Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nina Ultra Pro Gold Flake Topcoat

Just a quickie today, since I am once again crazy busy at work. This is Nina Ultra Pro Gold Flake Topcoat, layered over a black creme. It showed up at Sally Beauty at the same time as the Nina matte topcoat I included in my last matte topper comparison, in the same twirly triangular section next to the core Nina display (yet another thing I'm behind on is getting display photos up so I haven't shared that one yet).

I wish I could tell you which black creme and how many coats of the gold I used, but that information got washed away when I spilled Zoya Remove+ on my swatching notebook a couple weeks ago—yeah, as per usual, I am swatching faster than I'm posting. I thought I'd written up all the stuff on the pages that took the most damage, but forgot about this Nina. (You can see some of the carnage on Instagram.)

This Nina delivers exactly what the name promises: gold flakes. Depending on the angle of the light, the flakes sometimes look quite dense and sometimes almost disappear. Also, at certain angles, I was sure I could see a hint of a green cast in them. Though gold is not my metal, I liked this polish.


  1. It looks like a very pretty gold topper - I love the shift. It's a pity you "washed" the info away hahaha - I always type it in a word doc as I swatch - and my lap top is on a different table ;) - you know with my water bottle, teacup and my lively kitten playing - that's really safe too ;)

  2. Karen, this looks absolutely stunning!

  3. That's really pretty. :) Sucks about your mishap. It happens...

  4. The gold flakes look lovely in this!


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