Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Revlon Fiery Temptress Polishes for Fall 2015

My recent display post included the latest Revlon display, the Fiery Temptress color collection. Most of the products in it are face cosmetics, but there are two polishes nestled in the center, Uninhibited and Untamed. Initially I passed on these, since they aren't really my colors (and I'm sorta kinda trying to be in low buy mode and sometimes succeeding at that). But as you can see, I did succumb and pick them up. There are only two colors, so I didn't have to leave any behind, which appeals to the completist in me, and they're both shimmers that looked interesting in the bottle, so easier to justify than getting yet more creme shades.

Uninhibited is a multi-tonal orange shimmer with pink highlights.

Orange is my second least favorite polish color, but I liked Uninhibited. It went on in two easy coats, and the shimmer had a sparkly, almost metallic looking finish in indirect light. The finish was easily the equal of my favorite Zoya shimmers, but I paid half as much for the Revlon.

When I put Uninhibited in the sunlight coming through the window, the pink highlights popped along with some lighter orange ones. So pretty!

Untamed looks like a straightforward brown shimmer at first glance, but close up you see it's more complex, with purple flecks and gold microflakies in the deep brown base. In the bottle, it looks like it might have a duochrome shift, but we all know that doesn't always translate to the nail.

Untamed is pigmented enough that one slightly thick coat gave full coverage, and one coat was all it took for me to fall in love. This is my new favorite polish! The beauty in the bottle does translate onto the nail, with the subtle gold/purple shift floating over the rich brown base.

I was so enamored with this I added a second coat just so I could wear it longer before moving on to the next polish in my swatching session queue. That extra coat made the color even richer looking.

In the sunlight streaming through my window, Untamed showed its deep brown side. It was pretty, but not as interesting to me as its indoor indirect shiftiness. I love a polish that doesn't need sun to shine, since I spend most of my time indoors.

Even in sunlit brown mode, Untamed did show some pops of color, which I could only capture on camera by unfocusing.

To further delay having to take off Untamed, I added topcoat and took a few more photos.

So yeah, I really like these new Revlon shades for fall, especially Untamed. They're a great value, too.


  1. Untamed is beautiful! I've been on a no-buy lately (I'm not a collector or anything, just have way too much polish for my average polish needs, lol), but I may have to seek out that one! I don't have anything like it.

  2. OMG... these are gorgeous! *keeping my fingers crossed they appear in a store close to me soon*

  3. They really are beautiful for fall both of them!

  4. I love them both! Can´t wait to have them in my collection

  5. I really like that orange! And the finish of the brown is really pretty too :)

  6. I passed on these and now you make me want them!


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