Thursday, March 31, 2011

RBL Spring 2011

Tomorrow, Rescue Beauty Lounge is having a pre-sale for the four shades which came out on top in the bring it back voting last December, so this seemed like a good time to finally show off the RBL Spring 2011 polishes I got in the previous pre-sale. (Not sure what I'm going to do this time; I want Bikini Bottom, am leaning against Black Russian, and have Bruised and Purple Haze already. I love that Ji Baek is so responsive to fans, so of course I will order, it's just a question of what.)

Left to right: Insouciant, Decorous, Recherché, and Iconoclast.

Insouciant is a greyed lilac shimmer. In normal room light, the shimmer is rather subtle; in direct light, it flashes blue.

Decorous is a medium milk chocolate brown shimmer. Like Insouciant, its shimmer is on the shy side in indirect light but pops in stronger illumination.

Recherché is a creme, a deep dusty plummy creme.

Iconoclast is a black shimmer. This one was hard to capture on camera; in real life the shimmer flashes with a bit more color than the silvery blue that my lens chose to pick up on.

Insouciant is my favorite of these four; that soft purple shade looks like stepping out into one of the first welcoming warm days of spring feels. That said, I do see myself wearing the other three shades, too, so these are all winners for me. I used two coats of all but Iconoclast, which was one coat. Yep, I said one. Recherché was really close to being a one-coater as well.

If you'd like to see any of these compared to specific polishes, please leave a comment. If I've got the other polishes, I'll gladly do the comparisons.


  1. How about Decorous vs MAC Earthly Harmony or SH Fedora / $OPI UMTC ?

  2. Insouciant is also my favorite! I didn't pick up Iconoclast, but keep going back and forth about whether I should get it or not. I feel like the shimmer in RBL polishes often get swallowed and that the shimmer you see in the bottle sometimes doesn't translate to the nail. Does this happen with Iconoclast?

  3. Wow, they're all beautiful but Insouciant is amazing!

  4. Beautiful collection. I passed on them hope I don't have regrets.

    insouciant looks like it could be a dupe to Cult Nails My kind of Cool Aid. Can you do a comp on those if you have it? Thx :)

  5. They all look amazing! I wish RBL's shipping to Canada wasn't so crazy or I'd have more of her of the few RBL's I have is thx to our swap! Thx for posting!

  6. Hi Karen!
    Great swatches :)
    I have the same comp request as rmcandlelight.

  7. Oh why oh why did I come to your blog today? These are so beautiful and I've been following the fact that they will be re-released (so to speak) but I hadn't seen swatches of the colors before. They are beautiful and you are making my pocketbook cry. LOL Love your swatches!

  8. Oh I like Iconoclast. I was thinking Insouciant looks a lot like Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid as well. I need to try an RBL, it's one of those brands I haven't gotten a hold of yet.

  9. I love all of them, especially the first! : D

  10. Beautiful! I love Recherche on you.

    I just wish she would have a sale so I could get me some of these.

  11. beautiful colours . Love the first one

  12. Pretty polishes, I like subtle shimmers, especially that chocolate brown one. I don't embrace brown polishes enough :) x

  13. these are beautiful but I've never made the plunge in to RBL. Is it worth the dollars? I really can't stop looking at Insouciant...

  14. These colours are truly my cup of tea but I haven't got these... I seriously love em though.

    I thought I'd wait until Bikini Bottom was restocked... can't wait!!!!!

    thank you for posting this

  15. can anyone please recommend a dupe to Bikini Bottom? I love the color but cannot afford $18 for 1 polish.
    Thank you. :)

  16. cilucia, I don't have the MAC or $OPI but do have Fedora so look for that comp later this week.

    Varnish Vixen, in room light, the shimmer in Iconclast doesn't show as much on the nail as it does in the bottle, but it's still noticeable, and in more direct light, it does pop nicely. If you already have a near black shimmer you like, it's probably skippable, but for me there's not regret like RBL regret so I didn't want to take the chance.

    Nail Noir, thank you!

    rmcandlelight, I do have My Kind of Cool Aid so will be happy to do that comparison; I'll post it later this week for sure.

    mrsrexy, international shipping can get nuts, that's for sure.

    Nancy, coming right up!

    Lacquer Ware, I don't mean to torture you. :) I'm sure with your frankening skills you will make things just a beautiful as these!

    turtlechick12, you'll get to see them side by side soon.

    Jo, you have good taste!

    Deborah, you too!

    ChaosButterfly, thanks! I'd be careful of what you wish for; I got my first RBLs in a sale and got hooked, so now I willingly pay full price. Ji is clever. :)

    Beauty shades, they do some great colors, for sure.

    Gemx, I've only recently begun to see the beauty in brown lacquers.

    Lesley, for me, yes, especially for the more unusual colors. If I had to stick to just one luxury brand, it'd be RBL.

    Michelle Lee, that's how they get me to pay the big bucks. :)

    BV, hey stranger! I was too impatient to wait. :)

    Michelle L., I don't know of one, but I did order Bikini Bottom in the re-release so can look for one when that arrives.

  17. I am waiting for Insouciant!! I have been checking my mailbox like crazy everyday I want it so badly, especially after seeing so many beautiful swatches of it :)

  18. Hi,
    Just wondering if you'd received your Bikini Bottom polish yet & if you'd had any luck picking a dupe?
    Thanks! :)

  19. Michelle, I just got it but haven't had a chance to try it yet; I will be sure to post about it when I do.

  20. Thanks, Karen! I appreciate it. :)


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