Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Franken: Carnival Blue

I'm back from my trip and done skiing for the season. It's a good thing this isn't a makeup blog, because most of last week I didn't wear any! Here I am taking a break from skiing, showing it is possible to get overheated even when outside while it's actually snowing; if I'd been wearing makeup, it would have smeared off for sure:

I may not have been at my prettiest last week, but the scenery at Schweitzer Mountain was gorgeous as usual (when we could see it between snowstorms):

You can see how much snow there's been there in northern Idaho this season; that's a full-sized SUV in the lower right, with the pile of snow plowed off the street well above its roofline.

The Sally Hansen nail polish strips I put on last week are still on, so I'm not ready to do a full report on them yet. Instead, today I have something swatched before I left. It's my latest franken, which I called Carnival Blue because it's a sibling to Carnival Red. This one also has Wet 'n' Wild Hallucinate as a base with some of the holographic glitters I bought at JoAnn Fabrics added to it plus some Revlon clear; in this case I used two shades of blue plus the lime green (which almost looks gold in some lights).

I used about equal amounts of the two blues with the lime as an accent. There was some bleeding of blue into the base though the glitter did keep most of its color.

The glitter in this one isn't as dense as in the red version, so I swatched this both on its own and over my blue shimmer franken. I like it much better layered.

I like it layered in low light, too.

I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to make more frankens; I hope soon since I'm finding it great fun to experiment and see how they turn out.


  1. Wow, it looks amazing over the blue base <3 Awesome franken! :)

  2. Great franken. I really must try to franken. So few of my experiments work though....

  3. Wow what a view!

    I agree that franken looks fantastic over blue!

  4. Seems like you had lots of fun ^-^
    Carnival Blue looks gorgeous over the dark blue base as well *w* ♥

  5. I agree. It looks gorgeous on the blue base. Love it!!

  6. The glitter is great especially layered over the dark blue base! Fantastic franken! :)

  7. That is SO pretty over the dark blue! I still have yet to try making my own =) I have enough I need to try soon! Thanks for the inspiration and the snow pics! Finally there is somewhere that has more snow than I do..... at the moment anyways x jeanie

  8. I love it layered! Those little glitter packets are amazing!

  9. I tried to do a franken glitter nail polish but did not go right .The clear top coat split from the glitter it looked horrible. Love your franken :)

  10. Such a beautiful view!
    I really like the franken, it looks great over the blue :)

  11. love this franken!!! very pretty over the blue.

  12. Interesting that the base looks a little purple-ish - makes me want to put it over a purple or red jelly!
    Great franken!


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