Thursday, October 6, 2011

Les Jeans de Chanel

Today I've got all three limited edition blue polishes that Chanel released this past September. As often happens when I buy Chanel polishes, I ordered them, got them, then ignored them for weeks. It's the "oh man, I spent all that money, what if I find out they're not that special" effect. I debated hard with myself about whether to get them at all, but in the end I decided to do it, since I do like blue and I didn't think I'd have trouble swapping these away if it came to that. (When I ordered them, I saw Mimosa was still available, and wavered for a moment—I'd been holding strong against it, but there it was, taunting me. Was it still being there a sign I should get it? I managed to complete my order Mimosa-free, but it was dicey there for a bit.) There are three colors in this collection: Coco Blue, a sky blue shimmer, Blue Boy, a medium slightly dusty blue creme, and Blue Rebel, a dark dusty blue creme.

I started with Coco Blue, which started out a little streaky but was okay by the time the third coat went on.

I did say this was a shimmer, though a glance at the photo above might not show that. See, here's the bottle—shimmery:

To see the shimmer on the nail, you need direct sun (or a camera flash or some such).

Because of the subtleness of the shimmer in Coco Blue, I felt completely comfortable comparing it to a creme, OPI What's With the Cattitude, when that base color was the closest match I found when going through my nail wheels.

Top to bottom: What's With the Cattitude, Coco Blue.

The OPI is a tiny bit darker and of course has no shimmer, but if you want sky blue nails it's a fine alternative. It was also three coats, like the Chanel.

Blue Boy was almost a two-coater but I did three. This is my favorite of the collection.

The closest I could find in my stash to Blue Boy was Joe Fresh Persian Blue.

Top to bottom: Blue Boy, Persian Blue.

These are pretty similar; Persian Blue has maybe a hint more teal and a touch less grey. I used two coats of Persian Blue and that was plenty.

Blue Rebel took two coats, and pleasantly enough did not look black in normal room light as dark blues sometimes do.

Speaking of blues that tend to look black, the nearest match I could find to Blue Rebel was Finger Paints Cobalt Cardigan, and it wasn't that near.

Top to bottom: Blue Rebel, Cobalt Cardigan.

Despite it being darker than Blue Rebel, Cobalt Cardigan demanded three coats. I was surprised I didn't have anything closer to Blue Rebel; maybe I do and it's just not made it onto a nail wheel yet.

I believe these are now sold out, at least online at retail prices, though some Chanel counters might have a few left, I suppose. I don't think these are colors that one needs to be too sad about missing, though. They're nice, but there are equally nice blues out there for less money.


  1. OMG KarenD! I purposely did NOT buy these because they were $29! It's bad enough to pay $23 for a Chanel. I wanted Blue Boy and Blue Rebel-but thanks to you-I have Joe Fresh Persian Blue so that dupe is out-but I still think I need Blue Rebel. wanta swap????

  2. Sooo pretty :)
    But I won´t spend more than 20€ for a nail polish, even if it´s one from Chanel ;-)

  3. WOW these look great, I like how you showed us a close dupe to them .. I'll go with that :-P

  4. Blue Boy is gorgeous (and that sun pix is TDF) but I passed on these...hoping the Nubar imitation collex is close...but can live if I don't get them....and I have Mimosa...while pretty, the hidden shimmer that is beautiful in the bottle is not visible on the nail which is soooo didn't miss out on anything (IMHO!).

  5. ooh i love this day i shall get me some chanel. lol. hmm that shimmer blue is special. they are all so nice. i love that like grey blue too. nice compares

  6. Ohhh i LOVE Blue Rebel but I think I would have a mild heart attack if I spent $29 on nail polish and my husband would definitely have a heart attack :-p

  7. i didnt think i need any of these because they look boring..but looking at coco blue.. dammit! i must have it now. hahahah

  8. great swatches, and I love how you did comparisons too!

    Had I read this post earlier, I would have bought Blue Rebel instead of Blue Boy, since the Joe Fresh is pretty much a dead-set dupe!

  9. Your comparisons look totally spot-on! And I have to admit that I don't really get the hype with these...I feel like there are a lot of nicer blues out there (and on your wheels!).

  10. These are super cute! I might get the Nubar dupes.

  11. *sigh* These are so pretty! I really want them but the price is ridiculous. I'm going to look for dupes and if I can't find any I'll try frankening!

  12. These are soo pretty! I'm in love with the Coco Blue.

  13. I love blue boy :D great pics, I have wanted to see these for awhile :)

  14. They look nice and I love Blue Boy but I just can't get over the price for something that is easily dupeable.

  15. Don't know why but the first colour reminds me revlon blue lagoon. Probably is not even close the colour:)
    I saw on a magazine a gorgeous channel new colour is like a silver with some glitter cannot remember the name but it was beautiful.

  16. I got insanely excited when I got these - your pics look gorgeous!! I love Blue Boy too... your nails look stunning btw.

  17. so jealous! they're all beautiful!

  18. Thanks, everyone!

    Fingers, I'm hanging onto Blue Rebel for now. :)

    Beautyshades, the shimmer in Blue Lagoon is different but I'll have to look at the base colors at some point--might not be too far off. Certainly a similar sky blue feel to both of them.


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