Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kokie Rock Star and Twinkle

As per usual, I had the best intentions to post long before April was half gone, but also as per usual, I got distracted by other things. First I was wearing myself out skiing the last week of the season. Even with losing time to my ankle injury, I saw that I would be able to meet the target I set for number of ski days as long as I pushed myself, so I did, making my goal on the very last day the lifts were open. Then the day after the season ended, Mr. K and I left for a week long trip to the west coast. I took my laptop, thinking I could do some writing, but between seeing three concerts in three cities and spending time with family, there just wasn't time. I'm not sure why I thought there would be; ever the optimist I guess.

Now I'm home for a few days before I leave again for a long weekend and determined to stop slacking on my blogging. So I can ease back into it, today I've got swatches of just two Kokie polishes, because one of the hurdles to blogging for me is the overwhelming feeling when I open a folder with swatch pictures to find dozens and dozens of them needing to be winnowed down, cropped, and sized. Two polishes is do-able. I only took 23 photos of these two, so not even two dozen.

Rock Star is a lavender shimmer, a much more delicate shade than I associate with rock stars but perfect for spring (never mind the four inches of snow sitting in my driveway that's fallen over the last couple days). I used three coats for full coverage. There's a lot of gold in the shimmer in this, though that gold didn't always want to show up for the camera.

I paired Rock Star with Twinkle, which has silver glitter in a gold-forward shimmer base.

I did one coat of Twinkle over Rock Star; it laid flat enough that I didn't need to add topcoat. The shimmer in it was dense enough that I'm pretty sure it'd be wearable on its own at two or maybe three coats. Unfortunately I didn't manage to test that theory in this particular swatching session.

I liked these; good thing, since I have another half dozen or more from this brand waiting to be used.

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  1. Ooh, I like these! Isn't this spring snow fun?? *eyeroll*


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