Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet and Stylish

You nailed it! was kind enough to tag me with the Sweet Blog award a few days ago.

Sweet Blog Badge

A few days before that, Amused Polish tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award.

Stylish Blogger Badge

Thanks so much, ladies! I'm sorry about the delay in acknowledging these; it seems to take me longer to catch up from being gone on vacation than the amount of time I was gone in the first place.

Since I was fortunate to receive the Sweet Blog award once before (people who have seen my cranky side are no doubt chuckling to themselves about that), I'm not going to pass that one along this time.

The Stylish award has these guidelines: list 5 random things about yourself and pass this award onto 5 other bloggers. I'm all for talking about myself (obviously, since I have both this blog and an online journal) and sharing blogs I like, so will not resist this opportunity.

5 things about me:
—I have an accounting degree but work as a computer programmer. There's no way I'd pass the interview process for my job now, but when I started the company was very small and they took more chances. I didn't realize what a big experiment hiring me was until my first review, when my boss told me he hadn't been at all sure I would be able to turn myself into a programmer. Eleven years later, I'm still here, so looks like I did it.

—When I was a child, at various times I wanted to be a ballerina, veterinarian, or truck driver when I grew up. I got too tall and heavy to be a dancer, decided I was too emotional to be a vet, and found out that driving is not as much fun as I thought it would be before I was allowed to do it.

—I've been married longer than some of the readers of this blog have been alive; it'll be 24 years in October.

—I will not be one of those people who gets bored in retirement; I've always had many projects and hobbies outside of work. My top three right now (besides nail polish!) are: knitting, quilting, and downhill skiing.

—A hobby I haven't had time for in recent years is making elaborate Halloween costumes. Here I am in 1999 as Snow White (this was pre-digital camera days, so this is a scan):

Snow White costume

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  1. wow 24 years married.. ! You look so young to be married 24 years.. lol
    congrats! Yeah I'm trying to change my job/title too.. something like graphic designer/webmaster something or other..but it's hard to change now without 'credentials' boo...

  2. Nice to get to know you. :)
    I love the Snow White costume. Did you make a Prince Charming one for your husband?

  3. Thanks for the award, and that's really sweet of you to say! :)

    The costume looks good!

  4. pretty, thanks and good luck with your career move!

    Kimberly, if I recall correctly, the year I was Snow White, my husband was a dinosaur, so we were not exactly a conventional couple! The year we went as cans of New Coke and Coca Cola Classic was probably our best coordination ever.

    Shiny!, you're welcome!

  5. Loving the Snow White costume! :)


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