Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wheel O9: SinfulColors Glitters

I am planning to do a haul post from IEC, but right now, I have a group of SinfulColors glitters that's been patiently waiting for its moment in the Nail Wheel Wednesday spotlight while I've been gallivanting around two countries.

1. SinfulColors Late Night Haute (3 coats, black base on half the nail tip)
2. SinfulColors Sapphired Up (3) [bigger pieces of glitter got stuck in bottle for this one, and next three]
3. SinfulColors Don't Flake (3)
4. SinfulColors Tear It Up (3)
5. SinfulColors Couture for Sure (3)
6. SinfulColors Lively in Lilac (3)
7. SinfulColors Decadent (3)
8. SinfulColors Walk the Walk (3)
9. SinfulColors Piece Out Pink (3)
10. SinfulColors Pink Ansen (2 over half black)
11. SinfulColors Kandee Pink (2 over half black)
12. SinfulColors Night Owl (2 over half black)
13. SinfulColors Full Spectrum (3)
14. SinfulColors Gilded (3)
15. SinfulColors Black Magic (3)
16. SinfulColors Gold a la Mode (2)
17. SinfulColors Strike a Pose (3)
18. SinfulColors Silver Shivers (3)
19. SinfulColors Play Dead (2)
20. SinfulColors Diamonds Are Forever (3)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 11:

12 through 15:

16 through 20:


  1. #11 is my favourite, but I like all of them :).
    My fiance is now on a business trip in USA and in some shop (I think Walgreens it was called, but I'm not sure) he found Sinful Colors display and made a photo of the display for me, so I picked some polishes :). I'm very happy because we don't have Sinful Colors in Germany and in Ukraine :)

  2. so many pretty glitters, it's impossible for me to pick a favourite! :D

  3. I was already muttering about the total lack of Sinful Colors around here (the one store that sold them over here is closed) but after first seeing number 6 and after that the various flakies I've decided my husband just has to get a paper route... I want a vacation in the US!! ;)


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