Friday, July 24, 2015

The NOTD That Wasn't: Smitten Polish Ignis Opal

I might as well accept right now that I'm always going to have a backlog of photos to post here, and I'm not always going to want to write about things in the order in which I took the pictures. Which I'm saying now because I have some photos from mid-June to share today. This is a nails of the day look that never made it out of the house through no fault of its own.

I started with Smitten Polish Ignis Opal. If you look at the Smitten webstore now, you'll see Ignis Opal is a bright warm nearly neon pink with iridescent flakies, but what's in the bottle I used was the orange you see below. There's a good explanation for this: the batch I bought from had some pigment that failed. I hadn't even noticed it yet when I was contacted by Smitten explaining the problem and saying a replacement bottle with a stable pigment would be sent out, which it was. I didn't have to do anything but open the package when the new bottle came. It's that sort of customer service that's contributed to Smitten being one of my favorite indie brands. A potentially bad situation was turned into a positive; I've now got two bottles of pretties to use instead of one. This pigment may have failed, but it failed into a nice summery shade.

I laid down a base of Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and Salon Sciences Instant Artificals before doing three coats of Ignis Opal. An accent nail got two coats of Sally Hansen Triple Shine Pearly Whites, then all nails got topped with Diamond Dry.

The pink side of the flakies showed up more in lower direct light.

Sadly, not too long after I took these photos, I had a mishap that scraped the polish almost completely off two of my nails and damaged it on a few more fingers (the fingers and nails themselves were fine). Trying to redo that hand without messing up the other one was more challenge than I could take on at that moment, so this poor manicure never got to go out in public. I took it off and decided to try something different after a suitable cooling off period.


  1. Very pretty. It reminds me of melon and that means summer.

  2. Ah yes orange. Looks lovely. I's prefer the pink though ;)

  3. I was also sent a new bottle of this, and I like both versions! Both are very summery and pretty. I like the accent nail too!

  4. I was sent two bottles for the two polishes that had pigment failures. I was so amazed at that level of customer service!

  5. Pretty mani...At least you managed to picture it (and "wow" to Smitten polish customer service)!

  6. This is a really pretty manicure, and how cool that their customer service is so great. Will have to check them out.


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