Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Wheel Q11: Glitters from OPI

Back to glitter for this Nail Wheel Wednesday. The six OPI Metapmorphosis were right there waiting after I swatched them, so I gathered more OPI plus a couple Sephora by OPI to fill up a wheel with dense glitters. The Metamorphosis shades are the most sheer of this group, though with their packed shimmer bases, they too can be worn on their own; your nail line will peek through but the effect will be like any intentionally sheer polish, not streaky like you didn't put on enough coats or spotty like you are wearing a topper without undies.

(all have clear topcoat in addition to glitter coats noted below)

1. OPI Can't Be Camouflaged (2)
2. OPI Ecstatic Prismatic (2)
3. OPI Butterfly Me to the Moon (2)
4. OPI You Little Shade Shifter (2)
5. OPI DS Temptation (2)
6. OPI unknown (3) [this is an old formula, with the distinct smell of polishes before brands starting going 3-Free ... and 5-Free and 7-Free and such]
7. OPI unknown (2) [I spent a lot of time squinting at the bottom of the bottle and trying to see the numbers printed there so I could determine what this is with no success]
8. OPI Metallic 4 Life (2)
9. OPI DS Titanium (3)
10. Sephora by OPI If You've Got It Haunt It (2)
11. OPI Frog in My Throat (2) [a little bit of glitter in with the flakies here so it's legit on this wheel]
12. OPI Top the Package with a Beau (2) [okay, this is really a microflakie and not a glitter, but close enough for nail wheel purposes]
13. OPI Today I Accomplished Zero (2)
14. OPI Pineapples Have Peelings Too (2)
15. OPI This Changes Everything (2)
16. OPI Metamorphically Speaking (2)
17. OPI Baraque But Still Shopping (2)
18. OPI Ce-less-tial is More (2)
19. Sephora by OPI Sparkling Personality (2)
20. OPI Is This Star Taken (2) [my least favorite on this wheel, yes, even more so than the often reviled Pineapples Have Peelings Too, which at least has some fun color to it and glitter that you can tell is there, unlike these wispy holo bars that look like they might have been due to a mistake on the production line]

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 through 12:

13 through 16:

17 through 20:

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  1. Pineapples Have Peelings Too, Today I Accomplished Zero and #7 the unknown OPI are my favorites.


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