Friday, September 18, 2020

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Donut Shop Collection

I probably should have prefaced the title of this post with "Selections from", as I don't have the whole Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Donut Shop collection today. I have just two of the six shades, because four of them were cremes, and I'd rather save the $40 of my polish budget for something else. I do have the two glitters: Mixture Perfect and Sprinkle & Spice. The caps are printed with sprinkles (or jimmies, in some parts of the country), which I think is a nice touch.

Back when I bought these, Ulta had a gift with purchase, so I also got this tumbler with plastic sprinkles in between the cup and the liner.

Sprinkle & Spice has pink, pastel yellow, light orange, lime, and sky blue matte glitter in an iridescent purple-y pink shimmer base.

I tried to hold the cup for photos, but it's awkwardly shaped and wide, so that didn't work out.


Sprinkle & Spice is wearable on its own; my swatch is three coats plus clear topcoat, which I didn't really need as the glitter lays flat. There is a hint of visible nail line, which I don't mind in this case.

Sprinkle & Spice can be used as a topper, too. I grabbed some Sally Hansen cremes to represent the shades I didn't buy and laid them down as a base: Insta-Dri PiƱa Colada (yellow), Complete Salon Manicure Tie the Knot (beige), Complete Salon Manicure At First Blush (pink), and Insta-Dri Jade Jump (green). I then added one coat of Sprinkle & Spice (skipped the clear topcoat this time). The shimmer in Sprinkle & Spice softens the base colors; I thought it was most attractive over the beige and green.

Mixture Perfect has white, pink, pale yellow, sky blue, and coral matte bar glitters in a pink tinted transparent base.

I would not wear Mixture Perfect on its own. I swatched it alone so you can see how at two coats the base was still transparent.


I used the same base colors as above to see how Mixture Perfect looks layered. Definitely a strong frosted donut with sprinkles vibe here.

To play with these two just a bit more, I put on Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Cherry Cherry Bang Bang, a berry creme, then experimented. Left to right, Cherry Cherry Bang Bang: plus one coat of Sprinkle & Spice, plus one coat of Mixture Perfect, plus one coat each of Mixture Perfect and Sprinkle & Spice (in that order), plus one coat each of Sprinkle & Spice and Mixture Perfect. I was surprised at how much Sprinkle & Spice changes the darker base color; I liked the result a lot. Putting Mixture Perfect under Sprinkle & Spice softens the bar glitter some and helps it blend in better with the hexes.

I'm glad I picked up these two; I want to support fun limited edition polishes from mainstream brands, and these are that.