Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Second Contest Results

WnW candy polish

Last night I drew names for my Wet 'n' Wild 100 followers giveaway, which ended up turning into my 200 followers giveaway, thus I'm awarding two prizes (while I was on vacation I did find the last color I needed to complete the second set, so both winners will get all new polish). The winners are:

Li Lian of  nails nails nails


kate espinoza (who doesn't have a blog, as far as I know)

I've already heard back from the e-mail I sent Li; kate, message me in the next week, please.

I've already been gathering prizes for my next giveaway; right now I'm thinking of summertime blues theme, but something else sparkly may capture my imagination in the meantime.


As part of the contest, I asked for suggestions to improve this blog, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to add their thoughts on the subject. The most common suggestion was spicing up my layout: adding a header image, background colors, etc. When I get a bit more caught up from vacation, I plan to explore some ideas in that area. I'm a big fan of white space and clean designs so I don't expect I'll be blinging it up too much, but right now it's a bit too plain even for me. Comparisons got the second highest number of mentions, so I'll be continuing those—just as soon as I get some time to sit down and swatch. If there are any particular polishes or color familys you'd like to see comparisons for, let me know in the comments. Nail art took third place; that should be interesting, as I've done so little of it you'll get to see me learn as I go. The only other big vote getter was stash, so I'll be snapping some photos of my Helmers soon. I'm leaning toward reorganizing them and was going to wait until I did that, but given how I tend to procrastinate on things like that, I figured I should just go ahead and show them as they are—then when I do get them re-sorted, I can share them again. I'll likely also be acting on some of the other suggestions; thanks again to everyone who shared them.


  1. Congrats to the winners!! Very sweet of you to select two winners!:)

  2. Congrats to both of the lucky winners! =)

  3. Hey Twister, if you come back and see this--I can't seem to leave comments on your blog. I've tried IE and Firefox and no luck--never get the comment box. Is it just me?


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