Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Vacation NOTD

I'm back from nearly two weeks road tripping around Idaho with my mister. Because apparently I no longer know how to get ready for a trip, I had just a treatment base coat on my nails when we left. I had grabbed a set of imPress nails and brought it with me, figuring I'd put them on in the car while Mr. was taking care of a last minute errand he had to do before we could leave town. This set of short squovals is called Bells & Whistles and has matte navy nails with gold nails for accents.

I didn't look closely enough when I chose this set, and it turned out that I'd already used it at some point (the missing nail should have been a clue), so when the time came to apply them, I didn't have all the sizes that were the best match for my nails. Did the best I could, which meant some fingers had oversized nails. Probably I was the only one that noticed. I hope.

They held up pretty well, especially considering all the extra handwashing I was doing since we were in more public places than usual. One of our stops was a place that had cream pies that were about three times as tall as any I've ever seen. I couldn't finish my piece. (You may notice that lotion and sunscreen have pretty much done in the matte finish by this point.)

I'd neglected to pack the thick treatment coat I usually use to stick these back on when they pop off (gentler than glue I feel), so the size matches got ever more random as the trip went on. Near the end, I had two accent nails on my right hand.

My nails usually get healthier in the summer but so far this year that hasn't happened. Feeling like I might want to do a couple weeks of treatment only to help them along. But that may take patience I don't have for looking at plain nails. Must ponder more.


  1. That shade of blue looks very nice on you. Such a nice option to apply these artificial nails with thick nail treatment. Hope you had a nice vacation.

    1. Sheri, thank you. I do love fake nails especially for travel since my naturals are not sturdy enough to hold up to all the packing and unpacking and making my way around unfamiliar spaces. I break enough nails at home where I know where all the light switches are, etc. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Deez Nailz, thanks! I do like this brand; just wish they were a tad longer.


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