Thursday, December 5, 2013

Orchid Grass Stains and Purple Emerald

A couple months back, my friend Mel (who writes at Delicious Color) sent me a surprise package with some polishes and a very fancy card she'd made by hand. I just recently finally got a chance to try one of the shades she sent, Orchid Grass Stains. This is a deep warm toned green creme that needs only two coats for full coverage. I didn't use topcoat, and it didn't need it; you can see how shiny it is all by itself.

I liked Grass Stains on its own, yet couldn't resist the temptation to plus it by adding another polish I'd gotten from a friend, namely Purple Precious Stones Emerald, a green and holo glitter that was part of the swap I did with Under the Gravity's Nails. Not only did its colors coordinate with Grass Stains, it amused me that both brands were named for colors (and colors other than green at that: Orchid and Purple).

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how dense the glitter in Emerald was once I got it on my nail—one coat was plenty to get lots of sparkly goodness. I did add topcoat for extra shine and smoothness.

In slightly lower direct light, more colors popped from the glitter.

I liked this combination a lot and feel blessed to have friends who send me pretty things like these.

In addition to being blessed with an abundance of pretty nail polish in my life, my cup runneth over in other areas, too, so I am going to be taking another little break from posting here. I have too many other things pulling on my time right now, including a complicated office move to a new building. I have been promised that I and my computer and my furniture will be in my new office no later than the 16th, so somewhere around then I should be back here, too (unless my unpacking goes particularly badly or something). Hoping you all reading this are handling your holiday season stresses better than I am!


  1. OMG To die for!!! ^_^ Love green glitter.

  2. Beautiful colors. I love greens like this!

  3. Grass Stains is really an incredible shade, so deep and rich. And of course I love Emerald too, I can't resist to sparkling holo glitters!

  4. Hi dear !!!
    I love the first version but even the second one sooo sparkly!!!

  5. Aw how sweet of her :D These are lovely!

  6. Lovely combination! Purple Precious Stones Emerald is gorgeous! :-)

  7. These are beautiful, especially together! Very festive and I love the glitter!!

  8. Hope things are going well in the move, and better in your personal life.

  9. wow. love the glitter with the dark green


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