Monday, November 19, 2012

Recent NOTDs: Sally Hansen Strips Times Two

I like to post my nails of the day in the order I wore them whenever possible, even if I get behind, so today I've got the two looks I need to cover before I can finally review the gel strips I wore on vacation. These are Sally Hansen strips, too, just not the gel one.

First up, Salon Effects in Wishnets, a black on red fishnet design that I believe was released for Halloween 2011 but which I've seen some places (like Five Below) much more recently. I somehow managed to do a better job than usual applying these on my right (dominant) hand, so it gets to make a rare appearance here:

And back to the more familiar left hand; some of these gaps at the base are bigger than ideal but that happens sometimes, especially when I'm aiming to get two manis from a box:

On day 6, I didn't have much tipwear yet, but I did have the worst break I've had in a long while. The whole end of my nail ripped off, leaving this unpretty sight:

I didn't have time to deal with the break that night, so I buffed it down a bit, shortened the other nails a tad, and did black tips:

When I did have time to change my manicure, I put another Salon Effects Halloween design on, this time from the 2012 release: Patch-O-Lanterns, an orange and black design.

The best thing about this mani is it's what I was wearing when I got to meet up with The Holo Queen, Canadian Nail Fanatic, and nailXchange. We did some shopping and eating and a whole lot of chatting—it was great fun and I hope it's not too long before we can do it again! There was a mani cam, but I don't think nailXchange has had a chance to post the photo yet.


  1. I really love the Patch-O-Lanterns design! It is so fun!

  2. Awww, your poor little nail! I like the way you added the black tips to extend the mani, though!

  3. I can't even explain how much I love using these!!! They are perfect for girls with super curved nails (you and me included hehhe) - they are fun, bright, don't lift at the edges and stay on for a loooong time!!! I have gotten the hang of it now and I get 2 full mani/pedi applications out of the box - have to justify the $17 it costs in Australia. I also love that we can ship these freely by air!!! If ever you come across a dirt cheap bin of these beauties - please grab some for me as well!!!

    1. And btw - we are behind - they've only released last year's Easter designs here and this is the first time I' m seeing the awesome jack-o-lantern design! (sorry for the looooong essay cheers!)

  4. oh the jack-o-lantern ones are so pretty!

  5. Both look so greeat!
    I love it!
    Glad everything went so cool with the meeting!!

  6. I love when you show make me want to get some hehe. The jack-o-lantern ones are cute!
    Aw I hope your nail grows quickly!

  7. It's interesting to hear you thought on them!
    ..." a whole lot of chatting" - nah really, when polish girls are in the same room, hahahha - sounds like it was fun!

  8. It was fantastic to meet you and The Holo Queen and hang out!


  9. Oh my goodness those patch-o-lanterns are too cute! Sucks about that break, though. :/ Did a great job fixing it. Can't wait to hear how the gel-strips worked out!


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