Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wheel Y1: Blue Shimmers

More cool blues for a hot summer day on this Nail Wheel Wednesday.

Nail wheel

1. GOSH Blue Monday (3 coats)
2. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear unknown (2)
3. BSN Summer Sky (3)
4. OPI Blue My Mind (3)
5. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Hip Hop Frost (3)
6. L'Oreal Blue Metal (3)
7. Crayola Blueberry (2)
8. Maybelline Express Finish Denim Dash (3)
9. Maybelline Express Finish Blue Riders (2)
10. Maybelline Express Finish Matte Sapphire (3)
11. L'Oreal Jet Set Jet (1)
12. Maybelline Colorama Blueberry Surprise (2)
13. OPI Russian Navy Suede (2)
14. China Glaze Blue Paradise (2)
15. Sephora by OPI Opening Night (1)
16. Wet 'n' Wild Wild Shine Sapphire Blue (2)
17. OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue (2) [my favorite blue
18. Sally Hansen Insta Dri Co-Bolt Blue (2)
19. Ulta Blue for You (2)
20. Essie Midnight Cami (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel

Nail wheel


  1. So many blues, so few nails to polish! I like these! May have to get your fave OPI yoga ta blue

  2. Oh how I love blues. Not a single one I don't like.

  3. This is my favorite wheel for sure, hands down. Love the matte sapphire!

  4. I wish I had as many blues as you! I've got a strange weakness towards blues and teals. :D

  5. I keep meaning to pick up Yoga-ta Get This Blue, but for some reason I just haven't yet, lol! This is a great blue comparison, thanks for posting!

  6. Who could have thought there'd be so many different shades of blue? Love them all, especially the old matte sapphire!

  7. 10 and 13 are just so beautiful looking, want! lol:) I think blue is the colour i have the most of...or did...i think its pink now :D

  8. I love your colour wheels, makes me so jealous of your nail polish collection!!

  9. Lovely blues! I have one of the Maybelline matte's also. I thought they were named wrong or something because the color doesn't match the name.

  10. I have the gosh one blue Mondays is such a pretty colour:) anyway I like all the blues specially the shimmer ones.


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