Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Recent NOTD: SinfulShine Illusion

I took a break from fakes to do a proper manicure with treatment, base coat, color, and topcoat. The color was SinfulShine Illusion, a blue metallic I picked up at Meijer a while back.

This had good coverage and behaved nicely, leaving no brushstrokes once it settled. I believe I used two coats of color, though my notes leave something to be desired on that point.

Here's the full lineup I used: Sally Hansen Age Correct Growth (part of the stash I amassed when it was being discontinued), Salon Sciences Instant Artificials (which I stashed when Sally Beauty put it on clearance), the color, Diamond Dry top coat.

I got pretty decent wear out of this manicure, almost a week with just a few touchups for tipwear (the metallic finish helped the touched up areas blend in nicely). Then I popped on some fake nails again, but that's for a different post.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Officially Summer Now Displays

Look at me with another batch of displays only a couple weeks after my previous display post. Yay for actually following through on my intention to not let so many pictures build up between these posts.

Let's get started with a Bonita display from Rite Aid, Candy Fix. Left to right: Leaf Me Alone, Silly-ahhh, Candy Fix, Agent Orange (just no; I know Vietnam was a long time ago but still), Do the Toosie Roll (yeah, it says Toosie on the display; trademark issue maybe?), 5 Second Rule.

I really should have had the latest Fresh Paints and Funky Fingers colors in my last display post that covered the things I saw when I traveled to Michigan and back, but they got lost in the shuffle when I put them up in the Five Below Facebook group I'm in while I was still on my trip. Given how 5B works, I'm sure these colors are still around now, so the delay is not so bad.

There were three new Fresh Paints, and apparently I was so overwhelmed to be back in the land of Five Below that I didn't turn all the bottles label side out. Left to right: Splash of Cran, Sandy Toes, Anchors Away.

I found four new Funky Fingers colors. Not sure what the collection is called as there was no signage (no big surprise there), but the names are beach/sea themed: Beach Please, Salty Kisses, Set Sails, Aloha Beaches.

There are also four new solar Funky Fingers, which were at least conveniently put in bins next to each other unlike the previous two groups. Left to right: Punkrock Pink, Burning Melon, Free Spirit, Vibe with Me.

Fred Meyer had a patriotic Look Proud display from Look Nail Color. Shades here are Crimson, White, Royal Blue, Silver, Nail Canvas (this is a white primer basecoat), and Gel-Like Topcoat. This also has the same nail art kit as in the summer brights display I shared last time.

My eyes perked up when I saw a L'Oreal The Art of Bronzing display at Rite Aid, thinking there might be new polishes, but no, just two core colors: Because You're Worth It and Walk on the Beach. Ah well, the bronzers appear to be limited edition, so that should make someone happy. (Are bronzer blogs a thing?)

I was very happy to see the L'Oreal Super Graphic Pops display at Walgreens; no core colors here. Left to right: Go Nude, Lemon Jolt, Oh So Orange, Pink Shock, Blue My Mind, Cosmic Cobalt, Fuchsia Flame.

I think I've mentioned before that now that I'm living in small town Idaho, my nail polish shopping all gets done in the closest "big" city about an hour away; that's where the Walgreens and Rite Aid and Ulta and Fred Meyer and Sally Beauty and NW Beauty are. I do go to the local drugstore for other things now and then, which is how I came across this rare specimen: a Mavala seasonal display, Chili & Spice. Left to right: Trinidad, Jaipur, Bamako, Bali, Cuzco, Samarkand. They're all cremes, but nice bright colors.

I'd been waiting for my Ulta to get the OPI Retro Summer collection, but the first place I saw the display was NW Beauty. Top: SPF XXX, Flip Flops & Crop Tops. Middle: I'm Getting a Tang-erine, Towel Me About It, Sailing & Nailing. Bottom: What's the Double Scoop.

Both Fred Meyer and Walgreens had a Sally Hansen display with two new products in the "big" line: Big Primer Base Coat and Big Cuticle Oil.

At Rite Aid, I saw a display with new colors of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, the Royal Splendor collection. Shades here (which I had to rearrange to match the order printed on the display because of course I did): Frill Seeker, Plush Blush, Regal Rose, Mauve-olous, Off With Her Red, Can't Beet Royalty, and Prince Char-mint. (And the top coat, of course.)

At one solitary Walgreens, I saw a mysterious SinfulColors display called Amp Up to Bold. It didn't seem to have any new colors in it but some of these maybe haven't been around for a while. I didn't find the line up especially bold, so thought maybe this store just filled with random colors, but it was full and neat so maybe not. I don't see anything about it on the SinfulColors site or anywhere else. Puzzling. Colors here: Mint2BCool, Tempest, Folly, Vacation Time, Cherry Blossom, 24/7 (non-neon version), Snow Me White, Black on Black.

I thought I'd seen all the SinfulColors Kylie there was to see, but no, Ulta had a little case with six of the shades in it that wasn't there the last time I visited the store. Colors included: Kashmere, Karma, Kurtsey, Silhouette, Kommotion, I Klove U.

Rite Aid had a Summer Brights Passion Pinks display, most of which seemed rather more demure than what my brain conjures up when I think of passionate colors. The interesting thing was these had shade names, which is the first time I recall seeing them on bottles in a display like this. Clockwise from front left: Hot Pink (more of a coral pink in my eyes), Petal Pink, Carnation (okay, sure), Passion Pink (hotter than Hot Pink), Bubble Gum (nope, too orange for that name), Flamingo (I'm on board with this one).

I was surprised to see a new Wet 'n' Wild display at Rite Aid, since the summer one had shown up not so long ago, but there it was Pop! Back to School. Back to School? In June? I don't even know any more. This has four Megalast Candy Gloss Nail Tints: Floral Support, A Case of Blue, One Grape or Another, Edie in Pink. These say "Boom!" on the caps, not "Pop!", so I don't know about that, either.

Those are all the store displays I have to share this time. I'm sort of making my own displays in my studio now as I'm unpacking and sorting all my polish from the move. Here's a peek:

It's a big job, so who knows when I'll finish. I'd get it done sooner if it were all I did, of course, but that's not going to happen. There's too much else to do, like hike on the mountain and look for more nail polish displays. And swatch. I really do need to do more swatching. Good thing I'm retired now so I can try to fit all this in!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Fake Nails Galore

My nails have taken a beating over the last few months as we've been unpacking and moving furniture around and such. In an effort to not have to look at the poor damaged things and protect them at the same time, I've turned to fake nails quite a lot. Fortunately, I have a stash of those as well, most picked up at clerance prices.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Falsies in the Foil Fusion design were the first ones I grabbed, figuring I'd better wear these short fakes while my own nails were still short. (Some of the Nail Falsies are short and square, some long and oval.) These have a white base with silver streaks at the tip. I rubbed off some of the silver filing the remnants of a tab off some of the tips, which was unfortunate; I can't decide if that was more or less unfortunate than seeing the remnants of the tabs I didn't file off so completely. The base curve of these is a pretty good fit for my own nails, though the width of some of them was too generous.

The oddest thing about these nails is the base plastic was not white, as one would expect, but black. This meant that tipwear looked really obvious. Here's my right hand after six days; I was able to touch up with a silver chrome polish, but it didn't stick to the plastic very well, so that would wear off, too. The good news is the fakes did protect my real nails from impact, and since I was wearing a treatment polish under the fakes it was like a spa week for my digits. The adhesive tabs that come with the Nail Falsies are on the thick side, which isn't idea since they lift the fake off the real nail more than a thinner tab, but they do hold pretty darn well unless they get very wet, in which case they get soft and the nails start to slide around. (I did a full review of this line way back in 2013, so I'll stop nattering on about them now.)

For my next fake look, I chose some lilac imPress Gel Manicure nails I'd gotten on clearance (I think from Walgreens, but I'm not entirely sure on that). I hadn't used this brand before, so was interested to see how it compared to the ones I had. This design is called Funky Town, which seems wrong; lilac with accents in delicate white plus faint silvery glitter seems more fairy than funky.

These came with a "prep pad" (wipe saturated with alcohol to clean the nails) and a tiny file, pictured here with my nails adorned in Sally Hansen Age Growth Miracle, the discontinued treatment I decided to lay down under the fakes this time.

The adhesive for these is already on the nails, covered with easily removed plastic, so you don't have to deal with separate sticky tabs.

These were easy to apply and stayed on quite well, which was good since there were no spare adhesive tabs to sitck them back on like with the Maybelline ones. I wore them for a full week with none popping off. I didn't love the shape of these; they were a bit wide, with the curve at the base of the nails not rounded enough to match my own base, and they weren't long enough, especially since they were "oval edition" and the curve for the oval started too soon, leaving my own nail showing on the sides in a way they hadn't with the more squared Maybellines. I also didn't like that color of the accent nails didn't quite match the plain ones but wasn't far off enough to look intentionally mismatched.

Fing'rs Prints in the Rock Rebel design came next; these were marked down at Rite Aid. I didn't get a picture of the package as I put these on in the car just before heading in to a party. (I got some other designs, so maybe I'll remember to take their picture before applying.) Like the imPress, these nails were pre-glued; unlike them, the sticky stuff wasn't covered in plastic, so it was hard to try them on for size before sticking them down. These fit my nails pretty well as far as the curve at the base and overall width; the only fit issue was length on some of my digits.

I only wore these for a day, so I'm not sure of their long term durability. I have some doubts based on how some of the nails cracked and broke when I was removing them.

I know press-on nails are looked down on in some circles, but I don't care. They're fast to apply, don't make me wait for dry time, cover up my torn up real nails, and protect my tips when I jam my hand into things, which I seem to do with alarming regularity. Yeah, they can look fake, sometimes really fake. So what? When I do a manicure with liquid polish, I don't do it with the aim to fool people into thinking my nails are really that color, so no reason I should worry about my false nails not looking real, either.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Barielle Protect Plus Color with ProSina

Sample provided for review

Not so recently, Barielle sent me two colors of their new line, Protect Plus Color with ProSina. It took me a while to get to try them because the box got shipped to my old work address; thanks to the guy who handles packages there being a cool dude, he didn't just send it back but messaged me and arranged for me to pick it up last time I was in Michigan. Fortunately, the polishes are not limited edition, but part of a new line that combines treatment and color. This sounds similar to some of the lines we've seen from other brands, but the different here is range of colors—over 100—and finishes—cremes, shimmers, and glitters, not just sheers. The two I got for review just happen to both be cremes: Peach Popsicle and Blushing Beauty.

Blushing Beauty is a classic red creme. I used three thin coats for my swatch; I didn't add topcoat but it's still plenty shiny.

Because Blushing Beauty was a three-coater for me, I thought I'd try it over a white base, something I wouldn't think to do with a two-coater. I cleaned off my middle finger, laid down a white creme, then topped that with one slightly thicker coat of Blushing Beauty. I thought the white might make Blushing Beauty look more pink, so I was surprised to see it turned to a vibrant orange-y red. Pretty cool.

The second shade I got to try is Peach Popsicle. This is described on the site as "a creamy coral peach"; on me it didn't pull especially toward coral. I used two coats, no topcoat for my swatch.

Just for fun, I added dots of Blushing Beauty to one nail. (Then smeared some of them adding topcoat, because I am just that impatient sometimes.)

I didn't get a chance to wear these long enough to test out the treatment aspects of this new line. According to Barielle, ProSina "...helps strengthen, condition & protect the nails. It is a poly-peptide formulation to repair thin, weak & brittle nail layers while strengthening hard-to-grow nails." I'm inclined to believe them, since they are known for their treatments. The Protect Plus Color ProSina polishes are available for $9 each on the Barielle website; they often have specials, so sign up for their e-mail list if you want to get notified of those.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Wet 'n' Wild Lost in the Wild Flowers

My planned order of posts got all mixed up with the car crash confusion, so today I have swatches of the four Wet 'n' Wild Megalast colors form the Lost in the Wild Flowers display, which I intended to post before I showed them as base colors for the MILV decals.

Poppy Culture, Leaf Me Be, Wild Wild Violet, Cherry Blossom on Top.

I started with the purple, Wild Wild Violet. This is a red violet creme, opaque in two coats. It's shiny without topcoat, too. The drawback is I found it a bit stainy upon removal; be sure to use a nice thick base under this one. I was able to scrub away the remaining color, but I really prefer not to have to do that (and did not have to with the other shades in this quartet).

Cherry Blossom on Top is a rosy medium pink creme. This was also a two-coater.

Poppy Culture, a red-leaning orange creme, had a thinner formula than the first two. I used three coats, experienced some cuticle flooding, and noticed a hint of phantom dirt line when it was all done.

Which brings us to Leaf Me Be, a yellow green that's sheer enough I'm going to call it a crelly (and could probably be talked into it qualifying as a jelly). I did three coats for my swatch, leaving me with definite visible nail line.

Due to the relative sheerness of the orange and green, I tried them over a white base. Top to bottom: Poppy Culture (2 thick coats), one coat of Poppy Culture over white base, Leaf Me Be (three coats), and two coats of Leaf Me Be over a white base.

My favorite of these is Leaf Me Be, as it seems the least like polishes already in my stash, but they're all nice colors for summer, and I'm glad Wet 'n' Wild is putting out new stuff.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Displays, Displays, Everywhere Displays

Okay, that title is an exaggeration; these displays are only from the part of the US between Idaho and Michigan, inclusive.

Last display post I was lamenting how picked over the China Glaze Lite Brites display was and hoping I could see a better stocked one when it showed up at Ulta. And voila, I did. Front row: Hot Flash, Lip Smackin'. Middle row: Lime After Lime, I'll Pink to That, None of Your Risky Business, I Got a Blue Attitude, What I Like About Blue. Back row: Let's Jam, Papa Don't Peach, We Got the Beet, Whip It Good, Bite Me.

Both Ulta and Sally Beauty had the China Glaze Coloured Nail Spray. The spray cans of color are displayed with Strong Adhesion Base Coat and Fast Forward Top Coat. The display below from Ulta has three colors: Purple Shimmer, Platinum Silver, and Bright Blue. I saw a similar display at Sally that lacked the purple but did have Magenta Shimmer.

I found myself in a Target (more on that later) and saw an endcap with a Defy & Inspire display, the Target exclusive brand. This had mostly colors from the core display but some shades I hadn't seen before that were marked down (I'll mark these with * when I list the colors). Poking around the Target website tells me these shades being cleared out are the Spring Trend 2016 colors (oddly they're still full price on the website). Top shelf: Corset*, The Hills (two slots), Parlor*, Tribal Council, Petticoat* (website shows a white creme), Next, Pocketwatch*, Pinky Swear, Top Model, Teacup*, Big Brother, Stagecoach*. Bottom shelf: True Story, Triple Crown, Mint Julep, Winner's Circle, Paradise Island, Simple Life, Pack Your Bags, Rich Kids, Make it Work, Derby Day, Thoroughbred, Run for the Roses, Over the Top (topcoat).

Fred Meyer had some Essence displays that had what appeared to be core shades of The Gel line, grouped into different themes, with Exit to Explore as the title on all of them. First up, The Desert. Polish colors here are Engaged, Sweet as Candy, Indian Summer, Serendipity.

The City has Fame Fatal, Ever Young, True Love, and Amazed by You.

The Mountains has Our Sweetest Day, Whisper of Spring, I Heart My Blue Jeans, and Dare It Nude.

I didn't see a theme name on the last display. This one has Wild White Ways, Turn the Lights On, Play with my Mint, and Let's Get Lost.

There are lots of Essie collections in stores right now. Last time, I hadn't seen a fully stocked bridal display, but a visit to a different Ulta fixed that. Left to right: Between the Seats, Steal His Name, Coming Together, Passport to Happiness, Groom Service, Mrs. Always Right.

I've only see the Essie 1000th shade collection, Aim to Misbehave, at Ulta. Left to right: Aim to Misbehave, Sexy Plunge, Seen on the Scene, DJ on Board, Catch of the Day, All Hands on Deck.

I've seen a single color display with just the 1000th shade itself, Aim to Misbehave, at places like Meijer and Walgreens.

Fred Meyer was the first place I saw the full Essie Summer 2016 display, Viva Antigua. Left to right: Coconut Cove, Loot the Booty, Viva Antigua, Berried Treasures, Hiking Heels, Tribal Text-styles.

The four-color Summer 2016 has shown up at Walgreens and other places. This lacks Hiking Heels and Tribal Text-styles.

This Essie Suite Retreat display has "Only at Walgreens" on it, which is true but fails to add "at this point in time"; this is the Resort 2015 collection recycled. Great if you wanted these and missed them last year, I suppose. Left to right: Suite Retreat, Time for Me Time, Stones 'n' Roses, Cocoa Karma.

The other Essie that's only at Walgreens is the Red Nose Day display, with core shades trotted out in support of this charitable cause. Left to right: Jelly Apple, Color Binge (two slots), Jump in My Jumpsuit.

On one of my rare trips to Walmart, I saw the Coconut strips from Incoco. These are similar to the small sets that some Walgreens have had for holidays, though the Coconut name is new. They were priced at $4.97, and there were eight designs at the store I visited. Top row: High Style (black lace on tan), Red Hot (plain red), Double Dare (black lines on white), Fashion Statement (black/gold/pearl dots and geometric). Bottom row: Happy Go Lucky (plain pinkish red), Perfect Match (bright floral with pastel stripes/dots), Shine Bright (pink glitter), and Desert Rose (red/turquoise tribal).

Fred Meyer had a summery Look display with six polishes and a nail art kit. Left to right: White, Lime, Lemon, Turquoise, Persimmon, Black. The nail art kit had top coat, three brushes (striping, detail, and cleanup), two dotting tools, and a nail wheel to practice on.

The nail art showcased on the Look display is bright and fun.

I saw the L'Oreal Infallible Pastels display at Fred Meyer, the first new colors I recall in the Infallible Pro-last line since it was introduced in summer 2015. Left to right: Sugar Cookie, Lemon Square, Pastry Pink, Violet Rush, Blue Icing, Green Tea. I like the idea of the tinted "amplifying" topcoats but do not like the double-ended packaging so haven't tried any from this line. I later saw this same display at a CVS, but only one of that chain's stores I visited when I was in Michigan.

Maybe polish in a spray can is the next trend, as Sally Beauty also had the Nails Inc. Paint Can display in addition to the China Glaze cans from the top of this post. This had a 2 in 1 base and top coat and three shades of polish: Hoxton Market (darker pink), Mayfair Lane (lighter pink), and Shoreditch Lane (silver).

As of my previous display post, I'd only seen the plain display for OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass. Sally Beauty and Ulta both had the more decorative version last time I stopped by.

Ulta also had the separate special edition shade for Through the Looking Glass, What Time Isn't It.

Some Walgreens got the Orly Color Blast Wonder Woman collection. This has four duo packs and three individual polishes. Single bottles, left to right: Wonder Woman, Hop in My Invisible Jet, In the Name of Justice. Packs: Amazon Warrior (Lady Truth, Beauty Brains and Brawn), Alter Ego (Diana Prince Pink, Amazon Goddess), Grace and Power (Save the Day, Bracelets and Tiaras), Indestructible (Super Strength, Don't Lasso Me Around).

The only new colors I've seen from Sally Hansen lately are some limited edition Miracle Gel shades packaged with the top coat. This display I saw at Fred Meyer had the six LE colors on the left and three core ones on the right. LE shades are: Tawny Travels (orange red), Carry On Blue (light blue), Flushed Wanderer (pink), Take the Plunge (blue), Headed Nude-where (light tan), and In My Suitcase (light grey). Core colors: Red Eye, Pink Cadillacquer, Birthday Suit. At one of the drugstore chains (pretty sure it was Rite Aid), I saw a smaller display with just the LE colors.

At the time of my last display post, the Kylie Jenner SinfulColors were just starting to show up in stores; now, there are so many more displays of them around with even more colors. I saw the Denim & Bling display at Walgreens. Front row: After Dark, Kustom Fit, Kameleon, Kobalt, Kargo. Back row: Angelik, Hello Halo (these first two in this row, according to the cap overwrap, are not Denim & Bling collection but rather are from Trend Matters), Konfection, Kosmic, Krop Top.

A different Walgreens had a larger Denim & Bling display. Top row: Kargo, Kobalt, Kustom Fit, Kosmic, Kameleon, North Star, V.I.Peach (these last two have Trend Matters overwrap). Bottom row: After Dark, Karats of Kargo, Krop Top, Kleopatra, Konfection, Angelik, Hello Halo (again, last two have Trend Matters overwrap).

Yet another Walgreens had a big corner Denim & Bling display. Left side, top row: Kloud 9, North Star, Kobalt, Kool as a Kukumber. Left side, middle row: Karats of Kargo, Kustom Fit, Konfection. Left side, bottom row: Krop Top, After Dark. Middle, top row: Butter Kup. Middle, bottom row: V.I.Peach. Right side, top row: Magik Touch, Kosmic, Kurves, Acid Wash. Right side, middle row: Kameleon, Kargo, Kleopatra. Right side, bottom row: Hello Halo, Angelik.

Still later, I saw a sidekick display for Denim & Bling at another Walgreens. No new shades here, just a different arrangement.

I haven't seen sidekick or corner displays for the Trend Matters part of the Kylie SinfulColors, but a Walgreens did have a larger shelf top display. Top row: Kurtsey, Karma, Kashmere, Kommotion, Silhouette, Kool as a Kukumber, Butter Kup. Bottom row: Krushed Velvet, Kozy, Kurtain Kall, Mauve On, I Klove U, King Size, and V.I.Peach. This has four additional shades compared to the ten-color version I shared last display post (Butter Kup, Kozy, Kurtain Kall, I Klove U).

I'd heard there were Target exclusives in the Kylie SinfulColors megapalooza, so I ventured out to see if I could find them. I did, in a sidekick display, where they were mixed with shades I'd already seen at Walgreens and Kmart and such. Top row: Konstellation, V.I.Peach, Kold Kash. Second row: Purple Kraze, Butter Kup. Third row: Miss Klaws, Kosmos, Kitty Pink. Fourth row: Taupe is Chic, Koral Riff, Korset. Fifth row: Holly-wood, Magik Touch. Bottom row: Kool as a Kukumber, Fuschia U, Haute Koffee.

What I hadn't heard was that Ulta would be getting the SinfulColors Kylie, too; I never remember seeing SinfulColors there before. The display I saw at my Ulta had what I thought up until that moment were Target exclusives, along with other shades. Top row: Taupe is Chic, Fuschia U, Kosmos, Holly-wood, Kitty Pink, Kold Kash, Magik Touch. Bottom row: Miss Klaws, Purple Kraze, Koral Riff, Haute Koffee, Konstellation, Korset, Kool as a Kukumber.

Just when I thought I might get a break from Kylie for a while, I saw a SinfulShine sidekick at Meijer with the King Kylie collection with a larger assortment of shades than the shelftop display I shared last display post. Top row: Karnival, Kryptonite, The Royal Me, Kreme de la Kreme, Miss Majesty, Kalypso. Fourth row: On Fyre, Slay Grey, Karamel, Knight Out. Fifth row: True Kolor, Kween, Miss Chief, Kalypso. Bottom row: top coat, Koko-nuts.

I sort of hate that I like some of these Kylie kolors, what with the Kardashian connection, the sheer number of new ones out all at once, the $2.99 price, and all those Knames. I haven't bought any yet, but I feel myself weakening.

SinfulColors is not content to just rely on all the Kylie kolors to overwhelm me; they have other new displays out, too, all of which I saw at Walgreens. #Pride has mostly new colors in it. Left to right: Resilent, Sugar Pumpkin, Bye Felicia, Envious, Pride (not new), Love Thyself, Gogo Boy, Call Me Violetta.

SinfulColors Get Star Struck is this year's red, white, and blue summer holiday collection. Left to right: Bangin' Blue (new), White Haute (new), Endless Blue, Rocket Out (new), Gogo Girl, Devil's Stare, Rocket Out, Clear Coat.

SinfulColors Vegas Glitz is this year's summer neon collection. Left to right: Clear Coat, Snow Me White, Bright to the Point, Vivid a Try, On the Strip (new), Neon Tonight (new), Let Me Flamingo (new), Light It Up (new).

Perhaps to soothe and calm my eyes after all the other displays, SinfulColors also has the Indulge Yourself display with no colors at all, just top coats, base coats, and treatments.

While I was in Target looking for the SinfulColors exclusives, I spotted two Sonia Kashuk nail colors tucked into her section of the aisle. Two shades here: On the Ropes and Roll with the Punches. I thought the bottles were fun, with the designs on the cap and the eyes on the bottle label, but the colors looked like plain cremes and heaven knows I've got plenty of those.

I feel like Wet 'n' Wild used to do more limited editions, which was great because they're so affordable. Now we seem to get four shades a season. Here are the summer ones, Megalast colors in the Lost in the Wild Flowers display (these are ones I used for bases in my post about the MILV decals): Leaf Me Be (green), Poppy Culture (orange), Cherry Blossom on Top (pink), Wild Wild Violet (purple).

Finally, Zoya's Petals collection showed up at Ulta. Front row: Aster, Azalea, Leia. Back row: Tulip, Laurel, Zahara.

And whew, that's it for this installment. I really, really am going to try to stay more on top of these going forward. Really. And as soon as I post this, I'm also going to go back to the last post and update it with the color names for the Just Add Sun polishes, because I'm a completist like that. Happy shopping!