Friday, October 7, 2016

Funky Fingers What's Your Mood

Concluding my fall tour through the spring and summer polishes from Five Below, today I've got the three thermal shades that make up the What's Your Mood collection: In the Mood, Mellow Mood, and The Moody Blues. Unlike the Fresh Paint pastels I shared earlier this week, these do not appear to be in any danger of disappearing from stores soon based on the locations I was able to get to on my recent travels.

In the Mood is a medium pink creme that turns a deeper pink when cold. I used four coats of this, though three probably would have been fine. Here it is in warm mode:

It was unseasonably warm the day I swatched these, so the only way to show the cool side of these was to run cold water over my hands and snap some shots right there in the bathroom. Here's In the Mood; you can see the cool shade best on the tip of my ring finger, where my body heat has not yet started to turn it back into the warm shade.

Mellow Mood is a lilac creme, shown below in warm mode. This was three coats.

In cool mode, Mellow Mood turns periwinkle. I really liked this shift and look forward to wearing this when the weather is cooler and I can see the change without having to resort to cold water.

Mellow Mood is a sky blue creme and another three-coater. You know the drill by now; it's in warm mode below.

The color change of Mellow Mood was the most subtle of the trio; it turned a slightly deeper sky blue. I could barely see the difference, and my camera didn't fare any better.

Obviously my favorite is the purple, Mellow Mood. Purples are my thing, and this has the best shift of the trio.


  1. Overall they're not very impressive, though, huh? I saw some thermal Color Clubs on head2toebeauty that seem really color-shifty. I put a few on my amazon wishlist.

  2. I know this is an older post but is the blue and purple both named Mellow mood? I know how brands can be sometimes


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