Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Not So Recent NOTD: Revlon Magnetic

Well, here I am, back just in time for Thankgiving break. (Nail Wheel Wednesday should return next week.) In the last two months, I've been from one corner of the continental U.S. (well, Seattle) to the other (Key West). Mr. K and I got home to Idaho last Thursday, and since then I've been unpacking, doing laundry, and trying to remember where we keep stuff in this house we haven't quite gotten settled in since we brought the last of our stuff from Michigan this past summer. Oh, and I also spent two and a half hours in the dentist's chair earlier this week getting some fillings replaced and cracks repaired and such.

Despite so much time elapsing since my last post, I don't have many nails of the day looks to share. For the last several months, I've been relying on fake nails and strips when I'm not just wearing clear treatment coats, which has been a lot of the time, and that continued on the trip. I did do one actual proper manicure with base, color, and topcoat, though; that was with Revlon Magnetic, the blue glitter in a purple/blue duochrome base. I was on the road without my lightbox when I did this, so please forgive the mixed backgrounds and variable lighting in these shots.

The lineup: Triple Accion Tratamiento, Instant Artificials, Sally Hansen Cafe au Lait (to keep visible nail line at bay), Revlon Magnetic, Diamond Dry.

I think I used two coats of Magnetic but again, on the road, so my notes weren't in the normal place either. I know, I'll do better next mani. With the skintone base, the duochrome shift wasn't as noticeable as if I'd put it over black, but I still liked it.

Pretty nice, and I love that I could just buy it at the drugstore.

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US (and expats celebrating elsewhere). See you next week!


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