Monday, October 3, 2016

Fresh Paint On Fleek

I had just about gotten my blogging mojo back when I messed it up again. Apparently I can blog or I can travel, but I can't do both, at least not the way I've been travelling recently, which involves driving hundreds and hundreds of miles a day and then overscheduling myself once at my destination. Now, though, I'm staying put for a bit in a location where I don't know so many people, so here I am with the writing and the photos and such. I wanted to get these particular swatches up pronto, as my travels have taken me back to the land of Five Below and I notied that these Fresh Paints colors were already in the clearance section of one store.

This quartet of matte Fresh Paint colors showed up this past spring. I didn't know the collection name at the time, as the bins where I found them weren't labeled, but later I came across some bins that were, and those said On Fleek. So I'm going with that. The shades, left to right: I Haz Matte, Matte in the USA, Matte About U, Mattely in Luv.

In keeping with my short attention span swatching methods of late, I tried these as Skittles. They made my nails look a lot like candy coated almonds. I wouldn't call the finish especially matte, though it is as matte as some of my non-favorite matte topcoats, so maybe that's what they were going for. All of these were two coats except for I Haz Matte, which needed three but only because I bumped that nail after the second coat and had to repair it with a third. I thought that was decent coverage, especially for these light colors.

These are all cremes, which sets them apart from last year's Once Upon a Time Collection of semi-matte shimmers (which weren't at all matte). Since I'd saved so much time by skittling the new ones, I had a bit of fun combining them with and comparing them to their 2015 counterparts.

Top to bottom below: I Haz Matte topped with 1 coat of Belle of the Ball, Belle of the Ball (3 coats alone), Matte About U topped with 1 coat of Enchanted, Enchanted (3 coats alone). I think I like the 2015 ones better as layering polishes to add a touch of shimmer than on their own.

Top to bottom below: Mattely In Luv topped with Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata (alone at 3 coats), Matte in the USA plus Glass Slipper, Glass Slipper (alone at three coats).

So yes, these On Fleek colors would have been more seasonally appropriate back in the spring when they were new, but they're still happy shades with a decent formula (their not so matteness aside) so I'd go ahead and grab them while they last.

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