Friday, December 23, 2016

Last Minute Gifts from LA Colors

For your last minute Christmas holiday virtual shopping pleasure, today I have some gift sets from LA Colors that I've seen at Walgreens and Rite Aid, plus a pleasant surprise from Dollar Tree.

Let's start with the Dollar Tree sighting; they don't usually have displays, and haven't really had any polish that's excited me in a while, but it is one of the few places to get polish in the small town closest to me, so I stopped in and, to my surprise, saw this display of LA Colors Nail Duet sets, which are a base color and a glitter packaged so the two small bottles share a cap (fortunately in a way that the bottles rest on their bases, not like those dual ended wand dealies that frustrate me so). Left to right: Fire & Ice (red base with white glitter), Yin & Yang (black with gold), PB&J (tan with gold), Peace & Quiet (pale turquoise with silver), Love & Hate (white with red), Give & Take (hot pink with blue).

The Nail Duets don't seem particularly aimed at holiday shoppers, but they would make nice stocking stuffers. The gift sets coming up definitely seem meant for gift giving. Walgreens had an endcap shelf filled with the different varieties: three nail art sets, three smaller sets of polish and nail decor, and an 18 bottle set of polish.

The nail art kits—Nailstalgia, Bling Things, and Bowtiful:

The Polished Up polish and nail decor sets and the 18-bottle Polishtopia set:

Rite Aid (and also Fred Meyer, though the photo below is from a Rite Aid) had a slightly different but very similar assortment of gift sets. Left to right: Polishtopia set, lip gloss set, Bling Things, Bowtiful, and Retro Speck nail art kits, and Mani-fest.

This version of the Polishtopia set has not just the 18 polishes but also stickers, stencils, and nail art pamphlet.

Bling Things:


Retro Speck:

Mani-fest has a nail dryer, four polishes, a base/top coat, nail beads, three loose glitters, a nail file, nail stickers, and a tray and brush for the beads and glitter.

Rite Aid/Fred Meyer also had their version of the Polished Up kits; theirs were called Fab 5 and had four polishes and loose glitter.

One Rite Aid also had two sets with rectangular bottles: Fiesta Four and Coastal Carnival.

I would have been excited to get any of these when I was a kid unwrapping presents under the tree. I'd play with them now, too. I did get some of the Nail Duets from Dollar Tree but resisted the other shinies; perhaps I'll get to swatching the duets at some point.

As you may have seen on Facebook already, I got an early Christmas gift when this blog was included on a list of the Top 50 Nail Polish Blogs by Feedspot Blog Reader. I'm in some great company there, for sure.

Merry Christmas to those of you celebrating this weekend!


  1. Not a bad wee set of gifts! And congrats on being on the list! :-D

    Thanks Karen, same to you. Have a great time :-D

  2. Happy New Year Karen. I love your store display blogs, and I'm aware that you don't blog as much as you use to. Do you know of any other bloggers who feature store displays? Thank you for any recommendations.

    1. @Sheri One of my resolutions for 2017 is to blog more. :) I can't really think of anyone who does display roundups like mine, though Nouveau Cheap has done a lot of smaller display posts focused on brands like SinfulColors.


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