Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aveniro Glass Nail Files

Sample provided for review

At the beginning of June, after exchanging email with a company representative, I received several samples of glass filing products from Aveniro, a source I'd not heard of before. They're based in the Czech Republic, which is known for its glass products, which is one of the reasons I agreed to review these.

Among the items I received was a matched set with a mini purse-sized nail file, a full-sized nail file, and a large foot file, all with plastic sleeves to store them in.

I was most interested in the foot file from this set, as it is sandal weather now. A feature I really liked about this file was that it has two different textures. One side is rough, with a coarser texture than a typical file; this was good to take down the calloused areas on my heels. The other side is smoother, more like a regular nail file, to do the final smoothing with. The foot file is made of thicker glass than a nail file, so I didn't worry about breaking it even though some spots on my feet required some heavy pressure to smooth out.

The nails files that came in the set with the foot file are good quality glass files, perfectly suited for shaping nails without damaging them, but I spent very little time using them during the time I was evaluating these products, as Aveniro also sent another nail file with the handle decorated with with pretty crystals. This one came with an opaque sleeve for storage that had a nice soft feel to it, almost like velvet.

You know I like my bling, so I've used this file pretty much exclusively for the last six weeks. It's a good qualilty file, leaves nail tips smooth, and is not too delicate to carry around in a purse.

Like all the files Aveniro sent, this is etched glass, which means the texture is part of the file, not sprayed on like some cheap files. The texture is not going to wear off; it just needs washing to restore it to its original state after regular use. I don't know if it's clear enough in the photo below, but you can tell an etched file by the way the filing surface is slightly lower than the handle when the file is viewed from the side.

All the files I received for review are double sided, so that means more filing time before washing is needed to restore the surface, which is a nice touch.

The last product I received was even more intriguing than the two-textured foot file. It's a dual ended manicure stick. This came in a hard plastic tube with a cap for storage. One end has a flat angled tip and the other is pointed; both are etched like a nail file.

I found this manicure stick quite handy to deal with rough skin along the edges of my fingertips along my nails. It was much easier to work into those small areas than the flat side of a nail file which had been my usual approach until this tool came into my life.

I wish I could direct you where to buy these products, but as of this writing Aveniro does not have an online shop. They do sell to other retailers, so you may want to check out their website to get an idea of what to look for when you're out and about.

The products shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider, and I get to keep the products for my own use.


  1. Sounds good and I like that :-)

    I've been using the same nail file for over 20 years..... :-| It's lasted this long ;-)

  2. I like the variety! Hopefully I can find their products somewhere. I am most interested in the manicure stick and the purse sized file. Although the foot file looks really useful too!

  3. I have yet to try any legit Czech glass files but I really should get on that and order some!

  4. As I've used the Mont Bleu glass files for my personal use and give out files with my salon name on it, I would absolutely recommend Mont Bleu for anyone who wants to try out the glass files. The price is comparable and the quality is wonderful.

  5. The ocean blue color of nail files is looking pretty good. And you can get same color with different other colors in Mont Bleu glass nail files from their e-shop. And I bet you that you'd love them.

  6. I would love to include such glass nail file in my makeup kit. Currently I have Mont Blue glass nail file in it. I checked that it has good reviews by many users and come with nice quality. You should try it once.

  7. Its all about the glass nail files from Mont Bleu for me. They have been so good to me over the years and are so affordable. The quality is great and the reviews that you read are very positive. They are made in the Czech Republic so you know the quality and detail is there!

  8. Pretty products! I once bought a nail file (from a local store) with the "fake" texture: it came off after a couple times and I felt so disappointed!!! At present I'm still using a very old Kiko glass file, but I already have a brand new Mont Bleu one in my drawer (it seems that Czech files are the best)!


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