Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wheel I9: Sally Hansen Glitter Toppers

Even though it feels like it will take me close to forever to get my stash unpacked and organized in its new home, I am enjoying the process, pulling bottles out of boxes and sorting them (because no, I didn't have them all sorted before we moved, and at the end of the packing process was just filling empty space in boxes with random bottles). When I get twenty polishes that go together, I get to sit down and paint a nail wheel, and that's fun, too. Today's offering is a group of Sally Hansen glitter toppers from a few years back, when the brand was pumping out new stuff at an impressive pace.

(2 coats except as noted below; #5 through #18 had to be dabbed on so the glitter wouldn't drag out to tip)

1. Sally Hansen Big Shimmer Top Coat Twinkle Snows (1 coat over black) [not a shimmer—I don't care what the bottle says; does have a nice shift from blue to green]
2. Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat Goldi-Flecks (over black)
3. Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat Meteor Light (3 coats) [probably should have put this over black, too, as it has iridescent glitters that aren't popping on the off white]
4. Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat Blue Moonlight
5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Fruit-ta-ta [slight glitter bleed here and in #6 & #7)
6. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Fiesta
7. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Carnival
8. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Copa-banana
9. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Samba
10. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Splash
11. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Tidal Rave [slight glitter bleeding here and in next three]
12. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Court Jest
13. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Family Jewels
14. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mind Your Manors
15. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rouge Red [worst bleeding glitter of the bunch]
16. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Frazzle Dazzle [from 2013 Rent the Runway display; I bought several bottles of this just because it has frazzle in the name]
17. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Petals [from 2014 Color Vibrations display]
18. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Indi-glow [from 2014 Color Vibrations display, and, okay, it's not a topper, but I forgot that when I was pulling bottles for this wheel and looking at the bottle thought the tinted base was more transparent than it is]
19. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pixel Perfect (over a skintone) [from 2013 Xtreme Color display]
20. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Ice Pop (over black) [from 2013 Hot Looks Beach Brights display]

Bottles 1 through 4 (released in 2014, part of Big Finish Big Effects display):

5 through 11 (released in 2014, Color Destinations Passport to Rio collection; I'm missing Beach Ball here, as it was on wheel N8 with other red/white/blue glitters):

12 through 15 (released in 2014, part of the Create & Ornate collection):

16 through 20 (released various times in 2013/2014; see notes above):


  1. I love glitter toppers, they are such a great addition to a good collection of polishes :)

  2. New home? It seems I have a lot to catch up!! I'm not a big fan of glitters (but of course I own more than a couple glitter toppers :-P), some of the ones you are showing here look quite interesting and unusual (Color Destinations)!

  3. Some great glitters. I got a few of them :-D


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