Monday, March 17, 2014

Barielle Earthy Greens Set

At the same time as they sent the New York Style set that I reviewed in my post last Friday, Barielle sent their Earthy Greens set. The packaging leads me to believe these might have been an Earth Day tie in at some point, but I thought St. Patrick's Day would be the perfect time to share them. The five shades here are Mint Ice Cream Cone, Green With Envy, Teaser, Myrza's Meadow, and Lily of the Valley.

Myrza's Meadow is a creamy lime green with golden glitter. I gave it an accent of Green with Envy, which is a warm green creme. I used three coats of each, though Green with Envy I could have stopped at two. I added topcoat to Myrza's Meadow as it seemed to need it to smooth the surface because of the glitter; Green with Envy is shiny on its own.

Teaser is a deep green creme. It's quite opaque; I nearly stopped at one coat but went ahead and did two just to be sure. For my accent nail, I laid down a base of two coats of Mint Ice Cream Cone (which I swatched by itself last summer, and looking at that I can only hope this coming summer my nails will once again get strong enough to grow that long) and added some rather lopsided shamrocks using my dotting tool with Lily of the Valley, a green shimmer (which I swatched by itself in summer of 2012, and my nails were doing well then, too; it's hard to remember that in the midst of winter peelies).

This pack is available on the Barielle website for $25 (though the shades listed there aren't all the same as what was in the pack I got, so I'm not sure what's up with that).

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. I do really like these sets, but unless they've got them on sale ungodly cheap I am usually going to buy individual polishes instead, because I am ridiculously picky about colors.

    (Also, I finally mailed your box on Friday! I think I forgot to tell you that. I think I mailed it to the house, this time.)

  2. I used to be able to get these box sets for $14.99 at Winners (like TJMaxx) but haven't seen them in a while. I wish they were more readily available as good deal for 5/$15! Cool nail art, btw!

  3. I love the micro glitter in Myrza's Meadow, it really makes it stand out!

  4. Myrza's Meadow is such a pretty shade of green! I think it's on my wishlist but I can't remember.

  5. Aw such a cute set :D I like your little cloves!

  6. Myrza's Meadow is my favourite :).


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