Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Harvest Giveaway

I was going to wait until I reached 1500 followers to do my next multi-prize giveaway, but looking through my giveaways box, I found some things that really would be best to get into other people's hands before Halloween, so I decided there was no time like the present. There are seven prizes this time, all appropriate for the season (in my neck of the woods, anyway).

Prize #1: Ulta Glam Goth Minis
This is a set of mini polishes from the Ulta Professional line, with five colors: Black Lace (deep grey creme), Tainted Love (deep green shimmer), For Bitten (deep red shimmer), After Hours (deep blue-leaning purple shimmer), and Underground (very deep blue black shimmer). This was a limited edition that Ulta released in 2010 (I want to say at the beginning of summer that year, though nothing about these colors says summer to me). You can see swatches of these at squared nails.

Prize #2: Ulta Ghoul's Best Friend Minis
This is a set of even mini-er polishes from the Ulta Salon line. Four colors here: Witchful Thinking (black creme), Ghoul's Night Out (glow in the dark), Hocus Pocus (purple creme), Orange You Afraid (orange creme). I bought this one last year, but I saw a very similar (maybe even the same) set at my Ulta just last week.

Prize #3: Studio M Fall Colors
All of last year's fall collection. I swatched them when they first came out, but like to think they're timeless colors the winner can enjoy this fall, too. Nine colors: Decidedly Devious, Get the Blues, Lost in the Forrest, Not So Subtle, Reddy for Action, Sophisticated Lad, Wicked Hot, Hearts on Fire, Plum Perfection.

Prize #4: China Glaze Glitters
From last Halloween, when China Glaze was more interested in catering to my glitter fetish than they were this year: These are from last year, too, but I still like these Halloween glitters a lot. Set includes: Zombie Zest (swampy green), Mummy May I (bright purple), and Ick a Body (orange).

Prize #5: Revlon Inspired by Chanel
Revlon's been doing a great job at bringing Chanel-esque colors to market at an affordable price point. Here are three of their recent offerings: Black with Envy (I compared to Black Pearl here), Perplex (versus Paradoxal here), and Carbonite (versus Graphite here).

Prize #6: Pumpkins
There had to be pumpkin polishes in a Halloween giveaway! This set of six is a mix of current and prior year colors: silver and black glitter, orange and black string glitter, purple black light, glow in the dark micro glitter, black creme, and white creme.

Prize #7: Sally Hansen Skull and Crossbones Strips
This is the limited edition Numbskull design released this fall.

To enter, fill out the form below, indicating your first, second, and third choice for which prize you'd like to win. If you link to this entry on your blog or Twitter or some other public space on the internet, your name will get put in the virtual hat at an additional time. I'll also be adding an extra chance for regular commenters here (I know who you are, and I appreciate every one of you). International entries are welcome. I'll be closing the contest at midnight in the Eastern U.S. time zone on October 10, 2011. Good luck, and thanks for reading!