Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sampler from Shimmer Polish

A while back, the creator of Shimmer Polish, an indie brand specializing in dense shimmery glitter mixes, asked if I'd like to sample some of her colors. Of course I love glitter, and I'd put one of Shimmer's colors on my wish list months ago, so I said yes. A few days after that, a package with these lovelies arrived (shown from the back so you can see all the lovely glitter better):

Left to right above, that's Jennifer, Lorene, Liana, Jasmine, and Natalie.

Jennifer is described in the Shimmer Polish shop as being soft blue and periwinkle, but a close look at the bottle reveals so much more in the mix. I see lilac and aqua and gold and bronze and rose, too.

Because these are so glitter-packed, I swatched them without any base color, just three coats of the Shimmer Polish plus a layer of topcoat (though they are not especially bumpy without topcoat). Using them by themselves gave me a chance to really admire the color mixes. I also admired the little three dimensional hearts on the labels; each bottle had a different color, which makes me wonder how many there are all together across the line. The amount of bling involved in these polishes is impressive; my camera got a bit overwhelmed by it at times and was unable to focus how I'd like (okay, maybe that was my fault for not knowing all the features, but these are still pretty slightly blurred). Here's Jennifer:

The dominant color in Lorene is a deep juicy berry pink; there are accents of blues and greens and gold and orange.

Most of my low light photos this particular day weren't too great, but I just can't resist including this one of Lorene—look at all those pops of color!

Liana is mostly deep blue with accents of royal blue and other colors. I'm pretty sure there's some holo glitter in here, too.

Jasmine is primarily turquoise and sea green; this has pops of warmer colors as well.

Natalie is blue and copper with, of course, other accent colors.

While I would definitely wear these on their own as a full mani, you know I love layering, so I had to try it with Natalie. I put on one coat of Orly Color Blast Extreme Marine, a very deep navy shimmer, and topped it with just one coat of Natalie (no topcoat, so you can see how well behaved the glitter is as far as laying flat). This looked so good I was tempted to just spend the rest of the night playing with all the combinations I could think of, but alas I had to put that off for another time since things like sleeping so I can be somewhat alert at work are rather important.

You can get these glitters at the Shimmer Polish etsy store; they're $12 per .5 fl. oz. (15 ml) bottle. There's one named Karen, so I'll be buying that for sure. You can see more swatches on the Shimmer Polish blog and Facebook page.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Lovely swatches. I just got a bunch of polishes from her too and I am loving them!

  2. Hi Karen! Thank u for swatching these!! I have had on my wish list Shimmer Polishes forever! Now that I finally started shopping for indie polishes I will definitely order some (Natalie for sure!) but that'll have to be next month cause I went overboard this one!!!

  3. All of these glitters look divine! And your swatches are amazing, as usual =)

  4. wow, those are really shimmery polishes, love them :D

  5. So much glitter in one post - they all look fabulous!

  6. Wow so much bling! I love Jasmine, reminds me of Princess Jasmine :) I would love to see Karen!

  7. I love polishes so much - and her glitters always "behave" so nicely - and drytime is good - lovely swatches as always, Karen!

  8. I'm pretty sure that I want all of the Shimmer polishes... they are all amazing!

  9. Jasmine and Natalie are incredible, I love them!

  10. These are gorgeous! Liana is my favorite from them!

  11. i love sparkles. i haven't tried any polishes from shimmer yet but they will def be going on my wishlist.

  12. Definitely Liana for me, please, it is beautiful! :-)


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