Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sally Hansen Creamy Olive and Siblings

I have so far demonstrated great restraint when faced with the new Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle display and only added one of the colors to my stash, a light sage green called Creamy Olive. I appreciate that they named it something that indicates what it looks like, but I also think "creamy" and "olive" do not belong next to each other, probably because I think food first when faced with the word "olive" and creamed olives just sounds yucky.

This polish isn't yucky; it applied smoothly and took only two coats. As often is the case this time of year, the bubbles you may notice are due to the conditions in which I applied it, not any problem with the polish itself. In my more ridiculous moments, I wonder if Mr. Karen would agree to let me air condition our little garden shed so I could do my swatching out there in the summer. A long extension cord, a window unit, and a saw would be all I'd need. Surely the acetone and other chemical fumes would keep down the spiders and insects that now rule that space.

I chose Creamy Olive from the display because it was the most unusual color of the bunch. What I didn't remember at the time I grabbed was that it's not so unusual in the wider world of recent polish releases. Without looking very hard at all, I found three possible dupes in my stash: Sinful Seaweed, OPI Stranger Tides, and Essie Da Bush.

All of these only needed two coats, so no difference there. In color, well, see for yourself:

Top to bottom: Creamy Olive, Seaweed, Stranger Tides, Da Bush.

There are subtle differences among these, the Essie being a touch more blue being the most noticeable. Seaweed and Creamy Olive are perhaps a tad darker than Stranger Tides, too, but not so you'd really notice unless you were staring hard at them in the right light. If I ever get around to paring down my stash, I'll probably keep the Essie, because that touch of blue makes it a bit more flattering on me, and the Sally Hansen, because I only need one of the less blue trio and I like that bottle the best of them, with its iridescent circles on the label.

When I went to put these bottles back after swatching, I discovered another lightish murky olive hiding in the Helmer: Revlon Moss, one of the minis from the two sets they released this past spring. Since I hadn't yet taken off the other greens, I put Moss on my thumb to see how it compared. Answer: it's darker. Not by much, though.


In other news, I got so many comments on the Graphite vs. Carbonite post that I was inspired to do my first impromptu giveaway. I'd bought an extra bottle of Carbonite thinking I'd make it part of a prize for some future contest but decided not to wait to send it on to a new home. I used to choose a number from 1 to the number of comments, and the winner was Megan from Kitschy Suburbia.


  1. I love all those greens. Boy, do you ever have a lot of nail polish!

  2. I also thought this would be an original green-until you showed the dupes! It's pretty anyway-and I hope you meant a saw horse-not a saw! I would hate to think of you in a hot shed with a saw! Don't do it KarenD! HAHAHA!

  3. jaljen, too much polish, some say. :) At some point I'll shrink my stash again like I've done before but when I've no idea.

    Fingers, nope, a saw--to cut a hole in the wall for the air conditioner. (I forgot no one who reads this has seen my little shed with no windows.)

  4. Love the greens. It's amazing that you have so many similar colors! I love comparisons & yours are among my favorites:)

    Ps. Great idea on the giveaway:) And congrats to the lucky winner!

  5. I like how this colour looks on you, but I don't think I would like it on myself!
    And wow that's a lot of dupes for it!

  6. I think you've put me off olives for a while...creamed olives = yucky indeed! And I just bought some garlic stuffed olives on the weekend that I haven't cracked open! Garlic + olives = yummy! (to me anyway!!)

    I passed on these but it was nice to see the swatches!

  7. Hi. I was able to add date to the posts already:)
    I like this greens and I don't have any green like the ones you showed.

  8. Great comp!
    Congrats giveaway winner!!!!

  9. Creamy Olive looks so smooth, clean, and elegant on your nails! I'm a huge fan of this colour since I also love OPI Stranger Tides.
    - Mary

  10. I have to admit that the name turns me off but the color is rather pretty. I can see it as a base color for nail art. I didn't realize there were so many other pale sage green-ish colors out there! Good to know.

    And YAY!!! You made my day with that Congrats email. :)

  11. Wow that polish is nice looking:) Then when compared with the rest its still so pretty but I really like the Stranger tides one, soooo pretty!

  12. YAY Megan!!! Awesome giveaway!

    I have been wanting this color since I first saw this display BUT knew it was close to Stranger Tides. Now I guess I really don't need it but for some reason I still want it. :/ I like greens...a lot!

  13. I haven't been compelled to buy any of those Sally Hansen's, but this one is pretty. I don't have anything else like that in my collection. Thanks for comparing the other polishes too- I always think that's so interesting. :)

  14. Thanks for the comparison! I have Seaweed so I think I'm good. A great color!

  15. Nice comparison. They do look very similar. However, you can tell a difference when you put them side by side.

  16. Yea, Megan!!!

    I like the color too. And yes, that is excellent resolve to only get one from that display. There are a lot there!

    There is this side at an English Pub we like to eat at. They have 'Mashed Peas'. I love it but my hubs says it looks like baby food. When you mentioned Creamy Olive, it made me think of Mashed Peas.

  17. despite the slightly odd name creamy olive is quite pretty!

  18. As always, your comparisons are very helpful!

    This shade is something my mother would love. She's into earth tones lately. I haven't seen that collection from Sally Hansen here. I'll watch out for that. :)

  19. Wow those really are super similar... but still great greens! How many polishes are in your collection these days anyway?


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