Monday, February 11, 2013

Revlon Top Speed Superstitious and Celestial FX

When it came time to try some of the new Top Speed colors that Revlon has recently released, I started with Superstitious, a medium royal blue creme. I have a soft spot for blues like this, as I have good memories of high school (I met Mr. Karen there, after all) and our colors were blue and whitte. The swatches are two coats, which went on smoothly and dried fairly shiny without any topcoat needed.

I topped Superstitious with Celestial FX, a glitter top coat with silver holographic stars, crescent moons, and diamonds along with similarly colored small glitters in a clear base.

Celestial FX is pretty but not especially well behaved. It required me to fish for the big glitter shapes and even with a layer of topcoat, they stuck up more than I'd like.

I think Superstition is a good basic blue; I can see it working nicely on its own as well as in a supporting role as a base color under lots of different glitters and shimmers. Celestial FX is more of a special occasion polish, requiring more fussing but paying off with a great visual impact.


  1. I just picked up the Celestial Revlon polish the other week. Haven't used it yet, but I used another polish with the star and moon glitters and those things kept getting snagged on everything! I wish the glitters were a little bendier so they fit to the nail better.

  2. Oooooooh.... I was going to pick up the Celestial FX, but I don't know if I like the glitters poking up like that. It is pretty, but.... meh. Thanks for saving me some money! lol

  3. I love the blue and that glitter is stunning... but it seems a little annoying with the shapes all sticking out like that! Still sweet though =]

  4. I love that blue - and that glitter is gorgeous - very lovely layering!

  5. hey Karen :) I've been reading for a couple months, and you have reignited my nail polish obsession. I'm having a terrible problem with my nails peeling, though, and I've done a few web searches, but can't figure out what I need to do to stop it...other than lay off the polish until the peeling grows out. I'm using an acetone remover, I try to change my polish only once a week, am filing in one direction, moisturize several times a day and use cuticle oil every evening. Still, the peeling is unreal. No polish for the last week and things have slowed down, using a buffer every couple of days to smooth things out, keeping things trimmed down, but wah... I want to have pretty nails again. Halp.

    1. Vonnie, sorry for the long delay in replying. I wish I had some good ideas for you--it sounds like you're already doing most of the stuff I try to do myself to battle my own peelies. This time of year is tough on nails with the lower humidity, for sure. You might try experimenting with different treatment base coats--some people's nails respond well to protein treatments, some don't, etc. I've had good luck in the past with Orly Nail Defense.

  6. Revlon Top Speed Superstitious is a beautiful shade of blue, I think I would finish it very quickly! :-)

  7. I love this shade of blue. Eek I would be annoyed of the glitters sticking up lol

  8. Thank you for your review!
    I haven't bought a bottle of nail polish in years, trying to come off of it (animal testing, all the toxins, etc.). Celestial FX almost made me go weak but now I understand it's not all that razzle dazzle (kinda thought so).
    Thank you for helping me staying strong! :D


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