Friday, April 28, 2023

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure Nails

Two posts in one week? Believe it! Of course I had to try the Sally Hansen fake nails. The brand I have the longest relationship with comes out with a type of product I've been all over in recent years? A few sets were in my shopping cart so fast. I tried an oval set first, in the solid "creme" color Beet Pray Love.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
These come with both glue and adhesive tabs. I used the tabs. The fit was good for me. The base curve and the c-curve of these matched my natural nails fairly well, and the length was long enough to cover my natural nails in the length I like to keep them without being so long that I felt the need to clip and file them.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
That first set held up nicely, and I didn't have any more pop-offs than with any other brand, so I tried another oval set next: Ombre-lievable, which is a gradient French mani look. Again, I used the adhesive tabs.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
These did not hold up well. Three days after I'd put them on, the white on the tips was wearing off and looked bad. I took them off days before I'd planned to.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
More recently, I tried a square set, What a Star, which has dusty rose stars scattered on a pale pinky peach base color.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
These did not fit my nails nearly as well as the ovals. The length was too short in most cases (and my nails are not long right now), leaving a gap at the base (yes, I could have filed my natural nails down, but I didn't want to lose that length. The base was too square and wide to fit the curve at my base. These are very square indeed.
Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure fake nails
I haven't tried the coffin or almond shapes yet, but plan to when I come across them again. I won't do the squares again; those just aren't a good fit for me.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Wheel C16: Silver Chromes

Yes, Nail Wheel Wednesday is back! Today it's silver chromes, mostly. It's hard to know where the line is between some types of finishes, so there are some on this wheel that are more shimmers than chromes, and some that could better be called metallic than chrome, and even a weaksauce holo (though I don't know that weaksauce holo is an officially recognized nail polish finish). I just need to keep chanting "finished is better than perfect" as I continue to work on this massive project of getting all the colors in my stash onto nail wheels.

1. Wet Paint Always Buy Platinum (2 coats)
2. Studio M What a Drag (2)
3. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Metallica (2)
4. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Pumping Iron (2)
5. Bonita unnamed (2) [from a set, but I don't know the name of that set either]
6. Kiko Quick Dry 857 Metallic Silver (2)
7. Kiko Smart Fast Dry 043 Silver (2)
8. OPI Push and Shove (1) [used the special base that came with this)
9. OPI Silver Canvas (2) [silver base that came out with the Color Paints collection of jellies]
10. Sephora + Pantone Universe Lunar Rock (2)
11. Sephora Formula X Shocked (2)
12. Sephora Formula X Platinum Prime (2) [from their Infinite Ombre jellies set]
13. Sephora Formula X Need for Speed (2)
14. Revlon Silver Base Coat (2) [came out with the Color Charge jellies]
15. Revlon Top Speed Sterling (2)
16. Essence Marble Mania Silver Twister (2)
17. Beautifully Disney Drive You Wild (2)
18. Essie No Place Like Chrome (2)
19. SinfulColors Casablanca (1)
20. Finger Paints Chromatic Creation (2) [has a very weak holo effect]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:








Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Great Lakes and Other Displays

While I was on hiatus, I took a trip to Wisconsin via Chicagoland and took advantage of being in a more display-rich environment to do some hunting through various aisles to see what nail products I could see. Combine those with the ones I spotted closer to home before and after my trip, and we've got ourselves a display post. (My last one was the day before I went on my latest blogging hiatus.)(And yes, I did mean to get this up last week, but I decided not to stress myself out about that.) I was rather overwhelmed by the Claire's I went to in Wisconsin ... so much stuff in so small a space. Nothing jumped out at me from the polish rack, but I did stop to look at the fake nails. The sign on top of the display unit said they were new "100% vegan faux nails". I don't think that means they're plant-based, just that there aren't any animal products in them. I didn't buy any since they were all longer than I prefer (though could be cut down I'm sure) and were all glue ons when I prefer press on (and yes I do have some sets of press on tabs I can use with glue ons but I have so many sets of fakes already).

I also paused at the sets for Claire's caviar nails and velvet nails. I thought these trends were well behind us for a while, but here they are, back again. Life comes at you fast, I guess.

I saw something fun at Fred Meyer: a set of Crayola glitter polishes in bottles with pointy caps to look like the ends of crayons. I thought these were super cute, but did not buy them because I know based on past experience that I wouldn't reach for them, I just want to look at the pretty colors. And I can do that with this photo.

I feel like I should have seen Ulta Essie (Un)guilty Pleasures for Winter 2022 earlier than I did, but here it is now. The display at Ulta . In front, left to right: Caught in the Rain (times 2), To Me from Me (times 2), (Un)guilty Pleasures (times 2), and Snooze In. In back at the top: No To-Do, Home By 8.

The display at Meijer (same as the one I also saw at Fred Meyer) had the same shades, but only five of them were featured on the card next to them.

For Valentines 2023, Essie put out the U Wish collection, which I saw at Ulta. Six shades here, all with silver flames/hearts on the caps. In front: U Wish (two slots), License to Thrill (two slots), Burning Love (two slots), Flirt with Freedom. In back: Fuel Your Desire (two slots), No Ex-pectations (two slots).

The Essie Spring 2023 collection is Feel the Fizzle. I found it first at Walgreens, then later at Ulta in a slightly different shelf top display. It does look like spring, with all those pretty pastels. Left to right: Ride the Soundwave, Feel the Fizzle (the only non-creme in the collection; looks like a fun topper), Don't Burst My Bubble, In the You-niverse, It's High Time, and You're Scent-sational.

A closer look at Feel the Fizzle, which I was sorely tempted to buy even though I'm 99% certain I have something very similar in my collection already.

At Ulta, I also saw some new shades in the Essie Gel Couture line, the Fashion Fête collection. Left to right: Hats Off, Fashion Fête, Sundressed to Impress, Brimming with Bubbly, Stilettos on Standby, and Sunday Best.

At a Five Below, I saw four shades of Fresh Paint pearly shimmers in a tray with slots for three colors. No display card to tell me if these are a collection and if so what it's called: Hole-some Content, Glazed and Confused, Donut Stop Believing, and Seriously Dough. Maybe a Glazed Donut collection?

Walgreens had some fancy Kiss Majestic nail sets I'd not seen before. The set on top is called Lovely Bubbly and the one on the bottom is Your Grace. The package says they're reusable up to three times, which I guess takes a bit of the sting out of the $17.99 price tag if that's true.

One of the Ultas I visited had a section with the Nailtopia polishes celebrating Disney 100. Not sure it they were still in the process of stocking it or many had already sold out; I'm guessing the former since popular characters were still there. Here are the full size ones (12ml): Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, (empty spot for Daisy Duck), Pluto, Goofy, Peter Pan, and Tinker Bell (not Tinkerbell). There was an empty section next to this with spots for the minis (5ml) Winnie the Pooh (yellow), Piglet (darker pink), Elsa (lighter pink), Olaf (light blue), Anna (wine), Alice in Wonderland (light blue), Cheshire (purple), Simba (golden yellow), Dumbo (silver), and Stitch (blue).

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's still true: I pay was less attention to OPI releases since Ulta starting putting them only in the big white aisle unit. I want standalone displays that show what's in the collection and only that. But I'm not going to get that at Ulta, so here's OPI Me Myself and OPI for spring 2023 in all its backlit, shelved right next to core colors glory.

Also in the backlit display at Ulta: some Orly polishes labelled "colors that pop exclusively at Ulta": Connect the Dots, Kitsch You Later, Claim to Fame, Ceci N'est Pas Blanc, Ephemeral (sold out), Touch of Magic, and Just an Illusion.

Ulta also had the Orly NASA collection, thank goodness in much better lighting on an endcap. There are four polishes and four nail strip designs featuring photos from the space telescope with an unfortunate name. The display says "only here", but I've since seen these polishes on the Orly website.

The polishes: Spirit of Peace, Golden Record, View from L2, Perseverance.

The nail strips: Hubble Space Telescope, (the other space telescope), Voyager, Artemis I.

I'm not 100% sure the spring-like shades of Poparazzi I saw at CVS in the spot where seasonal shades have been before are new, but I snapped their photo anyway. Left to right: Mermaid Daze, Born Like This, Do You Pink About Me, and Vitamin Sea.

The one not too picked over Pretty Woman display I saw at Five Below stores on my trip was called Dramatic Darks. The shade names printed on the display are Forbidden, Firefly, Oh I Say, Ravenous, Deep Winter, and Dark Royalty. Only five of the six were there and I'm not sure if the shades match the names or not (they weren't printed on the bottles and I can't find them on either the Pretty Woman website or Five Below's).

In my last display post, I shared the first sets of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure fake nails I'd seen. There were only two shapes: square and oval. A few days after I'd posted those, I spotted some sets in almond and coffin shapes on a mixed brand display near the front of a Walgreens. Left to right: Needing Space (almond), Meet Me in the Metal (coffin), ASAP Apple (almond; solid color though the pic looks different due to reflections I think). I peeked on the Sally Hansen site and there are other designs/colors available in these shapes; I just haven't seen them in person yet.

Deeper into that same Walgreens, I saw more Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure sets nestled in their own section on the core display wall. All of these designs were either square or oval. Top row (square): Get Mod, Pink Clay, Sugar Fix, Block Party, What a Star, Check Please. Bottom row (oval): Buff & Tumble, O-zone You Didn't, Beet Pray Love, Ombre-lievable, Swoop There It Is, Outside the Line.

At a different Walgreens, I saw a display with the Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure nails plus some new Insta Dri shades and some Good Kind Pure shades. The nails were mostly the oval and square shapes, with a couple of almond ones mixed in. Based on an empty display section I saw at Ulta, I believe the Insta Dri shades are the Getaway collection: Catch Me If You Clam (orange), Beach You To It (darker orange), Traveling Light (orchid, slot taken here by another shade), Up In the Clouds (light blue), Slow M-ocean (slate blue), Mint Me in St. Louis (turqoise), C-hill Out (dark green), Later Alligator (deep olive green). I'm not sure if the Good Kind Pure shades are a collection or not. My detail photos are fuzzy, but I think these are the shade names based on matching up the blurry text in my photos with the Sally Hansen website: Almond Milk, Cashew Butter, Roasted Chestnut, Sweet As Sugar, Carrot Cake, Natural Red, Blueberry Tart, Matcha Love.

At Walmart, I saw an endcap with the Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure nails and Miracle Gel polishes, with an extra InstaDri bit that I wasn't sure belonged there. The nails assortment had all four shapes.

The top two rows of Miracle Gel polishes had shades from the Desert Oasis collection, which I only know the name of because it was on the insert section of the core display at an Ulta store (all but two of the shades were sold out or not yet stocked there). Top row: Lookin Fly for a Cacti, Been There Dune That, A Hot Minute, I Don't Desert You, Cactus Makes Perfect. Bottom row: Knowledge is Flower, Desert Reign, Oaseas, Sun-Shower (not part of Desert Oasis), (random yellow in slot for Shock & Mauve, niehter part of Desert Oasis). The other rows were core colors, base and top coat.

The InstaDri tray had a few core colors along with the Getaway collection of new shades (that portion shown closer below): Catch Me If You Clam, Beach You To It, Traveling Light (slot empty), Up In the Clouds, Slow M-ocean, Mint Me in St. Louis, C-hill Out, Later Alligator.

A different Walmart had the Sally Hansen Perfect Manicure nails incorporated into the regular nail supplies section, including more of the coffin shaped ones than I'd seen before. Left to right: French Twist, Leaf Me Be, What the Shell, Meet Me in the Metal, Hyp-nautical, Onyx-pected (hiding in back).

For Easter, Sally Hansen Insta Dri has a Peeps collaboration. I saw this tall freestanding display at Walgreens. It had the Peeps polishes plus some core colors. The Peeps solid colors are textured, specifically "sugar texture".

Top left: Peeps and Love set with Peeps Pink Bunny and Peeps Blue Chick. Top right: One Tough Chick set with Peeps Classic Chick and Peeps Cotton Candy. Bottom left: Peeps Purple Bunny, Peeps Party Cake (times 2), Peeps Cotton Candy, and Peeps Marshmallow. Bottom right: Peeps Classic Chick (times 2), Peeps Pink Bunny (times 2), and Peeps Blue Chick.

And here are the polishes that got me excited about polish in a way I haven't been in a while: the Salon Perfect Flash collection at Walmart. These are seven reflective glitters and when I saw swatches on Facebook I had to have them. Yes, indies have been doing reflective glitter for a while, but it's so hard to keep up with indies now that I've stopped trying. These mainstreams aren't as complex as most of the indies but they're way more accessible (though I did have to try a few Walmarts before I found them). Left to right: Flashing Lights, News Flash, Dream Gleam, Flash Dance, Make It Flashy, Shine and Dandy, Flash Back. There's also a texture smoothing topcoat called Glitter Gloss. Unlike most polishes I buy and then let sit for ages before I try them, my first pedicure after I bought these was Shine and Dandy, and Make It Flashy is on my toes as I type this. Even though it's winter, I often wear sandals in the house and seeing these polishes catch the light has been quite delightful.

Like last summer, I didn't see any seasonal Studio M displays at Meijer on my trip, but there were more "fancies" at the $6.49 price point than I saw back then. I think these are all holos. Left to right (two slots for each color): Constellation Queen, Worlds Apart, Miss Universe, Super Star.

Left to right (two slots for each color): Moon Goddess, Meteor Shower, Rocket Man, Space Cadet.

Ski season ended yesterday, and I've got a few weeks before I have any significant travel planned, so I'm hoping to do some swatching in this less busy lull, but we'll see if that works out.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Nail Strips Update

After I posted about my NOTD on Friday, I remembered I'd taken a photo of my nails in the sun that I'd forgotten to include. So I was going to just edit the post and add it, but got distracted (no surprise there). Then on Saturday, I had something unexpected happen to the strips so here I am with a two-photo update. First, the strips in the sun on a recent still wintery but not so cold I needed full gloves day. I liked the sparkle and glow a lot.
Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Nail Strips in Gleam Queen
Then Saturday I was a party at some friends' place. Helping to clean up, I used a disinfecting wipe from a container they had. Didn't think anything of it until I noticed the tips of my strips had turned dark. Guess the chemicals in the wipes weren't compatible with the chemicals in the strips. Good to know.
Dashing Diva Gloss Gel Nail Strips in Gleam Queen
Given how ratty they were looking, I removed the strips yesterday. As per the instructions, I used a bit of oil on my nails and then peeled them off. They all came off cleanly in one piece each and my nails didn't seem to have suffered any damage. I will probably use the Dashing Diva strips again, though I will probably try putting down a ridge filling base coat first. I can buy the strips at Fred Meyer, so that's convenient, though they just had a few designs the last time I was there. Maybe supply chain issues from the pandemic still.