Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oopsie Daisies Planetside 2 Collection

Today I've got some more glitters from Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish. (You may remember the yummy dessert-themed ones I shared earlier this month.) This new collection was inspired by Planetside 2, which I understand is an online game. My understanding stops there, so let's just enjoy the pretties.

First up is Soldier of Fashion, a blue jelly with blue and yellow glitter (the yellow looks lime green sometimes due to the blue base). This is four thin coats; no topcoat because it didn't seem very bumpy:

Here's an in-progress shot showing one thin coat on the left building to four on the right:

You know I couldn't resist layering this. I put on Orly Shockwave with an accent finger of China Glaze Westside Warrior and then added two coats of Soldier of Fashion. I left a little slice of the cremes uncovered at the base of my nail so you can see how Soldier of Fashion affects the colors.

Next up is Cosmic Ruins, a black jelly with glitter that's mostly silver, grey, and white, with accents of red and lilac and a couple/few other colors, too. It also has a touch of shimmer in it. My description is making it sound much busier than it is. Here's three coats plus topcoat:

For my layering experiment with Cosmic Ruins, I started with a silver foil (Studio M Sleigh Bells), added two coats of the Oopsie Daisies, then finished with wide French tips in black and topcoat.

Tyranny is also a black jelly base, but unlike the mix of colors in Cosmic Ruins, it has just one color of glitter, red, in many sizes. I used four thin coats plus topcoat for an extra squishy look.

I tried two coats of Tyranny over a black creme base, with an accent nail of Cosmic Ruins over that same black base.

Last, but definitely not least, we have Cultist Chic, a purple jelly with purple, teal blue, and white glitter as well as a dollop of shimmer. Here's three coats plus topcoat:

Here's two coats of Cultist Chic layered over OPI Funky Dunkey; mmm, purple goodness:

These can all be worn on their own, though I am most interested in layering them because I can think of so many combinations I want to try to take take advantage of their jelly-ness. Cultist Chic is my favorite, since I love purple, followed closely by Cosmic Ruins, because it has such an interesting mix of glitters.

All four of these were in stock at the Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish etsy shop last I checked, priced at $8 for each 15ml bottle. Edited to add that she's got a 10% off code going on now: HALLOWEENHARVEST is the magical phrase to put in.

The Oopsie Daisies polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the polishes for my own use.


  1. Oh wow, I really like these! Especially the first 2!

  2. Oooooh I love them all, especially Cultist Chic! I need to check out this brand =)

  3. I love the name Oopsie Daisies - and even if I'm not too fond of sheer jellies I love Cultist Chic and Tyranny!

  4. Hi Karen. The first colour reminds me a lot essence blue addicted :)

  5. Tyranny and Cultistic Chic are my fav here but maybe I liked the first you showed better (the dessert-inspired ones)!

  6. I really like these, the jellies always intrigue me!

  7. I wish I understood my glitter needs-because these are awful to me, however I just ordered a white base with rainbow glitter. Maybe I'm just nuts!

  8. I love these and I dont usually like sheers! I love how you layered with the black french tips.

  9. Very interesting colour variations, they look so pretty on your nails. Perfect for layering indeed ^_^

  10. I'm wearing Tyranny right now, I love this one!

  11. I love the base of Soldier of Fashion! It is beautiful on its own and over blue!

  12. omg These are all so amazing!! *dies* I especially love the square glitters. :)


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