Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine: The Missing Duo

Back in early October, I swatched the six colors of Sally Hansen Lustre Shine that were in the display when it first came out, and mentioned that I would probably get the missing two colors when they appeared. When I shared the display itself in this display post, I thought one of the mystery colors would be purple, because there was a purple finger on the model on the display. There was not a purple. I found the whole line of eight at Meijer in the core display, and the two I didn't have were Azure, a blue, and Gilt, a champagne.

I'm guessing that Azure is the one that looked purple on the model; it's a cool-toned, purple-leaning blue. I used two coats for these swatches, no topcoat. It's just a tiny bit brushstrokey, but not so much that I felt tempted to take a sponge and try applying it that way. I couldn't get much of a duochrome effect out of this one. Sometimes, at odd angles, I could convince myself I saw hints of navy or blurple.

Gilt showed both more brushstrokes and more duochrome than Azure; it was also a two-coater. The rosy champagne gold base color shifts to a greenish gold.

That gold to green shift may look familiar to some of you; it's the same one we saw when I swatched Maybelline Pink Cosmo. I compared that Maybelline to China Glaze Swanky Silk; in their bottles, Swanky Silk and Gilt look like identical twins wearing different outfits.

On the nail, still identical. Left to right below: Gilt, Swanky Silk, Gilt, Swanky Silk.

Yeah, I definitely don't need both of these. The China Glaze is going to have to go because I don't have any other ones from that collection, and I like to keep complete collections when I can.

Sorry to say, Sally, I am disappointed in these. I wish they'd had a finish like Lava—that's the star of Lustre Shine as far as I'm concerned.


  1. Oh, you got the scoop! Those are really a bit of a letdown, but no matter! I already have Swanky Silk and Want my Bawdy, so whew, I am good : )

    Thanks, these swatches look great!

  2. They pretty much should have all been like Lava except I did love Scarab! Lava was the definite standout for me though!

  3. The blue reminds me of an OPI from the spiderman collection (into the night maybe?)

  4. Wow, kind of shocking those two are so similar. I don't think my bottle of Swanky Silk ended up that brushstroky, though... or maybe it did and I was too in love with the color? *shrugs* I'll have to check my swatches. lol

  5. It's a good thing you found these pretties - but wow you cannot tell the difference between Gilt and Swanky Silk...

  6. Ooh I agree with Natalsie...Azure reminds me of OPI's Into The Night too...pretty :)

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I have yet to see these at Wam-Lart (where I got the entire old collection). I don't think these are as 'pretty' but to finish out the set I am going to get them.

  8. The more I see, the more meh I am... good thing we still haven't gotten these polishes in at the drug stores I go to, lol! Thanks for the swatches:)


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