Thursday, May 12, 2016

Studio M Spring Swatches

I debated about sharing these polishes today, as I have not seen any of them left at the Meijer stores I've visited since I've been in Michigan, but as I did do the swatches and they may still be available out there somewhere, either in this brand or in its sister brands like Color Club, I'm forging ahead.

There were five new to the brand shades in the big spring display: Cantelope (yes, that's how they spelled it), Fresh Grass, Spring Breeze, First Bud, and Cherry Blossom. At least I think these were new; I didn't have them in my stash.

Cantelope is a pale yellow creme. Maybe that's why they didn't call it Cantaloupe; it's not orange like the melon. I used two coats on my index finger and three on my others and didn't notice too big of a difference between them in coverage. That's pretty darn good for a pale yellow like this.

Spring Breeze is a glitter topper with a clear base filled with matte white glitter ranging from tiny specks to medium hexes plus light blue satin large hex glitter. This reminds me more of snow and winter than spring, though I suppose white flower petals against a blue sky is spring.

I added one coat of Spring Breeze to my Cantelope base. I found I did need to fish for the bigger blue hexes and did need to add topcoat to smooth it out. Also, the smallest white glitter got lost against the pale base.

Fresh Grassh is a pale green creme that I would have called Honeydew. I used two coats for my swatch, which I thought was good considering how light this is.

I tried Spring Breeze over this green base, too, and thought it looked a bit better than over the yellow.

First Bud is a pale pink creme; the formula on this one was more toward the crelly end of the creme spectrum than the first two cremes. Still, I only needed two coats for my swatch.

Cherry Blossom is a shimmery layering polish, with pink and gold shimmer in a pink translucent base.

I put one coat of Cherry Blossom on First Bud and ended up with a pretty pink shimmer.

I wanted to see what these layering polishes would look like over a darker base, so put on two coats of Studio M By Design, a vampy berry creme, then added one coat of Spring Breeze plus clear topcoat. You can really see all the glitter this way, though I'd probably pair it with a cool color base for a full mani, something like a dark blue.

I loved Cherry Blossom over the dark base. Here's one coat of it on By Design:

And here's two coats:

Two coats in direct low light; this would be a great autumn mani:

I definitely miss Meijer and Studio M when I'm out west. Sure, there are other compensations, but still. I'll just have to try and time my visits to the change of seasons so I can grab new collections. Speaking of which, I wonder when the summer brights will show up. Or if they're doing that this year. I will have to keep an eye out as I make my rounds of the mitten state.


  1. I love that glitter, especially over the pale green color.

  2. I don't know why they can't spell anything right. My bottle of "Whose That Girl" irks me so much. But I love their polishes regardless! I got fresh grass and a light blue that I thought was a part of this collection but I guess it wasn't. It was called Tropical Getaway, maybe it's summer...? It's actually super close to "Whose That Girl" but has a waaaaay different formula.


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