Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wheel Q4: Grey to Black Shimmers

Every week, I click around my image folders to choose the next Nail Wheel Wednesday. I could just post them in the order I paint them, but since I often get on a roll and swatch three or four or five similar wheels in a row that would mean less variety week to week and that's no good for me. But freeing myself from doing them in order means I can post any one of the wheels I've got waiting, so I'm tempted to look at them all, and that can take a while because I get distracted by the pretty colors. So I've decided for now that I will post roughly in rainbow order, with neutrals and multis inserted after violet. Since I did purples last week, it's neutrals this week, and the first neutral wheel I clicked on in my file perusal was this group of grey and black shimmers.

1. Sweet Georgia Brown Spun Sugar (3 coats) [grey sugar? yuck]
2. Barielle Out-grey-geous (3) [I love the flecks of gold in this]
3. Ciate Paint Pots Velvet Tuxedo (2)
4. Zoya Freja (3) [could have stopped at two coats, probably]
5. Cover Girl NailSlicks Midnight Metal (3)
6. OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyreness Suede (2)
7. Sephora by OPI Shiny Dancer (3)
8. OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (3)
9. China Glaze Jitterbug (3)
10. Sinful Secret Admirer (2)
11. Finger Paints Winter's Wishes (3)
12. Milani 2.0 (3)
13. Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconoclast (2) [can you say subtle shimmer?]
14. Revlon Top Speed Black Star (2) [more subtlety]
15. Borghese Tempesta Black (2)
16. Borgehse Notte Black (3) [sill more subtlety]
17. Orly Iron Butterfly (2) [love!]
18. Maybelline Matte Grey
19. Zoya Loredana (2)
20. Zoya Dovima (2) [such a great texture; I wish I'd bought all the Zoya mattes when they were available]

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

We'll just have to see how long I manage to stick to this new rainbow posting order before getting distracted by some other idea. It's worth a try, though, since any time I save pondering which wheel to pick frees up time to ponder other things, like which polishes to swatch.


  1. I love these type of post. It gives me an idea of what to choose for ombre nails. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I especially like the shimmery ones. And I find it amazing that you can make a matte shimmer :)

  3. your collection never stop to amaze me,,

  4. You have a lot of greys, I'm not really a grey person, but have of course a few - you actually have several that are appealing to me :)

  5. Gray nail polishes :D I love them !

  6. I love tall the colors... SOo pretty!

  7. Before I started collecting polish, I never would have chosen any of these! My mind has been opened and now I would get all of them! I love the black shimmers the most!

  8. Dovima is my favourite Zoya. I don't own any but if I could only have one, that would be it. *drool*

    I've seen countless posts like these from you ... just how many polishes do you have?! I keep mine organized in an Excel Spreadsheet - I'm slightly obsessed with keeping track of them all.

    1. A Polished Touch, I have a spreadsheet, too--I just try not to look at how many rows it has in it. Let's just say it's more than a thousand and less than a million. :)

    2. *grins* Ignorance is bliss, huh? ;)

  9. KarenD's 20 Shades of Gray....!

  10. i really love all of them! its hard to pick which one i love more

  11. These are beautiful! I love greys!

  12. I love greys :-) it's amazing to see so many gradation of a shade in your wheels. About this one, I just own Orly Iron Butterfly...BTW those last two Zoyas are so pretty :-)

  13. I love your color wheel posts! Not only because it's so cool seeing all the different shades and being able to compare, but also because your wheels are so freaking cool looking!!!

    I need to track down Orly Iron Butterfly now, so pretty! Have you tried ManGlaze Fuggen Ugly and Matte is Murder? They're two of my favorites. MiM matte is so great but when you put a topcoat on it the little holo sparkles come out and it's just over the top.

    1. Jen, I haven't tried any ManGlaze at all, surprising as that sounds. :)

  14. I like the matte ones the most <3

  15. Quite amazing!! I love this range, suddenly I need more!!

  16. this is exactly my cup of tea, blaks and greys are my colors *.*
    i don't have a favorite here, i love them all :-D

  17. They're all so pretty! I especially love Suzi Skis in the Pyreness Suede! ^.^


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