Monday, November 28, 2016

Barbie Little Pink Dress

Just a single polish today, which I picked up from this display that was at some Walgreens stores this summer, one lone polish in a sea of other beauty products.

Initially I passed on it, because I thought it was just another pink creme, and not even the hot pink shade I associate with Barbie. Maybe it had been at one time, though; when I pulled out a bottle in front out to see the name on the bottom, I noticed the color had changed on the side the sun was hitting. I dismissed it as something I didn't need, and never shared the display photo since there were so many others around at the time that were more interesting.

But, and you knew there was a but, a couple months later, I came across the display again, and took a closer look and found the polish wasn't a creme but a shimmer. The color change/fading problem was still there, yet the golden shimmer made me okay with that; gold shimmer in a warm pink base made sense to me, and I needed some cheering up at that point anyway so a bottle found its way into my hand up to the register. (You can see one of my fake nails NOTD in this photo, too.)

Having finally tried this polish, which is called Little Pink Dress, I'm sort of wishing I'd bought a candy bar instead. It's not horrible, but it took four coats to cover my nail line, and the shimmer all but disappeared on the nail. Some top coat might have brought that out more, I suppose, but after four coats of color I wasn't feeling like adding another of clear.

Direct light to try and bring out the shimmer more:

So yeah, this is an impulse buy that I'm wishing I'd resisted. At least it was cheap; original price was $2.99 and by the time I bought it, it was down to half that. And it is a flattering color for me, so maybe I'll try using it for layering, over a skintone base and under a gold glitter topper.


Thank you for reading and commenting! I greatly appreciate knowing I'm not just talking to myself here. :)