Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wheel O10: Various Magnetics

Back to our regularly scheduled programming this Wednesday with a wheel of magnetics. They're popular in the indie world now, but not so long ago, it was easy to pick them up at retail stores, which is how I got the polishes featured in this episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday.

(all are two coats except for the LA Girl, which are one; some have enough texture that they would have benefitted from topcoat, but I skipped it in favor of moving on to the next shiny thing that distracted me the day I painted this wheel)

1. Ulta Put a Ring on It [these first four minis came in a set; the magnet is this ring on the cap of this first one]
2. Ulta Polar Opposites
3. Ulta Opposites Attract
4. Ulta Rules of Attraction [has a different formula than the other three Ulta magnetics; didn't get much change out of it, though perhaps I just wasn't patient enough]
5. LA Girl Magnetized [magnets for the LA Girl are in a piece that pops out of the top of the caps; different colors have different designs]
6. LA Girl Positive Charge
7. LA Girl Attract
8. LA Girl Electrostatic
9. LA Girl Repel
10. LA Girl Magnetic Field
11. LA Girl Magnetic Force
12. LA Girl Polar Opposite
13. Magna Nails Silver [magnets for the Magna Nails are on a separate piece which has a nail tip glued to it showing the color of the polish and the pattern the magnet makes]
14. Magna Nails Wind
15. Magna Nails Water
16. Magna Nails Titanium
17. Magna Nails Gold
18. Magna Nails Earth
19. Magna Nails Copper
20. Magna Nails Fire

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 through 12:

13 through 16:

17 through 20:

Destash notes:

Monday, June 18, 2018

Protective Nails of the Day

I am home from nearly a month on the road! There's so much unpacking and laundry and such to be done, most of which I haven't gotten to yet because a friend and her dog came up to visit for the weekend soon after I returned. I'm now one week into a manicure intended to protect my nails from the rigors of moving luggage in and out of hotel rooms as I drove back over three days and all the reaching into suitcases and the washing machine and dryer as I settle back in. If you've been reading a while, you've probably already guessed that it's fake nails to the rescue. This particular set is from Pretty Woman, some Designer Nails I picked up on my trip in (I think) Billings, Montana. I don't see any name on the box, just the item number PD1004. They're a long-ish coffin shape, most in a pale peachy pink solid color with a few accent nails in a coordinated microglitter finish.

There are 24 nails in the box; I didn't have any issues finding sizes to fit my fingers. I was frustrated that the accent thumb nails weren't the best fit for me, so I had to have plain thumbs, but that's just how it goes. I used the adhesive tabs to apply them; those seemed a bit short for my bigger fingers (all the tabs are the same height and just differ in width). I'd describe the nails as thin but sturdy; they didn't feel heavy on my nails nor did they seem too bendy to do the job of protecting my natural nail tips underneath. The shape was not something I'm used to—the corners on the tips felt very sharp and pointy to me the first day or so I wore them. After that, I either got used to them or they wore down and smoothed out a bit due to normal use. They still felt long to me but weren't as distracting.

As with most other pointy fakes I've tried, the edges of the nails tapered down too quickly to cover my real nails at the sides of the tips; that bothered me when I first put them on but then I forgot about it; the pale color of the fakes blended fairly well with my skin and nails so it wasn't obvious where the gaps were.

Within twelve hours of putting them on, I popped off the first nail when the sticky tab lost its grip. I re-affixed the nail with glue (also included in the box) and just kept doing that as the tabs failed. By a few days in, all the nails were glued on, and they mostly stayed (in a couple cases, a hard knock of a tip against a hard surface would dislodge them, but regluing was easy).

The last morning of my drive back, I melted the tip of my left index finger nail when I got it too close to a hot toaster in the hotel when fishing my bagel out. It didn't deform too much, fortunately.

After I got home, I decided to clip off the melted part of that one nail and shorten the others to match, filing them all into a more rounded shape that feels more comfortable to me.

I think I can get a few more days wear out of these before the gap at the base starts to bother me, so that's what I shall do. Perhaps I'll reward myself with a new manicure after I finish my unpacking!

Monday, June 11, 2018

IEC Nail Looks

I'm on my way home from Indie Expo Canada. Since I'm driving, it'll be a while before I get there, so no haul posts until then, as my new pretties are safely wrapped and tucked away for the journey, but I can share what was on my nails while I created new polishes in the workshop and bought new polishes from the vendors.

For Saturday, I did my nails in blues with a purple shift. First I did a couple of treatment coats and then laid down a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Bluetiful, a bright royal blue creme which I bought while on this road trip (I'll be sharing that display in a big roundup post after I get back home). On my index fingers and thumbs, I added Studio M Ice Cold, which has blue glitter in a blue/purple shifting shimmer base. On my other digits, I added Ever After License to Lacquer, an IEC limited edition from last year that has scattered holo in a blue/purple shifting microshimmer base. Orly Sec n' Dry finished things off.

In the natural light coming in through the window of my hotel room (about a half hour north of the IEC host hotel so I could save money for more polish):

You can see a bit of the shift to purple at this angle:

Sparkling in some bright lights in the hotel during a break from the polish making workshop (complete with smudge of pigment on my pinky there):

I ended up making four colors in the polish making workshop. The whole class made the one on the left, which we dubbed Regency Blue (though there were some variations since not all of us managed to follow the recipe exactly—it's hard to measure out .03 grams of flakes, for instance). The bright yellow green was my simplest creation; I called it Juicy Glow. The other two are similar purple bases; the second one started with overpour from the first: House in Progress has primarily bronze glitter and shimmer while Dark & Mysterious has that plus navy and turquoise glitter and multichrome flakes and I forget what all.

Pretty raw ingredient:

Progression of Regency Blue at varying stages of adding ingredients:

Dregs of Dark & Mysterious in the mixing cup:

I couldn't wait to try one of these, so I slapped Dark & Mysterious on my middle through pinky fingers; thank goodness Pam had some topcoat handy so I could smooth it out:

For Sunday, I wanted to wear one of my new creations, and decided on Juicy Glow as it was the most eye catching (not that it coordinated in any way with the outfit I planned to wear). I experimented with it on a nail wheel first. Left to right: over yellow creme, over lime green creme, on its own (top half of nail) and over light yellow creme (bottom half of nail), over skintone base.

I settled on the light yellow base (Sally Hansen Insta Dri Canary, another new one from this trip), over the same treatment bases as the prior day. Two coats of Juicy Glow on top of that, then topcoat and I was ready.

In the sunshine outside the hotel:

Showing its more yellow side in the photo area:

I ruined this mani in rather more spectacular fashion than usual when I tripped over the fill hose while getting gas that night; I broke my fall with my hand:

Despite that, I patched it up and still have it on today, and it actually did coordinate nicely with the top I wore yesterday:

I have no idea when I swatch or wear the rest of the polishes I made, much less the ones I bought. It's nice knowing I have lots of fun to look forward to.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Great Lakes Lacquer Meets Alter Ego

Today I head to Canada for this year's Indie Expo Canada, which starts for me with the bonus polish making workshop tomorrow. It seemed fitting to share some polishes from brands I'll see at IEC.

I have two from Great Lakes Lacquer and two from Alter Ego.

Great Lakes Lacquer So Sweet and So Cold is a periwinkle shimmer with microflakies and holo. I used two coats for my swatch.

The holo does show up in sunlight:

Great Lakes Lacquer Love at Hyatt Regency is a blue shimmer and another two coater.

Here's the shimmer in direct light:

I spiced up Love at Hyatt Regency with two coats of Alter Ego Courtney's Frogspawn Coral, which is a glitter topper with lime holo hexes in a sheer blue shimmer base.

Alter Ego Generous Beauty is a turquoise shimmer with a scattered holo effect. I did three coats of it, though two slightly generous ones would probably have been fine.

In sunlight, the sparks of holo popped out:

One coat of Courtney's Frogspawn Coral over Generous Beauty added a touch of bling:

I haven't made a shopping list for this year's IEC yet, and if last year is any guide, I won't until the last minute, and then I'll get distracted by all the pretties on the vendor tables and end up with a mix of things on the list and stuff that's wasn't on the list but maybe should have been. So maybe I won't make a list at all (except for the one polish I'm picking up for a friend) and just let instinct be my guide.