Friday, November 16, 2012

L'Oreal Diamond Collection

I'm going to finish out the week with yet more Holiday 2012 glitters, this time from the L'Oreal limited edition Diamond Collection display.

These looked dense enough in the bottle that I tried them on their own even though they have clear bases. That was probably not the best course, as you'll see from the swatches, which are four coats. Yep, four. No topcoat, because they weren't super bumpy (and my attention span was running out after four coats so I needed to get to snapping photos).

The Bigger the Better is mixed sizes of black and silver glitter (mostly black). I'm not sure what underwear would be best for this. Black and silver seem like logical choices, but black glitter on a black base seems redundant.

Sparklicious is mixed gold and silver glitter (mostly gold). A gold foil seems like a good choice for layering this over to keep the blingy gold feel, though I bet at one coat it could be a good layering polish over a lot of things (like Revlon Sequins from yesterday). I almost stopped at three coats of this one; it seemed a bit more packed with glitter than The Bigger the Better.

Fancy Me is mixed red and gold glitter (mostly red). The base in this one is slightly tinted, whether intentionally or from a bit of bleeding glitter, I'm not sure. This was almost a three-coater as well; if I were going to wear one of these on their own, it would be this one. It's my favorite of the trio as well.

When I posted the Electric Fantasie collection, lovenailpolish noted that The Queen's Ambition looked like The Bigger the Better, so I couldn't resist doing a comparison. In the bottles, they do look very close; Bigger is on the left, Ambition on the right in the photo below.

On the nail, they show their differences. Left to right: Bigger, Ambition, Bigger, Ambition.

A closer look with Ambition on top, Bigger below:

Ambition's pigmented base makes it the clear winner in the "I only want to do two coats of color" category, while Bigger pulls ahead in "more versatile for layering". I now wish I'd tried putting a coat of Bigger on Ambition to see what that would get me. In fact, I'm wishing I'd tried all of the trio for layering—maybe I'll get to that before this holiday season ends.


  1. It looks like all of these might have been meant to be worn on their own? They look so opaque!

  2. Gorgeous glitters - and I'd definitely go for underwear for them too :)

  3. Fancy me looks like the most unique compared to other glitters - but nice all of them...

  4. So much sparkly! I have the black and red L'Oreal's... I have yet to use them, lol. I'm glad to know I need to layer them!

  5. Thanks for that quick comparison. I was liking The Bigger The Better, but I definitely like Queens Ambition better. :)

  6. They're all lovely. Fancy Me is so festive-looking :D

  7. They are all beautiful, my favourite is The Bigger the Better :-)


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