Friday, April 30, 2010

Lilac Comparison

I found the notes I'd misplaced yesterday. You can see why I needed them; Essie Lilacism (Art of Spring collection) and Revlon Gum Drop (Scents of Summer) are pretty much indistinguishable on the nail:

Nail polish with Essie bottle

Top to bottom: Revlon, Essie, Revlon, Essie

Just in case the bottle influenced the appearance, I tried it with the Revlon in hand; same result:

Nail polish with Revlon bottle

The two major differences between these polishes: the Revlon took four coats to look the same as three for the Essie, and the Revlon smells like candy when it's dry. I am still undecided on whether I like having nails that smell.


  1. Yup the Revlon is a four coater. :)
    I don't have the Essie.
    Lovely nails. :)
    Following you,

  2. Nice comparison!!

    Susie shared your blog :) Glad I found it through her!!


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