Thursday, July 1, 2010

Che Bella

I did a swap with Theallamenta a little while back but it wasn't until this past weekend that I got time to play with the new pretties that had come all the way from Italy. They were brands I didn't have any of in my stash until our swap; Eyeko I had heard of, but Kiko was entirely new to me, and it had been very hard to narrow down my wish list when I looked at their website back when we were working out the swap. Look at the lovelies she sent:

Eyeko and Kiko

Left to right: Eyeko Lilac Polish, Eyeko Vintage Polish, Kiko 270, Kiko 262, Kiko 292.

Not shown is another Kiko, 250, a hot pink shimmer. It wasn't around for the group shot because I'd already taken it out of the photo studio (also known as my dining room) to put on my toes and forgot to bring the bottle back. If you're not squeamish about feet, you can see it here.

The color I tried on my fingers first was 292, a purple creme along the lines of OPI Funkey Dunkey or Orly Charged Up. I liked the brush and the formula; two coats gave good coverage. I couldn't stop there, though; I added a coat of 270, which has cool-toned holo glitter in two sizes in a translucent base, then some Orly Top Coat to smooth out the glitter.



I rather wished I'd saved this for the end of my swatching session because it was so pretty I hated to take it off.


  1. it's nice purple! When I saw it in the bottle I didn't imagine it would have turned out like this (I don't know if the verbs are correct, sorry ._.)!!!!
    I have to post your swap, too. I'm sorry for the delay!

  2. Very pretty purple and love they layering effect :D

  3. Very pretty! Purples look great on you!

  4. love this layeringgg!!! <3
    and an awesome swap!!!

  5. I love the purple, and the sparkles are very pretty as well

  6. A wonderful pairing. I don't blame you for not wanting to remove it.


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