Monday, December 26, 2016

Red and Black Plaid Inspiration

Even though I'm in Idaho now, I haven't left the Michigan Nail Girls and Guys group on Facebook, figuring I do still get back there for visits (though not as often as I'd like), so I saw a fun collaboration going on where several ladies used a manicure by Tracey Loves Lacquer as inspiration to do their own versions.

Here is Tracey's pic of her original skittlette manicure:

And here's my version:

I looked through all my stamping plates and didn't have anything really close to the buffalo plaid design Tracey used, but I did have some Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in an old design called Plaidical, which seemed to fit the bill. I put those on my index and middle finger, then topped with two coats of Gelous to beef them up, so to speak, to better match up with the textured polishes on my remaining digits. My ring finger has OPI Liquid Sand Emotions with a dot of SinfulColors Crystal Crushes Ruby Mine, while my pinky has the reverse, Ruby Mine with a dot of Emotions.

Tracey did a collage of the first wave of ladies who did their own versions (it was these ladies' postings in the Facebook group that inspired me):

This was fun; I hope the group does more of these collaborations—and that they let me keep being a part of the group!


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