spring/Valentines's collection Romance in Paris also known as Travel Seekers when they have plain caps
At Rite Aid, the "Perfect Pair" Romance in Paris display had the eight new shades nicely lined up in the front row with good labels below them. There were some core shades in the back row, too, and the shiny and matte top coats at the end. Left to right: First Glass, Love at First Flight, Shell Yeah, Ski Bunny, Girls Flip, Blue Skies Ahead, Blues Cruise, Sunbrella.
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 2022 spring/Valentines's collection Romance in Paris
At Walgreens I came across a free standing Sally Hansen display with several things in it: Good Kind Pure, Color Therapy, and Color Foil, plus nail art kits and tools and treatments. This was the first time I'd seen the Color Foil in my area. As far as I could tell, these shades are all core for now. The Color Foils here are: Rose Beam, Steel a Kiss, Vio-Lit, Gold Standard, Sky-Fi, and Cutting Hedge.
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Color Therapy and Color Foil
As with the Miracle Gel, when I went back to the core area, I saw the Color Foils there, too, with one more shade than was up front. Left to right: Rose Beam, Fuchsia-ristic, Steel a Kiss, Cutting Hedge, Gold Standard, Sky-Fi, and Vio-Lit.
Nail polish display for Sally Hansen Color Foil
That's all for now. Maybe next time I have enough displays to share I'll have ventured into a Sally Beauty and/or a Walmart as well. Hard to say how things will unfold.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Wheel M15: Green Shimmers

As I get deeper into this Nail Wheel Wednesday project, my groupings seem to be getting ever more variable. Yes, today's polishes are all green, and many of them lean yellow, but there's a wide range of valuewithout them even being in order by light to dark. I am telling myself that it's better to get things on a wheel regardless so I can see them.

1. Ethereal The Child (3 coats) [this should probably be considered a topper]
2. Pretty Serious VT100 (1)
3. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Slime All Yours (2)
4. Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly (2)
5. Studio M Ho-Ho-Holly (2)
6. Zoya Logan (2)
7. Funky Fingers Dark Matter (3)
8. Bonita Mo' Money (1)
9. Pahlish Yu Lan Festival (2)
10. Cosmetic Arts All the Trimmings (4)
11. Elianto Racing Green (1)
12. SinfulColors Vintage (3)
13. Wet 'n' Wild Fast Dry Jungle Fever (3)
14. Pahlish Enchanted Forest (2) [has enough holo in it I maybe should have saved it for a holo wheel]
15. Essence Colour & Go Walk on the Wild Side (1)
16. CrowsToes Orion (3)
17. China Glaze Life's Grimm (2)
18. Contrary Polish Spruce (2)
19. SinfulColors Vicious (2)
20. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Olive Branch

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:









Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Pop-arazzi Trio

I am just embracing that this blog is pretty much a museum now: documenting noncurrent polishes in an old school format. Today I've got a few polishes from Pop-arazzi that may or may not still be in stores. I bought a few of the white capped bottles on my road trip last August, then ordered more from CVS online when they had a big sale last fall. My first shipment arrived in less than stellar shape, with one bottle having broken and spilled all over the rest of the polishes and the inside of the box.

Beause I'm an optimist (sometimes) and had no other option to get the polishes, I did another order before the sale ended, including a replacement for the broken bottle. These came very securely packaged, wrapped in bubble wrap that was taped shut. No casualtie. I don't know if the policy for packing changed between orders or I just got unlucky the first time and lucky the second or what. Most of what I ordered is still waiting to be tried, but I did swatch a trio I thought looked good together: After Party, Deco'd Out, and Iridescent Purple.

Deco'd Out is a lilac shimmer that has a subtle blue/purple shift. I used three coats for my swatch and found it showed brushstrokes more than I'd like. It is a pretty color, though.



Then it was time to play with layering, as both the other two polishes looked like toppers to me. After Party has multichrome flakes in a clear base, while Iridscent Purple has exactly that ... iridescent purple/blue flakes in a translucent base. Top to bottom below: black creme topped with Deco'd Out (brushstrokes not a problem so maybe it was operator error), Deco'd Out topped with Iridescent Purple, Deco'd Out topped with After Party, Deco'd Out topped with After Party and Iridescent Purple.

At an angle to show the shift (yes, there was an incident where I bumped my ring and pinky and messed up the polish, and didn't have the patience to redo, but I'm sharing anyway because you can still see the effect even messed up):

Because I felt like the flakes were getting a bit lost on Deco'd Out, I did another hand of layering starting with a black base on all my digits. Top to bottom: black plus Deco'd Out plus Iridescent Purple, black plus After Party, black plus Iridescent Purple, black plus After Party plus Iridescent Purple.



I am happy with these, especially given the price (regular $4.99 but often on sale ... I just checked and they're buy one get one 50% off right now). I especially like After Party. I think it'll look great over a whole range of darker shades.