Monday, August 8, 2022

Essie Roll With It Collection

I can buy nail polish way faster than I can swatch it, which means bottles get stuck in my swatch boxes and eventually I have too many swatch boxes, so I go through them to move things to the "put on nail wheels" shelves. Sometimes I find things that catch my eye all over again so before they get moved, they get swatched, months and months (somtimes years?) after I bought them. Today's example: Essie's Roll With It Collection, which I believe was released for fall 2020 and which I bought in fall 2021. There are six shades, all shimmers with a scattering of holo microglitter: Sequin Scene, Roll With It, Let's Boogie, Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels.
Essie Roll With It collection
Essie Roll With It collection
These looked like two distinct trios to me, so I swatched them that way, starting with the more neutral hues: Let's Boogie (pewter-leaning silver), Roll With It (pinkish taupe-leaning silver), and Sequin Scene (brown-leaning orange). I did a sponge gradient with them on my index finger, then Let's Boogie on my middle, Roll With It on my ring, and Sequin Scene on my pinky. All of these were three coats for me.
Essie Let's Boogie, Roll With It, and Sequin Scene
The difference between the two silvers on the nails is more subtle than it is in the bottles. Roll With It is a touch cooler-toned and seems to have a slightly less dense shimmer base. I wish instead of one of these, they'd done a deeper grey, not quite charcoal. Or a teal.
Essie Let's Boogie, Roll With It, and Sequin Scene
I topcoated the gradient, and should have topcoated the other nails, as these do have a slightly gritty look without it. Still, the holo microglitter catches the light very nicely, distracting from what might be too much brushstrokey-ness otherwise for some of the shades.
Essie Let's Boogie, Roll With It, and Sequin Scene
Then I took the same approach with the more vibrant shades. A gradient on my index, then Whirl 'n' Twirl (blue) on my middle, Lace Up and Get Down (purple) on my ring, and Head Over Wheels (hot pink) on my pinky. Whirl 'n' Twirl was three coats and the others were two. Again, I added topcoat just to the gradient. I loved how these shades blended.
Essie Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels
Essie Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels
Lace Up & Get Down seemed to have the densest shimmer, with fewer holo bits showing color in it that the others, though a few did pop through at some angles.
Essie Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels
Essie Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels
The sun came out while I had this last trio on, so I hustled over to the window and was rewarded with this glowy-ness:
Essie Whirl 'n' Twirl, Lace Up & Get Down, and Head Over Wheels
If I had to choose just one of these (and at some point I might, as I cannot move into assisted living someday with thousands of bottles of nail polish), it'd be the blue, Lace Up & Get Down.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Wheel T15: Glitters from China Glaze (Mostly)

Hello, I'm back from a nearly two week road trip to Illinois for my mother-in-law's memorial service and related events (including two Cubs baseball games, as she was a big fan). Today for Nail Wheel Wednesday, I have an assortment of glitters from China Glaze. At least I thought they were all from China Glaze when I pulled them out, but one turned out to be a look alike bottle from Savina. It fit in so well I decided to keep it rather than look for another China Glaze to replace it. Some of the China Glaze have changed colors since I bought them; I tried to note that below but may not have caught all of them. Also, I wonder why I felt it necessary to get so many variations on the black bar glitter theme.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below) 1. China Glaze Chillin' with My Snow-mies (2 coats over tan) [base was originally clear but has yellowed, I had to fish for the bigger glitter pieces]
2. China Glaze Make a Spectacle (2 over half black)
3. China Glaze The Outer Edge (2 over tan)
4. China Glaze Don't Be a Snow-flake (2)
5. China Glaze Diamond in the Rough (2)
6. China Glaze Break the Ice (2)
7. China Glaze Goddess (2)
8. China Glaze Golden Seal (2)
9. China Glaze Glitter Me This (2 over black) [base seems to have yellowed to the point where the white glitters don't look quite as bright as they should anymore]
10. China Glaze Merry Whatever (2)
11. China Glaze Champagne Kisses (2) [this had thickened a lot and I'm not sure I got it back to original consistency with thinner I added]
12. China Glaze Do You, Boo (2)
13. China Glaze Boo-gie Down (2 over tan)
14. China Glaze Glitz'n Pieces (2)
15. China Glaze Razzle Me Dazzle Me (2)
16. China Glaze Get Carried Away (2) [I feel like this was always a mess of a polish, and the bleeding/fading the metallic glitter has done hasn't improved it any]
17. China Glaze Whirled Away (2 over tan) [base of this also yellowed but the white glitter still looks okay]
18. Savina Fantasy Files Black Mist (3)
19. Scattered & Tattered (2) [the glitters that now look pink were once red and have bled into the base]
20. Glitter Goblin (2)

Bottles 1 through 6:

7 through 11:

12 through 16:

17 through 20: