Monday, October 18, 2021

Pop-arazzi Vacation Vibes

During my travels this summer to the land of CVS, I picked up some Pop-arazzi shades. Today I have the one holographic I chose from the Salon line (white caps). I only got one because a) I really should be on a permanent no buy given the size of my stash and b) I wasn't sure if the holo promise made by the bottle would translate to the nails. I selected Vacation Vibes, a royal blue holo shimmer that in the store lighting looked to lean a bit purple. This applied very nicely, no balding issues at all like holos can sometimes be prone to. I needed only two coats for full coverage. Under indirect light, there are just hints of rainbows showing, mosty in the the bottle.


Under direct room light, the rainbows come out of hiding more. For the $4.99 price tag on this, I was more than happy with the look.

In direct sunlight, this showed a pretty decent linear holo effect. I was impressed, especially given the price point.



I immediately wished I'd gotten the rest of the holo shades. If there were a CVS nearby, I'd probably already have run out and bought them, nevermind the fact I already have plenty of holos in my stash.