Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More Sally Hansen Color Therapy

Sometime after I got and swatched and liked my first two shades of Sally Hansen Color Therapy, I happened upon another sale at Rite Aid and bought four more colors: Reflection Pool, Soothing Sapphire, Haute Stone, and Bamboost.

Reflection Pool is a blue shimmer that shows some shift to purple and gold in the bottle.

I used three coats for my swatch; I probably could have two if I'd done them just slightly thicker. There's a hint of brushstrokey-ness here but also tiny sparkles in the shimmer to distract from that. The purple shift does show up, subtlely, at some angles. I never caught any gold showing on the nail like it does in the bottle.

Due to the hint of duochrome in Reflection Pool, I had to try it over a black base. I left my index finger as it for comparison purposes, then redid my other digits to do a black creme topped with one coat of Reflection Pool. I liked the effect, though the dark base didn't seem to enhance the shift overly much.

Here's the combination in direct low light:

Bamboost is a greyed green (or maybe greened grey) creme, just the sort of "differently pretty" shade I like. Two coats was plenty for full coverage and shine.

Haute Stone is a cool-toned brown with a subtle pinkish copper shimmer.

This was also a two-coater; it dried darker than I expected, and the shimmer was hidden.

In direct low light, the shimmer did peek out some:

For fun, I dotted Reflection Pool on Haute Stone then added clear topcoat. I liked the subtle color shift in the dots as I moved my fingers around.

Soothing Sapphire is a deep blue shimmer.

Again, two coats were ample. This reminds me of OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue, one of my all time favorites.

One last look at Soothing Sapphire in direct low light; so pretty:

As with the first two I purchased from this line, I'm happy with all of these, though do wish the subtle shimmer would show more on Haute Stone.


  1. I love pretty shimmers and that first one is beautiful! ♥

  2. These are nice. I like the shimmers <3


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