Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection

There are six polishes in the Holiday 2012 offering from Zoya, the Ornate Collection, and I was fortunate to be able to swatch them all.

At first I thought Ziv was just another gold foil, but upon closer inspection, I saw it has some very warm gold flakes in it that gives it a finish that sets it apart. I just wish I liked it better against my skintone.

Logan is a deep green with warm golden green mini-flakies shimmer. I thought this one was gorgeous.

Electra is the party polish in the group, a silver holographic bar glitter. According to the Zoya webiste, this also has "micro fine diamond holographic glitter", but the bar glitter dominates to the point where I didn't really notice any micro glitter. I layered it over Logan on most fingers and used it alone as an accent nail. (This is the only swatch in today's post where I used topcoat.)

The last three polishes in the collection are variations on the theme of holographic micro glitter. Aurora has a warm purple base color.

Aurora looks great in low light:

It also looks good blurry:

Blaze has a deep berry red base.

Storm has a black base.

Check out Storm in low light—so pretty:

All of these swatches are two coats, no topcoat, with the exception of Electra; in that case, I used three coats plus topcoat. My favorites are Storm, Aurora, and Electra Logan. Blaze is pretty; I just didn't see as many colors sparking off it as I did from its two close siblings. Ziv we've talked about; gold is not my favorite metal. Electra is certainly fun, but it's a little "hairy" for my taste; maybe if I used fewer coats or put it over a silver base it might be better for me.

The polishes shown in this entry were provided free for review purposes. The content of the entry was not dictated by the provider.


  1. Beautiful swatches! I love this collection :)

  2. i would wear them all... except for electra, i don't like that kind of polishes, but the rest of collection looks great :D

  3. I want them ALL! Very rare I love every polish in a collection! :)

  4. I just can't get into bar glitter, it looks hairy! I love all the others. Maybe I need to check my Share the Love account and see if I can get any deals.

  5. Thanks for sharing these great swatches, I see a lot, that I like!

  6. I already put three of them in my wishlist, and your beautiful swatches confirmed my first impression: Aurora, Logan and Storm are my must-have!!!
    Also Blaze is nice...But I can't force myself to fell for the bar glitter. It reminds me of a small kind of pasta (called "filini", little threads) we cook with broth.
    I like to eat them, not to put them on my nails!

  7. Lovely swatches! Electra reminds me of the 90s-- I loved bar glitter when I was just getting into nail polish. Unfortunately none of my old bar glitters made it to my new collection.

  8. Blaze is my pick of the bunch. Such a gorgeous berry shade.

  9. Aurora is sooo nice. Lovely swatches as always :)

  10. I am so in love with this collection!! Every single one is a winner!! Your swatches are beautiful!

  11. great swatches as always!! super lemming aurora right now!

  12. I think this is the most beautiful holiday collection I have seen so far! Thank you for the swatches ^_^ I have ordered mine and can't wait to try these beauties on my nails!

  13. I picked these up when I pre-ordered the Gilty Pleasures set. I am not impressed with all the colours but that's what Frankening is for :)

  14. Great swatches! Beautiful collection! :-) Storm and Blaze are my favourites :-)


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