Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Not Quite Spring Displays

It's still full winter up here on my mountain, though signs of spring are starting to appear in town. Literal signs, the ones that post weight limits for side roads so heavy vehicles don't tear them up during the spring thaw. Spring nail polish displays are also starting to show up in stores, but not in town; I have to go down to the cities for that because that's where Walgreens and Rite Aid and Fred Meyer and Ulta and such are. I've found a few things down there to share since my last display post.

Ulta hasn't felt like as rich a polish hunting ground as it once was, but I did find several new things there recently, like this Caption display. In the front/bottom, there are two different stamping plates (they call them "nail art screens"), remover, two loose glitter kits, and a mini polish set. In the back/top, there are two ombre kits (they mean gradient), three kinds of fake nails, and a different mini polish set.

I didn't see the China Glaze Chic Physique spring 2018 polishes at Ulta, but I did see a display with fake nails that tie into the collection.

Ulta also had a China Glaze nail art display with all sorts of things in it: First & Last base/top coat, For Rhinestones Only topcoat, loose glitter, foil paper, striping polishes, striping tape, nail decals, rhinestones, rhinestone tool, art brush.

Rite Aid had the CND Vinylux Nude collection display, with four new neutral shades: Uncovered, Unlocked, Unmasked, and Unearthed. There's the matching topcoat here as well, along with a limited edition mini set with three of the colors and a mini topcoat.

Essie has expanded the shades available in their TLC (Treat Love & Color) line. I first encountered this line expansion in a three-sided floor display at a Walgreens (well, it's six-sided, but only three sides have polish).

The sheer finish side has the original TLC shades (late 2016/early 2017; see this display post) plus some new ones I don't recall seeing before. Top row: Gloss Fit (two slots), Treat Me Bright, Sheers to You (x2). Bottom row: Laven-dearly, Tinted Love (x2), Minimally Modest (x2).

The shimmer finish side has six shades. Top row: In the Balance (two slots), Loving Hue, Work for the Glow (x2). Bottom row: See the Light (x2), Tonal Taupe (x2), Time to Unwind.

The cream finish side has shades from the first line expansion (mid-2017, see thisdisplay) plus new ones. Top row: In a Blush, Pinked to Perfection, Daytime Dreamer, Power Punch Pink, Glowing Strong. Middle row: Good Lighting (sold out), Right Hooked, Mint Condition, Indi-go for It, On the Mauve (sold out). Bottom row: On the Mauve (sold out), Mauve-tivation, A-Game, Tone It Up, Can't Hardly Weight.

Fred Meyer had a smaller display with a subset of the Essie TLC shades. Front row: Gloss Fit, Sheers to You, Tinted Love, Minimally Modest, In the Balance, Work for the Glow, Tonal Taupe, Time to Unwind. Back row: In a Blush, Power Punch Pink, Glowing Strong, Good Lighting, Mint Condition, On the Mauve, Mauve-tivation, A-Game, Tone It Up, Can't Hardly Weight.

In the Gel Couture line, Essie has the Enchanted collection. Six shades here: Matter of Fiction, Princess Charming, Once Upon a Time, Spellbound, Daring Damsel, and Good Knight. The special top coat is in the white bottles in the right hand section. (I also saw this at Ulta, on the end of the big white display unit that's

One of my Fred Meyer stores was apparently late in putting out the Gel Couture holiday display, as I just saw it this past month and it was pretty darn full. Colors here: Amethyst Noir, Rue de la Ruby, Gold Gilding, Make the Cut, Closing Night, and Front Page Worthy. The curious thing is this isn't the same lineup as was at Ulta for this collection that I shared in October's display post. They only overlap with Gold Gilding and Amethyst Noir. Strange.

In the regular Essie line, I saw the Desert Mirage display at Fred Meyer. Left to right: Let It Glow, Blue-tiful Horizon, Seeing Stars, Lighten the Mood, Hazy Daze, and Less Is Aura. There's also Good to Go fast dry top coat here.

I guess I should have waited and not put the very picked over Finger Paints Winter Glaze display in my last display post, as I saw a much better stocked one after the holidays. Front row: Cubism Crimson, Easely Noticed, Sterling Sculpture, Base Coat, Oh My Gauche, Peacock Portrait (does not belong here; should be Daubigny's Garden with silver cap). Back: Cubism Crimson, Piece de Resistance.

Last display post I shared that I saw Incoco strips at Ulta, just plopped into a glass on the shelf. On my most recent visit, there was a proper display. I was very happy to see it. So happy, I didn't get the design names recorded. Ooops.

OPI's spring offering is the Libson collection, which I saw at NW Beauty. Their Infinite Shine display was still mostly full. Top row: Made It to the Seventh Hill (sold out or not yet stocked), Libson Wants Moor OPI, You've Got Nata on Me, Tagus in that Selfie, No Turning Back from Pink Street, We Seafood and Eat It. Bottom: Now Museum Now You Don't, A Red-vival City, Sun Sea and Sand in My Pants, Closer Than You Might Belem, Tile Art to Warm Your Heart, Suzi Chases Portu-geese.

The regular line display had a few more colors missing. Front: Made It to the Seventh Hill (in the slot that's for Now Museum Now You Don't), A Red-vival City, Sun Sea and Sand in My Pants, Closer Than You Might Belem (gone), Tile Art to Warm Your Heart (gone), Suzi Chases Portu-geese. Back: Made It to the Seventh Hill (empty due to earlier misplacement), Libson Wants Moor OPI, You've Got Nata on Me, Tagus in that Selfie, No Turning Back from Pink Street, We Seafood and Eat It (gone).

Ulta was starting to stock Libson as well, but in that awful backlit white display unit, so I didn't bother trying to get good shots there.

I almost never see new Orly in stores anymore, so I was happy to spot two mini sets in Kohls even though they looked like they were leftover from fall/winter. Velvet Dream on the left has Silken Quartz, Velvet Kaleidoscope, Black Cherry, and Just Bitten. Darlings of Defiance contains Champagne Slushie, Secondhand Jade, Stiletto on the Run, and Once in a Blue Moon.

I shared the Revlon Chrome Sweet Chrome display last time, too, but it was short two shades. Since then, I did come across a display at Walgreens that had all the colors: Hologasm, Fairy Dust, Amethyst Smoke , Blushing, Gilded Goddess, Unicornicopia, Molten Magic, Galactic Pink.

Something new I've only seen in one Walgreens so far is the Color Charge display from Revlon. This is labelled Limited Edition, but I don't know if that applies to all the products or just some of them. There are four shades of nail polish here: one silver and three jellies. Left to right in the back: Silver Base Coat (x2), Hibiscus Jelly, Crimson Jelly, Violet Jelly.

Sally Hansen is still putting out new things, if not at the pace they once did. Their Nails with a 3D Touch display, which I saw first at Walgreens, has a meh assortment of polishes but something very interesting in the nail art department: textured applique stickers meant to be put between coats of colored polish. I've not seen these from a mainstream brand before. There are three varieties (top to bottom along the right side): Geometric, Knit, and Floral. The polish colors here are Off the Shoulder (beige), Blush Against the World (light pink), Killer Heels (red), Red It Online (also red), Rose to the Occasion (medium pink), You Glow Girl (gold, sold out of this particular display). There's also a spot for Double Duty base/top coat.

A different Walgreens had a freestanding display for Nails with a 3D Touch. I neglected to rearrange the polishes in this one so they were in their proper slots for the photo; it's the same shades as in the shelftop display above.

The Sally Hansen Welcome to Your Always On Salon display, which I saw at Fred Meyer, has new shades of Color Therapy, Xtreme Wear, and Complete Salon Manicure, along with new Big Polish Guards. Color Therapy shades, left section—front row: Namas-grey, Sunrise Salutation, Wine Therapy; back row: In My Element, Burnished Bronze, Plum Euphoria. Xtreme Wear shades, center section—front row: Day Cream, Red-ical Rockstar, Drop the Beet, Rock My Way; back row, center section: On Cloud Shine, Camel-ot (looks like a Drop the Beet got in this slot in front of the camel). Complete Salon Manicure shades, right section (same as ones in 3D display)—front: You Glow Girl, Killer Heels, Rose to the Occasion; back: Red It Online, Blush Against the World, Off the Shoulder.

The Big Polish Guards are cuticle protectors. They look like bandages to use in place of liquid latex.

There's a display with just new Color Therapy shades; this was at Walgreens. Shades here (same as three-line display above): Namas-grey, Sunrise Salutation, In My Element, Burnished Bronze, Wine Therapy, and Plum Euphoria. Color Therapy Cuticle Oil and Top Coat round out the display.

There's also a Color Therapy Vivid Pinks display, which has a somewhat generous definition of "pink". I think these are core shades. I saw it at Fred Meyer. Front row: Rosy Quartz, Primrose & Proper, Rosy Glow, Berry Smooth, Mauve Mantra. Back row: Robes and Rose, Pampered in Pink, Soak at Sunset, Couple's Massage, Auran't You Relaxed. This also has the Top Coat and Cuticle Oil.

Going to a get together in the city took me past a Walgreens that's not on my typical polish-hunting route, but I might need to change that, as it's the only place I saw the sidekick version of the SinfulColors Decked Out display. This was after Christmas, but it was still fairly full, including the boxed gift sets on the top row (single bottles and three packs with two colors and a clear). I didn't take the time to document all the shades here as it seemed sort of random by this point, but I did take the time to look through all the polishes and was able to find more of the limited edition shades to go with the Smash Hit that I grabbed when I saw the small picked-over display at Fred Meyer that I shared last display post.

Moving on to this year's collections, SinfulColors has a New Shades 2018 display. I saw a six color version at Rite Aid. Front: Top Coat (not new), Coco Bae, Unicorns are Real. Back: Rorange, Forbitten Fruit, Acapella Ella.

I saw an eight-slot version of the New Shades 2018 display at Fred Meyer, and it was mostly a mess, but it did have one new shade, Electric Sage, that wasn't in the Rite Aid display I saw and probably should have been where the top coat was. Left to right: Acapella Ella, Out of This World (from Decked Out), Out with a Bang (Decked Out), Forbitten Fruit, Electric Sage, Planet Out (Color Beyond), Coco Bae, Smash Hit (Decked Out).

I still want to find the Walgreens version of the New Shades 2018 display, as according to the SinfulColors website, there are four Walgreens exclusive shades.

SinfulColors Valentine's display this year is called Color Crave. I saw this big version at Fred Meyer. Front: Devil's Stare, No Heart Feelings (new), Pink Smart, Boom Boom, Candy Gram (new). Back: I Want S'amour (new), Bitten, Snow Me White, Clear Coat, No Heart Feelings.

There was a smaller version of Color Crave at Rite Aid. It had the same new shades but a different assortment of core/reissues. Front: Candy Gram, No Heart Feelings, Gold n' Roses. Back: I Want S'amour, Besos for Pesos, Lie-lac.

As the weather gets warmer in the valley, it'll be easier for me to make trips down to the cities so I'm hoping to have more displays to share before too long. My Kmart closed, so I can't look for polishes there anymore, sadly. I do need to make an effort to get to Sally Beauty more often; it's just a bit out of the way so I skip it when I'm short on time. I should also maybe try to get to the independent beauty supply store downtown that I've only been to once, though their hours are such that it's difficult when I'm coming down for an evening gathering. I know, I'm lucky to have such issues.


  1. So many displays and the only things that got me excited were the fake nails (specially the China Glaze ones) - I never thought I would say something like that! - the shape of the bottles from Gel Couture and the first display of Color Therapy Shades. And I am going to be honest, I miss buying a nail polish. I haven't been buying because now I have other expenses and there seems to be no collection that catches my eye :( On the other hand I'm glad to know the weather is getting warmer in the valley, we are currently going through a major cold wave (probably nothing that you aren't used to but temperatures below 0 don't usually happen where I live :P). After Christmas and New Year all I want is Spring :D

    1. The China Glaze nails are really good, at least the ones I tried were. Just wish they weren't so expensive. Still hoping to find some of these newer designs on sale somewhere sometime.

  2. I love these display posts, they're great. Those glitters from Finger Paints look really cool :)


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