Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Wheel Q12: More Studio M and Cosmetic Arts Glitters

Wrapping up the Studio M and sister brand Cosmetics Arts glitters mini-series here on Nail Wheel Wednesday.

(glitter coats noted below plus clear topcoat)

1. Studio M Disco Ball (2 coats, over tan creme base)
2. Cosmetic Arts unknown (2, black creme base on half the nail)
3. Studio M Snowflakes (2, black creme base on half the nail)
4. CA V Day Dance Pink Hearts (2, black creme base on half the nail) [had to fish for the hearts]
5. Studio M Hot Couture (2, black creme base on half the nail) [this is a pale pink version of #2, so basically the same over the black base]
6. CA unknown (2, black creme base on half the nail) [dupe of #5]
7. Studio M Drama Queen (3)
8. Studio M Candy Cane (3)
9. Studio M Gift of Sparkle (2) [my favorite of this wheel, I think; reminds me a bit of the famous Purple Medallion but with a darker purple, less jelly base]
10. Studio M Firecracker (3)
11. Studio M Kaleidescope (2)
12. Studio M Trinket (2)
13. Studio M Platinum Record (2)
14. Studio M Savoy Nights (2)
15. Studio M Ice Cold (3) [should have put this over a dark base to make the shimmer pop]
16. CA unknown (3)
17. Studio M Jingle Jangle (3)
18. Studio M Spring Fling (3) [wish I'd put this next to #10; as it looks like 10 plus some medium size silver holo hex glitter]
19. Studio M Holiday Splendor (2)
20. Studio M Nightlife (3) [should have put this over tan like #1; it's basically #1 with black glitter instead of white]

Bottles 1 through 3:

4 through 6:

7 through 10:

11 through 14:

15 through 17:

18 through 20:

A few bonus shots to show how some of these catch the light:

Monday, April 27, 2020

PXL Pixelated Color

Back when I would drive down to the city just to have fun and hunt for nail polish displays, I bought what I thought were the two most interesting polishes in the PXL Pixelated Color line at Rite Aid: Metallic Eggplant and Pink Glitter. This line touts itself as 8 free (I admit I don't know what 8 things those are off the top of my head ... I stopped paying attention at 3 free, and yes, sometimes I miss formaldehyde), vegan, and cruelty free

PXL Pixelated Color Metallic Eggplant

Metallic Eggplant is a deep purple packed with silver shimmer. I don't know that it's so packed that I personally would call it metallic, but I could see why one might. It was plenty opaque in two coats.

PXL Pixelated Color Metallic Eggplant Pink Glitter nail polish

PXL Pixelated Color Metallic Eggplant nail polish swatch

PXL Pixelated Color Metallic Eggplant nail polish swatch

Pink Glitter is just that: metallic pink hex glitter in various sizes in a clear base. the pink leans warm, but not so warm that I'd call it rose gold. I put one coat of it over Metallic Eggplant. It didn't need clear topcoat to smooth it out, which was a bit surprising since in some cases the glitter pieces stacked on top of each other and I didn't bother to try to coax them to separate.

PXL Pixelated Color Pink Glitter nail polish swatch

PXL Pixelated Color Pink Glitter nail polish swatch

PXL Pixelated Color Pink Glitter nail polish swatch

I was happy with the formula on these, but I'm not sure how many more I'll buy since the color range is fairly narrow, with a focus on the pinks and reds that sell best, and which I'm already way overstocked on in my personal collection. There is a lighter purple shimmer called Purple Pearl I might look at should the line still be a thing when I finally leave my house for something other than a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the grocery store.

NOTE: I had to edit this after putting it up, as I'd misspelled "pixellated" ... ooops.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wheel P12: Studio M Glitters

More glitters from Studio M for this Nail Wheel Wednesday.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below)

1. Studio M Stargazer (2 coats)
2. Studio M Dazzle Me (2)
3. Studio M Sparks Fly (2)
4. Studio M Singles Only (2) [I had to look back at my swatches to make sure this always had a pink base and it wasn't from glitter bleeding]
5. Studio M Party Girl (2)
6. Studio M Poparazzi (2)
7. Studio M Funfetti (2)
8. Studio M Wish Upon a Rockstar (2)
9. Studio M Glitterati (2)
10. Studio M Gingerbread (3)
11. Studio M Gold Dust (2) [over tan base]
12. Studio M Belle of the Ball (2)
13. Studio M Something Sweet (2) [over tan base]
14. Studio M You're a Star (2)
15. Studio M Under the Moon (2)
16. Studio M Cheetah Glitter (2)
17. Studio M Ghosted (2) [over tan base]
18. Studio M Sweet Tooth (2)
19. Studio M Spring Breeze (1) [should have thinned this before I used it but didn't, thus the one coat]
20. Studio M Robin's Egg (2)

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 through 12:

13 through 17:

18 through 20:

Monday, April 20, 2020

Pahlish Sky Glass

Today I have another of the treats I've bought for myself online since the stay at home order started: Pahlish Sky Glass, a purple jelly packed with flakes.

Pahlish Sky Glass

As jellies go, this one is pretty pigmented (but no so much that the flakies get buried), so my swatch is two coats plus clear topcoat for extra shine and depth.

Pahlish Sky Glass

Pahlish Sky Glass

Pahlish Sky Glass

I was blessed with a bit of sun the day I swatched this, so I took myself over by the window so you can see it in that light below.

Pahlish Sky Glass

As I did with Celesta earlier this month, I also tried Sky Glass layered over a creme base. In the case of Sky Glass, I used Sally Hansen Insta Dri Vivid Violet, a dark purple. I left my index finger with just Sky Glass on it for comparison purposes, then did Sky Glass over Vivid Violet on the other three fingers (skipped the topcoat on those). The deep base does darken the overall look some, and also makes the flakies pop. I like it both ways.

Pahlish Sky Glass

Pahlish Sky Glass

Pahlish Sky Glass

I can't buy every indie shade that turns my head online, but I'm glad I got this one.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Essie Moments Collection

Last summer, I decided I needed the wrapped bottles that Target had for the Essie #essielove Moments collection (also known as the Celebration Moments collection, at least on the Ulta website). I decided this several months after the collection was released, by which time no Target seemed to have whole collection in the wrapped bottles, but I persisted and bought them when I found them until I had all six (left to right below): Nailed It, The Best-est, Sheer Luck, Birthday Girl, Mani Thanks, and Congrats.

The Best-est is a medium-toned cool grey creme. Of course I already have plenty of cool grey cremes, but the bottle wrap is a lure I wasn't able to resist in this case. This was opaque in two coats.

Congrats has blue, silver, rose, and pink glitter in a silver microflakie base. It probably would build to be opaque on its own, but you know me ... if I think it might work as a topper, I'm gonna try it that way. So I put one coat of Congrats over The Best-est, then added clear topcoat for extra shine though I didn't need it for smoothness.

Nailed It is a deep burgundy creme which I in no way needed to diversify my stash, but again, the bottle wrap. Two coats were plenty, and it was really shiny on its own without any topcoat.

Nailed It also got the Congrats as topper treatment. This was less pleasing than the combination with The Best-est, though it does show how dense the microflakie base of Congrats is ... too dense to make a good topper over such a dark color, I think.

Oh look, here's another shade I almost certainly have a dupe for: Sheer Luck, a white crelly shimmer. The Essie website calls this pink, but it's so light a pink that it pulls pretty much completely white on me. My swatch is three coats, leaving it not yet opaque.

The shimmer is subtle; I could only get it show up for the camera in direct light, and even then it's hard to see.

To show the sheerness of Sheer Luck, I dotted it with The Best-est and Nailed It, then added one more coat of Sheer Luck and a clear topcoat. It was interesting to see that Nailed It looked dusty purple when veiled like this.

Mani Thanks is a light gold metallic shimmer, opaque in two coats. There are some hints of pink in the shimmer along with the gold.

I added some dots of Nailed It to Mani Thanks to attempt to distract from how this shade of gold isn't the most flattering for me. I also added clear topcoat to smooth over the dots.

Finally we have Birthday Girl, a light pink shimmer that's slightly on the sheer side. I used two coats for my swatch and there's a hint of visible nail line remaining.

I plussed Birthday Girl with a glitter gradient using Congrats and a light hand.

I was running out of something at this point (attention span and/or time; my notes don't say) so I completed my swatching session by trying Birthday Girl as a topper over Nailed It and The Best-est, which I'm glad I did because only then did I see the gold as well as the pink the shimmer of Birthday Girl. It's really quite pretty this way.

I'm undecided on whether this collection was a good choice for me. Congrats, sure, yes, that is a good addition to my stash, but I feel like I either have dupes or close enoughs for everything else. Those bottle wraps sure are cute, though.