Thursday, February 16, 2012

Come with Me to Ulta, Rite Aid, and Walgreens

Things have picked up considerably since my last display post, so much so that I've got more pictures than I feel up to editing for one post. Today we'll just go to a few different stores, and I'll save the others for another time (probably Monday or Tuesday).

First stop, Ulta, where OPI Holland was the featured collection. This is the big spring one, so there are twelve shades (from whose names I am omitting most of the punctuation): A Roll in the Hague (orange creme), Red Lights Ahead... Where (red orange creme), Kiss Me On My Tulips (bright pink creme), Pedal Faster Suzi (rose pink shimmer), Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI (purple shimmer), Did You 'ear About Van Gogh (cool tan creme), Thanks A WindMillion (dusty green creme), Wooden Shoe Like To Know (warm brown shimmer), Gouda Gouda Two Shoes (brick shimmer), I Have A Herring Problem (dusty turqouise shimmer), Vampsterdam (dark plum shimmer), and I Don't Give A Rotterdam (dusty blue shimmer). I am currently debating with myself which ones I am going to buy. Rotterdam and Dutch Ya are my top picks, but I really don't think it's going to stop there. I am fairly certain I can resist the orange and pink cremes.

I also checked out the Butter London display while I was at Ulta. Their spring/summer collection was tucked into the center of the regular display. Five colors here: Disco Biscuit (hot pink shimmer), Trout Pout (peachy coral creme), Slapper (teal creme), Bossy Boots (light warm green), and Knackered (purpley grey shimmer with microglitter). I want most of these, but I do not want to pay full price, so I'm going to have to keep my eye out for a code to use online somewhere.

Moving along to Rite Aid, the most exciting news there was the Magnetix polish from Pretty Woman. I've never seen this brand before, and I've never seen magnetic polish in a drugstore before (or in any store, for that matter, though I have swapped for it). Each bottle is packaged with two magnets, and there seemed to be about ten different colors, none of which I could find names on (and none of which were bright purple like the nail shown on the base of the display). These were priced at $7.99 if I recall correctly.

Rite Aid is also the only place so far that I've seen the Maybelline Spring 2012 colors. The nail polish only display has six colors—two pinks, two oranges, and two purples—all soft flowery shades. Their names are Posy Pink, Tulip Tango, Carnation Craze, Love Me Lavender, Peachy Petal, and Orchis Oh My. Most of these are cremes, I think, but since I found them rather snoozey I didn't take good notes.

The Maybelline spring makeup display has two more polishes, a peach called Primrose Perfect and a pink called Rose Petal Paradise. They're soft and pretty, but I'm guessing that all of you reading this are like me and have very similar shades in your stash already.

There was a four shade display for Essie's Navigate Her collection for Spring 2012. This has To Buy or Not to Buy, Olé Caliente, Navigate Her, and A Crewed Interest. At some point I expect I'll buy Navigate Her but I'm feeling underwhelemed by the others. (The color is this is off a bit; it was the first one I took that day and I hadn't switched my settings back from my last lightbox session.)

Rite Aid also had some of the new core Wet 'n' Wild Megalast colors. (We saw these at Meijer back at the beginning of the year.) Left to right: Sugar Coat, Undercover, Wet Cement, I Need a Refresh-mint, On a Trip, Through the Grapevine, Candy-licious, I Red a Good Book, Disturbia.

Those Wet 'n' Wilds were also at our final stop for today, Walgreens, but the display was right on the corner of the beauty counter where the sales associate was standing so I decided to skip taking a photo. Her standing back by the counter did mean I had free reign to snap photos of the shelves up front, where I saw a Sinful display of pinks and reds called Heartbreaker. I believe most of these are repromotes. Colors left to right: Boom Boom, Forget Now, Rich in Heart, Sugar Sugar, Ruby Ruby, Glass Pink, Bare (might be new), Tutu (might be new).

The last new thing I saw at Walgreens was a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails display touting "NEW SHADES", which surprised me because it hasn't been that long since they relaunched the line. I can't imagine they're going to retire all of those colors less than a year later, and I don't know that stores have room to double the size of the core display, but it doesn't limited edition on these so I don't know what's going on.

Shades here (starting front row on the left):

580 Stonewall
410 Frozen Creamsicle [oh, if only I'd had time to rearrange these in numerical order]
280 Tough Decision
170 Iced Out
710 Gem-stone
250 Rock Me Baby
640 Hard Cash
830 Tough Cookie
400 Rock-a-billy
380 Rock-a-bye
260 Party Hard-y
480 Ruby Rock
750 Cold as Ice
700 Rock Star
110 Hard to Get
650 Made in Jade
210 Pink Ice
330 Hard Drive
820 Hard to Believe
200 Stained Glass
570 Cemented
510 Hard-Headed
100 Hard to Tell
780 Rocker Chick
730 Frozen Glacier
810 Bold as Brass
800 Crystal Clear
600 Hard Hat
350 That's a Toughie
540 Bedrock
660 Punk Rock
740 Tough as Nails
870 Onyx Rock
520 Walk the Plank
500 Sticks and Stones
460 Tough Crowd

Some of these look interesting; wish I knew how long I have to mull them over before they disappear.


  1. I have to visit Rite Aid to get some of those Magnetix. I didn't notice them when I went the last time. Thanks for sharing ;0)

  2. omg... luckily to my wallet, no such a things in my town ;-D

  3. Those Sally Hansen's do look different from the last set. I haven't seen them in my area yet though.

  4. Omg, that OPI collection looks amazing.
    And I have two colors for the wet n wild collection. I got "I need a Refresh-mint" and "Wet Cement"
    Awessssome and creamy!

  5. I neeeeed those butter london! Luckily they are opening an Ulta in my town soon! woohoo! thanks Karen for the great display pics :D

  6. i love accompaning you to the drug stores! and i need to get my butt to ulta!

  7. So many new collections coming out!

  8. Oh, I want the Butter London Trout Pout! But I paid full priced for Knackered already...=( I'm gonna have ignore Butter London for a while to save my wallet.

  9. wahh one of my favourite display posts yet! I love almost all of them and am so excited for spring colours now :)

  10. All right I have to go to Ulta this weekend and get some of the Holland collection. I'm so excited!

  11. Wow, that Sally Hansen display is huge! Some of the shades look very promising! The Butter London polishes I love but I'm not sure I would pay full price either. I haven't tried any polishes from that brand yet but looking forward to the day I get my hands on some.

  12. Loove your display posts! So fun! I keep slacking on picking up navigate her.. which seems to be the only one being plucked from all those new Essie displays, people got the message that pistachio is hot I think! By the time I go out to get it I'll have to order it online, lol.

  13. I want to go to the US and fill up 5 suitcases with polish LOL, I'm sure you can give me the full tour LOL
    I'm not envious, I'm not envious, I'M NOT evnvious...... 5 hours later ..... I am envious, sigh LOL

  14. I love when you do these posts! Makes me want to shop! :D I guess that's good and bad haha.

  15. Oh Karen, thanks for the pictures!!! I saw the OPI collection today in Holland and the colors are gorgeous and I need one of these windmills:) Unfortunately OPI is too expensive over here, it's still cheaper to buy it in the US;)

  16. This is a paradise for me *.* Thanks for sharing!!

    *runs to edit her wishlist*

  17. I saw some revlon lip butters :)
    Lovely displays

  18. I love going to the store and findiing new polish display, it's kinda like going to the carnival for me. Thanks for this post. As far as the Sinful Colors, those 2 colors are new, G has posted several times regarding SC's new colors. It's very annoying how SC just sticks them in with the rest of the colors without any fanfare.


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