Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wheel K15: Textures and Glitters from Kiko

I haven't gotten any new Kiko polishes in a long while. I used to swap for them way back in the day, then ordered some online after swapping left the Makeup Alley site (never did get going on whateve the replacement for that was) but shipping got to be expensive, so now I just treasure the ones I do have, like the twenty on this wheel. The Cupcake polishes (1 through 10) are speckled textures; I really should have left the topcoat off of these but there are swatches out there of them in their natural state. The rest are all Fancy Top Coat shades; you know I love my glitters.

[all two coats plus clear topcoat] 1. Kiko Cupcake 647 Jasmine
2. Kiko Cupcake 648 Pineapple
3. Kiko Cupcake 649 Apricot
4. Kiko Cupcake 650 Peach
5. Kiko Cupcake 651 Strawberry
6. Kiko Cupcake 652 Lilac
7. Kiko Cupcake 653 Wisteria
8. Kiko Cupcake 654 Anise
9. Kiko Cupcake 655 Mint
10. Kiko Cupcake 656 Pistachio
11. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 657 Silver
12. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 658 Golden Rose
13. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 659 Lilac
14. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 660 Dahlia Purple
15. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 661 Magenta [has heart glitter that I had to fish for]
16. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 662 Red
17. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 665 Violet
18. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 664 Sapphire [had to fish for the star glitters]
19. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 663 Turquoise
20. Kiko Fancy Top Coat 666 Black (over beige base)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:










  1. Se ven todos muy lindos💞💞💞

  2. They are so pretty!
    I don't have many glitters from Kiko, mostly shimmers :)


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