Friday, September 21, 2012

Pre-Halloween Displays

When I did my last display post only a week ago, I lamented that I had still more displays to share, many of them Halloween. Going through my display photos folder today, I see that I have enough non-holiday displays to make a very long post all by themselves. So I've save the holiday ones for next week, since there may be a few more that pop up between now and then.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is not a holiday as far as I'm concerned, so I'll start with the pink stuff that's started showing up at Ulta. OPI has a Pink of Hearts 2012 two-pack, with You Glitter Be Good to Me and I Think in Pink (described as "sheer" in the display card).

Essie has a display called We're in It Together. I've seen this a few times, in a couple different sizes, and the pinks are never the same assortment. There seem to be four pinks all together: I Am Strong (darker), Good Morning Hope (lighter), We're In It Together (lighter), and Check-Up (darker).

Orly has three pink glitters (which come with a pink ribbon charm): Embrace, You Are Not Alone, and Be Brave.

Orly has released some non-pink glitters, too, more of the Flash Glam FX range. I've seen these at Sally Beauty as well as Ulta. Left to right: Atomic Splash, So Go-Diva, Too Fab, Watch It Glitter, Rockets Red Glare, and Liquid Vinyl (not new and not a glitter, obviously).

In non-glitter Orly news, there's the Fired Up collection, a range of warm colors. Left to right: Glow, Flare, Flicker, Ignite, Smolder, Rapture. I've only seen this at Ulta so far.

Ulta had Zoya fall displays out, both Designer/Diva and Gloss. I won't take the time to list the colors since I did that when I swatched them (Designer and Diva, Gloss).

Also at Ulta, evidence that Piggy Polish continues to keep an eye on what's going on the nail world: a Marbled Nails Kit. This has instructions for water marbled nails, three colors of polish plus white, a jar, an orange stick, and an a clean up tool. Wondering what kit they'll follow this up with; they've done newsprint nails already, so maybe glitter gradient nails?

Sally Beauty had the China Glaze Magnetix II that I'd previously only seen at the beauty supply store out west when I was visiting. This particular display was sold out of some of the colors already.

Also at Sally's from China Glaze: Real Nail Polish Appliqués.

Apparently the Nina Ultra Pro line that Sally's carries has been relaunched with a new bottle, handle, and brush.

Along the side of the Nina display was this card showing how to do a "scalloped tip", which reminded me quite a lot of the clouds that Nailside does. They do seems to have used Nina colors and done their own illustrations, so that's good.

Moving on to non-beauty specific stores, let's head to Target now. There was something interesting in the core display of Nicole by OPI: If the Blue Fits, the one color of the five new Target exclusives that I hadn't seen at retail before. It was tucked in between You're S-Teal the One and Nicole's Nickel. (It's the third bottle from the right below.)

On a endcap at Target, there were Sally Hansen Salon Effects and Complete Salon Manicure, some of which were labeled as Target Exclusive.

The exclusive Salon Effects were different colors of snakeskin: Queen Cobra (brown), Snake Charmer (grey), Venom Vixen (red), Hisss-terical (green).

There were seven exclusive Complete Salon Manicure shades: Gilded Lily, Blue Rose, Ivory Skull, Onyx, Ion, Pumice, and Bandage.

I've seen a limited edition display of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength at Meijer, CVS, and Rite Aid. It's eight colors, and looks more like a spring/summer collection than fall, but here it is. Left to right: Sparkling Rosé, Crystal Beading, Blue Frosting, Moonlit Dance, TWist of Lime, Ruby Ring, Tender Teal, and All Aglow.

The other new thing I've seen from Sally Hansen recently is the Lustre Shine display (yet another line/bottle shape from them). I've spotted these at several Meijer and Walgreens stores, and every single display I've come across has had only six of the eight colors I've heard are supposed to be in this line. Even when the displays are nearly full, there are only six colors. I can only imagine that they haven't shipped two of the colors yet, because I can't believe that someone is getting to stores before me, buying out two of the colors, then the clerks are refilling the displays with backstock before I arrive. Anyway, the six colors here are Moonstone (first two slots), Firefly, Plume, Lava, Scarab, and Copperhead (two slots). It's always those six colors, though which ones get two slots varies from store to store. The two missing colors seem to be Azule (there's a pic of that one in this Sally Hansen tweet; though maybe it's called Azure, as that's what I saw on Nouveau Cheap) and a blue-ish purple, which shows on the model's hand in the display but is nowhere to be seen in stores or online that I've been able to find.

The Studio M fall collection, available at Meijer, is called Set a New Mood. These looked like mostly core colors and re-promotes to me, some with new names than they had the last time around. Top row: Orange Hot, Happy Hunter, Punch Drunk Red, Wine Cooler, Cold Metal, Blue-Topia, Snow Pixie, Drama Queen. Bottom row: Darkest Black, Rad Nomad, Magnetism, Vintage Vamp, Red-ical Gypsy, Purple Medallion, Orange Hot (again), Darkest Black (also again; maybe I should have saved this for the Halloween displays).

Meijer had a Sinful Colors display called Muse that had some colors we've seen before and some I didn't recognize. Left to right: Inkwell, Muse, Rain Storm, Mesmerize, Jungle Trail, Smokin, In the Mist, Last Chance.

The Sinful Colors Enchanted display at Rite Aid had a lot of overlap with Muse. Left to right: Rain Storm, Muse, Inkwell, Last Chance, In the Mist, Mesmerize, Jungle Trail.

Both Meijer and Rite Aid had the Sinfully Magnetic display, Sinful Colors' foray into magnetic polish. Left to right: Captivate Me, Stuck on You (two slots), Charge it Up, It's Electric, Force Field, Polar Opposites, Magnetism.

As I make my rounds, I keep an eye out for stores that haven't pulled the Sinful Colors pamphlets with the stolen images. So far I've only found one display that still had some, so I took them all. Every display I've run across recently has had stickers over the stolen images on the displays themselves, though it looks like some stores got the wrong size replacements and just did the best they could:

I'd still like to hear from the bloggers involved that Sinful has made things right with them, but the way legal settlements often work, they may never be able to come out and say that directly. I still feel iffy about Sinful as a brand, as they haven't made any public statements (their website is under construction, too, which makes it seem like they're hiding out), but since something was done about the situation rather than nothing, I'm okay with sharing photos and swatches of their products again.

Moving on to other brands, NYC has a Fashion Predator display out that includes three nail polishes: Lethal Purple, Python Green, and Rock Muse (which appears to be a top coat along the lines of Dior Rock Coat). I saw this first at Meijer, but then it also appeared at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid is the only place so far that I've seen the Shanghai Collection by Gucci Westman for Revlon. There are four polishes here—Forbidden (deep red), Sterling (silver), Orient Express (orange red), and 24K (gold)—as well as nail art stencils with a cherry blossom design.

Rite Aid also had the L.A. Girl Polka Dot kits that I'd previously seen only at Meijer.

Wet 'n' Wild Fergie is now at Rite Aid, too, joining Walgreens and Meijer.

CVS is also in on the Fergie action now, though so far I've only seen it at one store, jammed between hair color and skin care.

CVS is the only place I've seen this Milani Color Play display. Colors are: Natural Touch, A Rose Mylady, Pink Slippers, Fuchsia Fierce, Key West, and Hipster Plum. The display says "new" rather than "limited edition", so I guess these are new core shades.

Confetti is only ever sold at CVS, so of course that's where I saw their Show Your Spirit display. As usual with these Confetti special displays, there are colors that look very familiar but which lack shade stickers on top like the core colors have. This particular display also had a lot of slots filled with core colors; whether that was because the ones that came with the display had sold out, I'm not sure. Non-core colors in here: Raid the Field (grey), Paint the Town (orange), Go Fight Win (yellow), Tailgating Party (olive). Core colors: Wedding White, The Red Carpet, Blue Bombshell, Black Tie, Masquerade Ball (deep wine).

Finally, to show that not all my display hunting goes well, here's the best I could do for Wet 'n' Wild Saved by the Nail, which I've only seen at two CVS stores of all the ones I've been to in the last few weeks. There are supposed to be six colors here. The three you see are Nerd Alert Screech (lime), Pin 'em Slater (yellow), and Straight A Jesse (orange). The missing ones (two of which I found at that second store in a display that was basically dismantled): Fashionista Lisa (purple), Pom Pom Kelly (pink, which I still haven't seen in person), and Chick Magnet Zack (teal).

Ah well, can't catch 'em all.


  1. Ugh I want the Lustre Shines so badly! I wish I still lived in Michigan, they haven't launched here in North Carolina :( Thanks for the great post!

  2. Wow, what an incredible post! It was like hitting 5 stores in 5 minutes!

  3. awwwesome post!!! pretty cool to see SC made it up like that with an attempt to fix in each store. ready to shop!

  4. Awesome displays! Haha yay for taking those SC booklets!

  5. Judging by the spelling skills displayed in that tweet ("infused with real sliver") I'm guessing you're right and that's Azure.

  6. I love your display posts - thanks for sharing :)

  7. I love these posts!! Although it does make me so anxious since we get things so long after the states lol!!

  8. I haven't seen those new Sally Hansens yet, I need to find them!

  9. I love the Orly glitters! And I really want to try the China Glaze nail strips!

  10. I love these posts. They're almost as fulfilling as haul posts. :) Also, the SC website has been "under construction" for months. Way before the controversy. I dunno if that helps at all, but yeah. It's not a recent thing.

    1. Lizzy, I guess it's good to know they were not responsive to customers before the controversy either. :)

  11. Look at all those glitters! Why oh why can't i be in America right now buying all these beautiful nail varnishes? So jealous!

    Jazz x

  12. How I wished I could get the Sinful display over here! We only get the regular colours but not the limited/special displays :(

  13. These display pictures are almost too much for me to bear :-P
    Milani at 1,99$, the colorful Nina display, more magnetics...<3
    NYC is sold here too, let's hope Rock Muse arrives in Italy sooner or later (I'm still looking for a Dior Rock tc dupe).
    BTW I really love how brands launch the pink ribbon polishes, it's a good cause and actually I hope they would do a teal series too.

  14. That Sinful display is terrible! Hope everything worked out well for those bloggers. Also, I can't wait to see one of those SH Lustre Shine displays here so I can hoard all the polish!


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